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Attacks Against Manataka


Open Letter to those who read these attacks on the Manataka American Indian Council, MAIC,  and Lee ‘Standing Bear’ Moore.


My name is John R. Outler, Jr., I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel having retired in 1996 from the United States Army after 6 years active duty, including a tour in RVN, and 21 years in the National Guard and Reserve.  I commanded B Company 1/153rd of the 39th Infantry Brigade, in Texarkana, under  then, Brigadier General Gwatney.  I am Cherokee on both my mother’s and father’s side, with Blackfeet blood on the father’s side as well.  My Mother’s maternal grandmother was full blood and lived in the Fort Smith area her family having dropped off the “trail of tears” during the removals ordered by President Jackson in the 1830s.  My father’s mother’s father was Blackfoot.


As to the MAIC, and the “wannabes.”  I do not always agree with everything that goes on in the council that runs it, or in the events themselves,  any more than I agree with all our elected officials in state and federal government say and do.  But, there are many good people in MAIC, and most of those involved are good people sharing and working together for a good purpose.  The preservation and promulgation of the Native American traditions is a worthy project, enough that the government has given them the designation and protection of an educational organization. 


Many of my friends involved in MAIC have a great deal of experience, training and credentials.  One is a professor at UALR associated with the Center for Native American Studies.  Another is a teacher at Pulaski Tech and has extensive Circle of Life Training by a nationally recognized Cherokee elder.  The promoter as you call Lee Moore, has arranged for many people to come great distances to participate and share their wisdom and gifts with MAIC.  Among them, that I personally met, were Quatisi the Cherokee Singer, and The then Chief Henson of the Cherokee from Tahlequah, OK.  Others came from Australia, and Mexico, also from Columbia.  Guadalupe is a Bear Dancer who came from Mexico.   Another was a Chief of the Lakota who came to share with us, he was later attacked and nearly killed by those among the Lakota who do not believe they should associate with wasichu.


Chief Arvol Looking Horse has said the Lakota should not open their ceremonies to the white man, and there are those who abuse the ceremonies such as the Man in Arizona who mismanaged the sweat lodge ceremonies and killed some people.  But there are many who seek a way, outside the traditional churches, to find spiritual awareness and enlightenment.  Let those who will follow the Red Road, or what the Cherokee call “the Beautiful Path” alone, and follow your own path.

Your carping sounds like sour grapes, you wanted in, you were not welcome, now you throw stones.  How childish is that?

Anyone with questions may reach me at - John Outler


This Blanket Is For You...

Hello Manataka,

First - wonderful story at   I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing it!



This Blanket Is For You...

Hello Manataka,


Bonjou to who ever is reading my response to the story. I also think it was wise of the Grandfather to say yes he was right when the Grandson described each of the different Birds they saw flying. In the Grandfathers wisdom he was encouraging his Grandson to want to go for walks in the Forest,he wanted his Grandson to enjoy the time spent with him learning about nature. The Grandfather enjoyed hearing what his Grandson saw and how it made him proud when the Grandfather told him he was right when describing what he saw. Grandfather knew that in time his Grandson would learn the different types of Birds. Grandfather knew it was not the proper time to make correction knowing it was time to just listen to his Grandsons words on what he was seeing at that point in time. Aho Ken Two Dogs Fraser.  ~Suzanne Fraser


Greetings from Mexico...

Dear Manataka,


My good friends.  Best wishes from Mexico Land. Blessings!  Have a great 2011  ~Marlyna


Dead Fish and Birds in Arkansas

Hello My Dearest Beautiful Friends,
I am thinking of you and the Arkansas River, I can see possibly a school of fish getting sick but 100,000?  This is very disheartening and I know The Mother has ways that we don't understand globally about cleansing and purifying through Nature, but there must be a message she is trying to convey to us and I'm really getting tired of listening to the news in all of their speculation of what might of happened and also the 5,000 birds that died 125 miles away.  What really happened? This is an incredible awakening for all of us and it finally got everyone's attention worldwide! I am just sorry it had to be of this magnitude...If I could come out there I would and spend healing time in front of the fire with you, but if you tell me how I can help in the healing of Father Sky and The Great River...if you have a special ritual or words that you can help me in speaking to your land even from know that you have a very special place within my heart center and your Land and whatever I can do, please let me know My Brother, I wish I could come there but Jim has now lost his job after 15 years and I am only working part time, or I would be there for all of you and the land...we certainly need to take heed of the messages that are being sent and the warnings that have presented themselves with a very loud voice...I hope we are ALL LISTENING!  Love, Light and Peace. ~Sister Linda Burkhart


Dead Birds


Dear Manataka:


Regarding the thousands of birds, and the fish ...... the Air Nation and the Water Nation, and many others of our brothers and sisters being affected .... 

This is not over, and involves much more than "fireworks", "power lines" and other lame excuses being given for their deaths. 

The ones "investigating" this problem .... they do not see. They say it is all unrelated.   In addition to thoughts and energy of love and healing ..... I am approaching this in another way also .... a little difficult to translate into words.  I'm also having some internet problems (go figure), and there is lots of spirit/energetic activity going on these last days - seems intensifying. So I will go now.  Much love and respect.  ~ Kim Wilson


Leonard Peliter...

To The Editor of Manataka:


Recently I sent to your site a letter it was addressed to President: Obama, asking him to release our brother of the circle, Leonard Peliter, who has been incarcerated for well over 33 years and as I write, is in ill health. It is my hope that Native brother and sisters of the four directions can come together in one spirit and in one voice and petition the President as well as the Law makers that preside in the halls of Congress. I assume that your site has a large view in  audience  that can be very helpful in passing on our plight in the release of our brother,  Leonard Peliter. It is my pleasure. I do thank Manataka for your  undivided attention. Respectfully Yours. ~Osceola Historical Chief, Matineccock Tribal Nation  of Queens and Long Island, NY 

Cc: Chief Harry Wallace: Unkechaug Nation, Mastic, NY; Shinnecock :Tribal Nation Council of South Hampton, NY


Thanksgiving Day


Hello Manataka,


I came across your story today of the Manataka while exploring the symbolic meaning of why the Redwing Blackbirds and the fish died in large numbers near Beebe and Ozark. Arkansas.  I wanted to sincerely thank you for sharing the story. 


I have just realized there are many more pages at the site so dare say I will learn much more.  I don't know if you are interested or maybe you have read this article already ?  I posted it on a site for Thanksgiving so have included the link for you. Again Thank You Sincerely.  Namaste.  ~Annie (Australia)


Thanksgiving Day

Some may think it strange that a gal from Australia is posting such an article however I am someone who has very strong ties to America's history mainly as I have a past there.

While it is Thanksgiving Day and a time of celebration for many it is also a day of remembrance and sadness for Native Americans the original custodians of the land and a day that changed their history forever.

So on this day while I give thanks to friends and family for being apart of my life I also give thanks to those who have walked before me and honor their lives by being the peaceful person that I am.



Chief Black Kettle

Hello Manataka,


I wanted to say a quick thank you writing about Chief Black Kettle he was my great great great Grandfather. I am proud to be related to him. He was a great man that cared deeply about his people. Sincerely, ~ Jesse Lambert


Crazy Horse Memorial

Dear Manataka:


Its not about benefits.  Its about bloodlines of our relations. Our old people.  ~Eileel Martinez 


Untold Story of Gray Horse

Dear Manataka:


It does not surprise me that the your story has not been acknowledged by the white government.  I have not read all of it yet, but I am intrigued about the native ways of Manataka and want to participate if that is possible. I do have editing skills if you need it. If not, at least I know the real story. Good luck on publishing it.  Mitakuye Oyasin,  Joline Pelletier


Jack Brightnose

Hello Manataka,


Sometimes in life we meet someone who change our worldview.. Jack Brightnose was one of those people.


A Cree Medicine man who was taken from his loving family at an early age and consigned to an "Indian' school where his hair was cut and he was stripped naked before the other students for speaking his own savage language...Brightnose survived his "education" and after battling alcoholism he spent the last 25 years of his life reaching out to anyone in need. A truly giving man and elder.


Brightnose taught me much including that words are magic. That the very idea that by making sound we can paint pictures in the minds of others is magical. We get to choose whether we practice white (love) or black (fear) magic."


Brightnose also told me that whenever we see an eagle or hawk circling they are messengers bringing us a message from someone who has passed on.


Shortly after his death in 2001 my wife and I had taken our dogs out to the mountains west of town to day camp and a red tail hawk started circling overhead. I told her what Brightnose had said and she asked if I thought that he was sending me a message?


Yes, and the message is always the same, "Life is a gift from Creator and to be truly appreciated it must be shared with others. Creator also gave us free will so that we can choose the road we walk in life. We can choose the Red Road which is based on love (giving of oneself) or we can choose the Black Road which is based on fear (focus on self)."  Words can created hate and can kill or they can share love and heal...we all get to choose.  Mitakuye Oyasin ~Abe WalkingBear, Canon City, Colorado


Screech Owl and Ravens

Hi Manataka,


This may be for some tribes, but not for all.  This is why it is imperative that we learn our own tribal stories and traditions.  In my culture, the Redtail Hawk is our traveling protector and ceremonial strength.  The Eagle Spirit sees our prayers that have been deposited upon Eagle feathers and takes them to Creator and they, too are our messengers and protectors as are Bear Spirits and other animal life.  Owls also play a key role in our protection.


The Screech Owl and Ravens often bring messages of health problems or death. 


Not all tribes believe the same way or have the same messengers.  All the more reason to know ones own path to be aware of what the message is - i.e., being intuitive and connected to the Spirit World.  


Case in point:  My mother had three visions of a swan trapped in a glass enclosure - pecking away at the glass to escape, but could not find its way out.  Upon the third vision, my mother realized it was me - trapped in an abusive marriage - so she prayed for me.  Within two weeks I found my escape and her prayer was answered.  Odd that I was a swan, even though I am a Bear Spirit....... hmmmmmm


So you see, one needs to be intuitive to be able to understand what the message is, regardless of the animal spirit that comes to bring the message.  ~Xielolixii


Phamaceutical Drugs Can't Work


Dear Editor,


RE: Article Claiming Phamaceutical Drugs Can't Work by Awi Anida Waya


In February of 2009 I suffered two heart attacks three days apart.  I received a heart catherization resulting in a stent to the right side of my heart.  I was subsequently placed on several prescriptions and told that I would, at some point in time, need to undergo open heart surgery.  That surgery would be put off as long as the drug regime was effective in allowing my heart to function properly.


In September, 2010, I was taken off those medications for five days in preparation of receiving neurological treatment to my back.  On the sixth day I suffered a third heart attack while in route to the neurologist's office to receive the back procedure.  I underwent another catherization, resulting in two additional stents to the right side of my heart.  One of those stents was to repair the original stent which failed due to my being taken off the medications for five days.  One month later - on October 6th, 2010 I underwent open heart surgery to undergo a triple bypass to the left side of my heart.  I am back on the medications and will be on them for rest of my life.  The pharmaceutical prescriptions I am on are very effective in allowing my heart to function and my life to continue.   Even just five days without taking them nearly proved fatal. 


For a person to suggest that pharmaceutical drugs are not effective, and even are dangerous, is at the very least -naive. Perhaps Awi Anida Waya should research medical, biological, and scientific resources rather than new age witch doctors for her health information and advice.  ~Mèssochwen Tëme  (mèsoxwentëme)




Dear Manataka,


We thank you and our Elders for the love prayers and healing that we here in Australia and our lands are receiving from you our sacred family. we thank you for all your support and understanding, it fills our heart with much love and deep gratitude.


This morning we were awakened very early by the sounds of many different types of bird people singing up the sun, greeting this new day.  As we were walking an hour so later, yet still early this morning we saw a wonderful sight in our small community:


First there was one head and pair of ears showing up through the grass, the ears gently twitching to and fro as the 'owner' of them surveyed the houses and grasses around them, next another twitching set of ears became visible in the grass, then two heads popped up and we saw a pair of wild grey kangaroos one obviously bigger than the other. then they moved out of the long grass so we could see them fully they were beautiful with striking markings of dark brown/black on their brown to beige fur. as we stood still silently acknowledging them, they hopped further out into clear view and i 'spoke' to them, sending love and gratitude for their trust in allowing us to see them. next baz noticed, standing so still and quiet in the shadows and patterns of the long grass yet another kanga. and then we both saw the forth.


At first we thought we were seeing an old fella with his 'girlies' .. but i knew that this wasn't so ... something about the big kanga's stance and way of looking reminded me of the matriarch in the elephant herd ... female kangaroos follow a similar way ... the matriarchs of the 'mob' of kangaroos will teach and lead the mob on the ways of survival ... even around us human folk


I watched the big one for a while, then i noticed that it seemed to be 'hanging lower to the ground' in the belly than the others and I said, that's a mumma and she's got a joey in her pouch. sure enough she then moved one hop forward then turned to us and bear this brought tears to my eyes .. the little one popped his or her nose and ears out of mumma's pouch just enough so we could see its eyes as it looked so trustingly at us ... we just stood there giving thanks ... then we slowly and quietly began to walk on, me 'telling' them to be aware of the roads, to go back into the bush where they were safe. they sat and watched us for a while then they and we heard a car approaching .. the 3 bigger of the small roo's then jumped away, mumma with joey stayed to ensure they were safely off, before she too bounded away.


What a beautiful gift this is to see.  These kangaroos living so close to us .. only maybe 200 metres or so .... they and all the bird folk are around us everywhere and we have a colony of beautiful green tree frogs which live on our kitchen windowsill at night feeding off the moths and other  bugs .. truly we are blessed and our beloved country is receiving very powerful healings as our all our peoples of all species right now


Thank you my brother for hearing my morning gift/blessing from Mother Earth.  ~Lynn and Baz Guy, Australia



Diabetes Resources

Dear Manataka,


Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to tell you that as a teacher, I've been using your resource page on Diabetes: ( for a basic resource guide for my students (we're learning about the body). I hope that's okay!

Here's another good page one of my students found that you might want to include: "Diabetes Learning Center" -

There's a lot of great information that provides a great overview on Diabetes and many questions and education that people would be looking for. I thought your visitors might find it beneficial as well. (I would also love to show my student that the page he found is incorporated on your website-he would love it!). I hope
this helped!  Happy New Year,  ~Ms. Kelly Harris



Hello Manataka,


I will certainly visit the Manataka website, and seek to learn more of the wisdom of my elder brothers that has been passed down through your people.

I kind of figured, when I heard the word Seneca associated with these deer, that you were probably on top of it.  I just had to be sure, though, since it was a whole HERD of these lovely white beings.

I, and so many of the "white" race, are so happy and aware that we are blessed to have you, our brothers, in charge of this wisdom.  I have chill bumps racing around all over my body as I write this.  You have been honorable beyond belief, considering the things you've been put through, to preserve the sacred knowledge - the wisdom I see in Chief Arvol Looking Horse's letters.  It simply shines - clear and so simple.

My heart is so moved - I know this is ridiculous, but I make a prayer here for the joining of our hearts - around the whole world.  I pray that the "Western man" shall swiftly awaken to the reality of the Great Wisdom being held by our indigenous brethren, around the whole world.  This is so important, the dropping of the arrogance and pride - so that all may see Truth.

I know, too, that I join you, but from other lifetimes - as a native one.  Perhaps this won't be welcomed by you, for I don't know your
understanding on the soul having more than one chance, one body, in which to "get it right" and join the wise ones who have gone before - never to have to incarnate again on the Earth.

It doesn't matter, though.  We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs.  It doesn't matter at all.  We can still come together, for we all worship the One, the Great Spirit, the Is-ness, God, or whatever It is called.  We are brethren.

Love and gratitude abounds, ~Theresa-Ann Harvey, Arkansas, USA




Here is a story I wrote long ago. I hope children can enjoy it.



Pax finds Peace


A young maiden named Pax runs through the world looking for Peace. First, she meets a white swan at a river and inquires of the swan where she might find Peace. The White Swan says that she has found peace on the river, and can reflect upon herself and take wing to the skies and be free. Pax then runs into a large prairie, where she encounters a White Buffalo, she inquires the same question of the Buffalo, the White Buffalo tells her that he finds Peace with the Great Spirit as he travels through the Prairie in Greeting his family and running with them, with the earth beneath his feet and the sky above, moving as thunder and as fast as the wind. She then runs into a Wood, where in a grassy meadow-like clearing she meets a White Unicorn. She asks the Unicorn the same question of where to find Peace. The Unicorn replies that he has found Peace in the Clearing of the Wood, where he can graze on tender grass and meet his kind to run free in the wood. She becomes upset and tearful. As she returns from where she came, falling to the ground in tears she says, I am not the Swan so graceful and I can not fly. I am not the Buffalo, so strong and Brave.


I am not the Unicorn, So Magical a sight. Then in the drops of her tears puddled upon the ground near her hand , she sees her name and her reflection, and hears these words,


 "Pax, Peace is within yourself, Peace is your name."


She smiles and realizes though she journeyed far and near searching for Peace, she had to no more than to discover her own meaning, in being, but the journey had to be taken to learn about herself..


~Rainbow Eagle Spirit, Simone Caulderwood