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Recognizing that the past is nothing more than the stories we tell about it, Girty examines the myth of Simon Girty, the legendary “white savage” who terrorized the American western frontier during the American War for Independence and the Northwest Indian War.


No serious book published since the nineteenth century has focused on this great villain of frontier mythology. While Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton were presented as great trailblazers and heroic Indian fighters, Simon Girty was demonized as a murderer and torturer of his fellow Americans. 


Stories are still written about the legendary frontier heroes, but now that the Indians have been exterminated or removed, the Girty myth is no longer useful. Girty’s true story is far more fascinating than his myth—a rarity in the literature of history, which is filled with more fiction than fact. 


GIRTY: The Legend provides educational, entertainment, and instructional value to anyone interested in the the truth about history.


Why and how did politicians, educators, journalists, and popular writers in early America create and use myths to remove and destroy its native people? 


Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, all the murderous Indian fighters, and Johnny Appleseed were perfect heroes. But Pontiac, Tecumseh, and other Indian leaders were simple savages who terrorized the frontier under the direction of their white-skinned "instigator", Simon Girty. Nonsense. Yet, many Americans still believe these tall tales. The questions need answers if America is to ever understand the roots of its racism so it can find a valid redemption. The author, John Anderson, wrote the book in order to untangle the stories first told to him by his grandfather, a veteran of the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Haven't we all heard these campfire tales? Are they true? GIRTY: The Legend tells the timeless truth.





Top Reviews:

"John Anderson's narrative history Girty: The Legend is a fascinating and authentic picture of colonial times -- it is a piece of Truth.  The book describes how racist myths were invented and exploited by white European colonists to dispossess and remove Indians from the land.  It is a piece of the Truth that needed to be dug up from a long forgotten past."

-- Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore (Gadoda Yonv), esteemed elder of the

Manataka American Indian Council and editor of Smoke Signal News


"Not all the pioneers who came from Europe and settled in the colonies were 'good guys.'  Not all left us a heritage that we can be proud of.  One of the worst of our forefathers was Simon Girty, who left us a heritage of racism, fully described in John Anderson's GIRTY: The Legend.

-- Mary Holliman, president, Pocahontas Press, Inc. and director of research at Virginia Tech




Read the true and fascinating history of colonial America!



John C.Anderson

Author of Free Love: Cultivating the Garden of Eden in America and Wages of Gin


199 pages, Hardcover, Published by: American University & Colleges Press, ISBN 978-1-58982-602-1


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