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March 01, 2011







Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.


Pine Needle Tea?

Dear Manataka,

I was reading the newsletter during this weekend. I read about pine needle tea. Is this person serious about pine needle tea? I always thought that pine needles were poisonous. I also enjoyed the newsletter. I find it very informative and an awakener. But the pine needle tea? I am still questioning that. Thanks for the newsletter.  ~Josephine Klass

Hello Josephine,

You can believe the author, Harvey Walks with Hawks Doyle, who is an accomplished herbalist and never writes about anything without personal, hands-on experience.  If prepared correctly, pine needles makes an excellent tasty tea, poultice, and healing remedy.  There are many plants that are poisonous (potatoes, tomatoes, etc.) but are harvested and prepared correctly to produce edible foods. ~Editor


Medicine Wheel 2011

Dear Editor,

We are at that critical walk of the wheel the new beginning and we are the seventh fire it is in the infinite teachings of the creator it is time for all world views to return to the original world view as a child spirit lives remember the untainted pure spirit form is able to teach us on what being human being really means .But we must spread the original teachings to all peoples .There is no color it is spiritual awakening and change in attitude and values .The ears of many nations and peoples are listening and to same beat they just need to be reminded they must break the cycle by remembering what is truly important. Not material lineal values. We must  go back to the earth again. ChiMigwiiitch,  ~Mjinmkwaindiijindicas


This Blanket is For You - Half a Blanket Story

Hello Grandfather Stories,

You may be surprised to hear from a lady in England who is 63 but I was seeking information on Gods Pharmacy and your site
came up on Google.  My husband of nearly five years is from Florida - originally IL - and a Mountain Main re-enactor and member of the Florida Frontiersmen.


We met online through the polio we both had as children, met in real life in 2000 and he introduced me to the Alafia Rendezvous. Despite our problems and electric wheels I also joined the Florida Frontiersmen and we attended 7 more Alafia River Rendezvous and a few at Singing River and Fort Foster. We spent seven years with our summers in the UK and our winters in the USA.


My first Rendezvous proper in 2001 I attended the final ceremony in the Indian Circle on their land. I had already seen the three chiefs turn to watch a flight of geese the exact same number as the Rendezvous Elders fly overhead and into the sunset almost at the end of the ceremony but just prior to the Talking Stick coming round.


I decided that I would pluck up the courage to speak as it came past and started to speak. Emotion welled up inside me and tears flowed and my voice cracked as I said, 'this has been one of the most important experiences of my life, one I will never forget and you can be certain I will be back'. 


I started to learn a little more about native American culture,   learned to square bead, made my 'man' more Rendezvous clothes
and an 1820 Seminole outfit [never managed to start the moccasins. On January 1st 2006 he asked me to marry him and we soon had to decide on our wedding ceremony.


For me and he was delighted there was no other thought than a Native American Ceremony at a Re-enactment event. We chose
the Emerson Point Reserve in the lee of the Portavant Temple Mound on the edge of the Manatee River and pitched our tent.
We were married by 'Walking Owl' of the Metis tribe a fellow Florida Frontiersman.

I will never forget two moments...

The first was when the Hudson Bay Trade Blanket - that I had noticed in the back of a lorry at an Antique Fair in England and managed to purchase - was put round our shoulders.

The second was when Walking Owl said... 'Grandfather they came here as two people they leave as one never more to walk alone on this earth.' 

My heart hit my boots and came back up and smacked me under the chin. I have never felt anything so powerful.

What did I learn about the blanket. That a whole blanket joins you together in love for the rest of your lives.

Half a blanket would destroy that.

Thank you for adding this story to your site, it was a pleasure to read and one I will copy for my grandson to be [9 more weeks].
My daughter also met someone online is married to a Canadian in Alberta. I cross stitched the Apache Wedding Blessing
for their Wedding. 100 hours of love in every stitch.

We have not found a re-enactment group in the UK to match what we did in the States, although we did find a Suttlers Row
at Americana 2010 near to us in Newark, NOttingham. It was great to watch the Native American Dancing included with the
show, brought back memories.

I was brought up Church of England, travelled to Jerusalem and Bethlehem when I was 14, but marrying in the shelter of the Portavant Temple Mound in Gods Church was special. It has triggered me once again to see if we can find a Native American
group near to us in the UK. I would love to learn more.

Thank you for giving me such powerful memories of some very special moments at Rendezvous and our marriage. ~Hilary Boone, Lincoln, United Kingdom.


Eating Bugs - Insect Recipes


Dear Manataka,


Hello, I was curious to know who is the chef behind all these recipes? And, from which country are these recipes originally from?
Thanks.  ~Ylenia Lemos

Ylenia, Insects are part of the regular diet of millions of people across the world -- on every continent, with the exception of Europe.  Asians, Blacks, South and Central Americans, North American Indians, East Indians, etc. --  all consume huge amounts of insects each year.

There is not one chef we relied on for the few example recipes featured on our website.  Most of the recipes originated here in the USA, however, there are literally thousands of recipes from across the globe.

Did you know that YOU most likely consume a great number of insects each year?  That's right!  See to examples below.  Many processed foods have insects in them.  This type of scientific study is regularly performed on hundreds of thousands of food products.

(Apple butter - 5 insects per 100g; Berries - 4 larvae per 500g OR 10 whole insects per 500g; Ground paprika - 75 insect fragments per 25g; Chocolate - 80 microscopic insect fragments per 100g; Canned sweet corn - 2 3mm-length larvae, cast skins or fragments; Cornmeal - 1 insect per 50g; Canned mushrooms - 20 maggots per 100g; Peanut butter - 60 fragments per 100g (136 per lb); Tomato paste, pizza, and other sauces - 30 eggs per 100g OR 2 maggots per 100g; Wheat flour - 75 insect fragments per 50g)

Thank you for asking. ~Editor

Wage Peace - Not War

Manataka Editor:


Having just returned from a Veteran’s program at which veterans read letters written by veterans and family members, I am deeply saddened to hear that our government has recently agreed to extend the deadline for the war in Afghanistan.  Now we face another three years of “the horror of war,” as described by many veterans who have lived it.


It is time for us to remember the words of General Dwight David Eisenhower, one of our own past Presidents:


“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.  The world in arms is not spending money alone.  It is spending the sweat of laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children….This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense.  Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from an iron-cross.”


We as Americans need to seriously consider what steps we now need to take to end the appalling human cost of war and begin the challenging journey of waging Peace.  Many of our own veterans are calling upon us to do this.  One of these veterans is a young man named Captain Paul Chappell, a graduate of West Point and an Iraq veteran who has written a book called The End of War, which I would ask every caring American to consider reading.   Having experienced war first-hand, Captain Chappell is travelling across the United States calling upon Americans to join him in waging Peace.  ~Barb Mallin   



Chris Mathews Should Apologize

Osiyo Everyone:


I am asking everyone I know to strongly object to Chris Mathews racist remarks on "Hardball". While speaking about the Republican party having to control "Tea Partiers", he used the "French and Indian War" as a metaphor, by saying that the gentlemanly French had to deal with the "Wild Indians" who were out in the countryside scalping everyone. I have emailed him twice, mentioning facts about the "American Holocaust", historical trauma, crime rates, etc. There has been no response. It is very important that this word go out to Indian country and that as many people as possible must write and object. You can find contact information for Chris Mathews at:


What is so disturbing about this, is that for any other racial/ethnic group, Mr. Mathews would at least have to apologize, if not face suspension or being fired. The difference of course is colonialism. The relationship between the Native and the European-American is a brutal system of colonialism. In postcolonial studies they talk about the "image of the inferior savage other" as being the psychology of colonialism. This is why the "Doctrine of Discovery" and "Manifest Destiny" are the foundation of US Indian law and European-American history. The European-American defines himself as superior through a belief in the inferiority of the savage other. This is why we have racist rulings from the Supreme Court. This is why our people suffer the highest violent crime rate in the country, with 70% of the perpetrators being European-American. This is why our women suffer the highest rate of rape, with 90% of the perpetrators being European-American. Natives are the only racial/ethnic group where most of the violent crime is perpetrated by a member of another racial/ethnic group. The cause is colonialism. This is Mr. Mathews contribution to it.


I am suggesting that Mr. Mathews could make amends by first apologizing in a very public manner. Then I would suggest that he could respectfully request to have Chief Oren Lyons and Robert A. Williams, Jr. on his show to discuss the current condition of Native people and how that is related to the "Doctrine of Discovery", and current activities in the UN in regard to the "Doctrine of Discovery". I would also very strongly ask that Mr. Mathews read the "Doctrine of Discovery", so the American people can see that an extremely racist doctrine is the basis of Indian law in the US today. Chief Oren Lyons is a traditional Faith keeper of the Turtle Clan and a member of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations of the Iroquois, and is a professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Chief Lyons has been working with the UN in regard to how the "Doctrine of Discovery" has been used against Native people in the US. Robert A. Williams, Jr. is an American Indian attorney who has argued cases before the Supreme Court, and he is also a professor at the University of Arizona. Mr. Williams authored the book, "Like a Loaded Weapon" which discusses how the "Doctrine of Discovery" was used as precedent for the Marshall Trilogy, which has been used in nearly every American Indian case through the 20th century and up until the present time. Robert A. Williams, Jr. is Lumbee. ~Richard Wilson 


Ban the BIA!

Dear Editor,

With the new US Congress looking to make cuts to save money, how about eliminating the BIA?  It would save $1.7Billion a year.
We American Indians can manage ourselves, and our Trust Funds can be electronically deposited into real bank accounts. Let's push for the elimination of the BIA, and we Indians deal with the US Govt through the Dept of the Interior. ~Newt Love


Great Spiritual Gathering

O'siyo my Brothers and Sisters,


It is time for these things to happen. I had a vision in the 1990's,to write all nations of the Great Spiritual Gathering so I did so, many answered and many didn't, many years later I was called to the Rain Forests in Washington State to be one with Mother Earth and Nature to learn what I would need to know when the Gathering began, I heard the singing river and the cries of mother nature and the standing people while they were cut down. I saw the rainbows of beauty, and was told please tell all others what you have seen here, then one day while on a mountain praying, I was told to leave and go back to Oregon and begin to contact people again to let them know it is time to begin the Gathering, Let the Drums sound so loud it would be as if the hoofs of the Buffalo could be heard again, and singing, and dancing, praying, learning, let small groups gather and than join into larger groups, so I have been in contact with many who are ready now, I have been in contact with the Great Sacred White Buffalo, there are 11 here in Oregon, they are in waiting for word of the Great Gathering. Your news of 8000 drums is so wonderful to here, we all shall join together, as the Creator has called on us to begin the great Gathering, because we were here first and because we are one with Mother Earth, and know of his calling, not in war but in peace among all men and women. Please send all information that you can and we all will rejoyce. Thank You. Bill Little Eagle, Cherokee


8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony


Greetings to our honored Manataka and Otomi Elders,


I am writing from Yorba Linda, California (in north Orange County, near Los Angeles) where I am a mesa carrier and practitioner of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru. I learned of the 8000 Drums ceremony through the Manataka American Indian Council, whose newsletter I have received for many years. Allyu Hatun Chaska (my mesa tradition spiritual family), desires to join with you in the 8000 Drums Ceremony from a location among our beloved friends, the Redwood Mallkis we tend and feed ceremonially. 

I would like to confirm with you that at the Equinox on March 21st the ceremony would take place at 8 am Pacific Daylight Time, and also send along our good wishes for it's success. We look forward to joining you in Spirit on that great day, and always.  In beauty, ~Aeyrie Silver Eagle


Declaration on the Right of Spirituality


Dear Manataka,

I just had this idea, and I wanted to discuss it with somebody.  After thinking years and years about how force some kind of realignment between the white and white-like world and the Indian world, in a way that would be practical and make sense and allow us to control our destiny again - and then after the U.N. quietly passed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and potentially changed the way everything can be done - I have finally thought up one simple declaration that I think almost every Native American Indian in North and South America could support.  We could declare it through our various governments and leaders.  It would be as a simple as this:
We have a right to (our) spirituality.
That is the fundamental core that we all have in common.  From that, every other aspect of our view of life in ancient days flowed.  We perceived the sacred directly, and ordered our lives accordingly.
We have the right, today, to continue to perceive the sacred directly in our own manner or manners, and to order every aspect of our lives today in accordance with our perception of the sacred.  We have the right to do everything we feel it is necessary for us to do, legally, spiritually, politically, or in whatever other way, in order to order our lives around our perceptions of the sacred today.  From this one principle, we may begin to restructure the world around us politically, ecologically, and in other ways - with Indian long-sightedness and understanding that such work may take centuries, as it always has - in whatever ways we feel are right.  When the governments that claim the right to dominate our lives politically attempt to interfere with our projects in accordance with what we consider to be our sacred rights and duties, we claim the right to stand our ground against them, and to force them in the end to comply with our demands through whatever means we deem to be appropriate and in accordance with the sacred; non-violent means being of course preferred.  Having made this declaration, we would also claim the right to act together in support of the needs of other Native American Indian tribes, peoples, and nations.  And we would vouch our support for the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well.  I think almost every Native American Indian nation or tribe could support such a declaration. ~Joseph McCord


Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park? Not !....

Hello Manataka,


Just thought I would let you know that I had a run-in several months ago with the infamous Josie Fernandez, superintendent of the Hot Springs National Park.  Today, I learned that Manataka, city and county governments and dozens of citizens of Hot Springs have experienced serious problems with her in the past.


My company has a great relationship with hundreds of state and municipal governments across our great country.  We have earned an excellent reputation and consider many of the public officials we assist as good friends.  We had the misfortune of learning first-hand that this woman is not a public servant nor is she a qualified superintendent.


During a couple of informal meetings, her behavior was unbelievable!  The nastiest, ugliest and meanest things I have ever heard spewed from her mouth.  At first, I thought she was drunk or on drugs.  Then, I realized that she has a real mental problem.  She mercilessly lambasted a local American Indian minister and talked about NPS employees as if they were trash.  When the small group present failed to comprehend her insane, disconnected proposals, she threw a temper tantrum like a three-year old.  This woman needs to be stopped!  I thought you would like to know. ~J. Oliver.