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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess

December 2010







Launching a new reality


Reality is relative to the observer, reality has been based on backgrounds, belief system, nationality, identity,  language… gender… age…. Etc…


For long time human beings have been living in a world of separation, a world where everything was disconnected and isolated, a dysfunctional world, with dysfunctional families and dysfunctional people. A world where was divorce from their own nature,  a world  where it was labeled through abusers and people being abuse, a world of takers and givers, a world of many races all divided and fighting within each other, I could continued speaking about a world that everyone knows so well… the dark ages  


Now, human being is waking up, in such a powerful and beautiful way, are awakening into a new perspective of life, for now human beings are recognizing, the difference between  “What is living you”, “what are you living”  and the understanding of a new reality “I AM LIFE” .  This understanding is coming from a new perspective of the self, for now human beings are able to conceive themselves as the creators of many realities, but the question here, is why you can create, that will lead you into a powerful understanding of being human, because “daughter of the tigress little tigress”….


What then is happening so strongly in the world, People is awakening, and not all the people is awakening at the same time, or embracing their own awakening in the same way, there are right now many realms, people is afraid to speak and be truth, and manifest themselves as they are for the fear of not being accepted, or rejected, or being against a dying system is creating the confusion of what will be next, yet in the very very very core, they are listening to the  song that the Great Mother is singing, the return of human being to their own nature, for there is only one nature, and all the life forms are part of it, all the beautiful planet, and the stars and the many beautiful planets and the galaxies, and the whole multi-verse all part of the same one nature. Human beings are multidirectional beings; human beings are peaceful beings by nature…


In the verge of the new era, in the times of the awakening of the world, a new understanding of the self is coming into being, now humanity has grown enough to give birth to a new reality, a reality that has been conceive long time ago, a reality of a world where everything is one. And the call, the song of the mother, is bringing back all human beings to the very core, the place where everything has always been one, like the turtles back into the ocean. The DNA knows now how to do this, naturally… for the path of being human has always been there…


Does the new era is living you? Are you living the new era? Two different perspectives, does it was about time? Does it was about a process? Or maybe is just about the knowing?


Where is your reality in all this? For long time humanity has been waiting for the return of the ancestors, without understanding that you are the ancestors. For long time humanity was looking for love not realizing that you are love, for long time human beings were looking for a new way of living not realizing that when you have move the perception of the self and understand the cause and the effect, when you understand the creator and the source of all creation, you also are embracing a new conception of the self… in that way conceiving a world within and without the self….


A new way of living is being born…


Yes, you are life, yes, the Golden light is here, you are light, your true body is a body of light, you have never left this incredible place of oneness… you just have a bad dream of separation….


As the path of being human is, the time when all the light workers stand up and lead the people into a higher way of understanding is here, people all over the world is standing now in their truth, standing into a new reality, with no fear, for they now, that this is just the new beginning, the new world where the way to relate to each other, with the environment and to the self, is through the world of oneness, or, as the ancestors call this world, the world of the enchanted flower….


We  are living in such a powerful times, this solstice is coming with the perfect alignment of so many planets and  eclipse!, I invite all the people to join in praying and meditation…  this is our new beginning…


 Happy beautiful Solstice and eclipse! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for every one.   Tlatzocomate for being you… !   In lakesh   Magdala