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Deep in the Ouachita National Forest is a wildlife rehabilitation center that quietly cares for hundreds of animals and birds on an annual basis.  The Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center, operated by Tommy Young, a Master Falconer and Ornithologist, is a caring place for those who can least take care of themselves.


The Center has mountain lions, cougars, bears, raccoons, otters, alligators, skunks, deer, eagles, hawks, falcons, rabbits, beavers, deer, possums, snakes and other reptiles who have been injured and require rehabilitation before being released back in the forest.  In some cases, the injuries are so severe the animal cannot be released but are cared for throughout their lives in a kind, suitable environment.


Located at the foot of Rich Mountain and Queen Wilhelmina State Park in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest, hundreds of wildlife come to the Wildlife Center, even from the Ozark National Forest north of the Arkansas River and thousands of surrounding pockets of wildlife -- over 3 million acres and thousands of miles of wild territory.   Winter is here and more animals and birds are found injured every month. 


The Center has cared for thousands of wildlife over the past two decades, but this winter promises to be especially rough because of the summer drought.  A poor economy and high unemployment in the area have slowed contributions to the Center.  Winter is coming.


We need food - thousands of pounds of it... Now! 





Food Type






10% Sweet Feed 10  -40lb bags 30 - 40lb bags 4,800 lbs $  1,200.00
Fancy Scratch 05  -40lb bags 15  - 40lb bags 2,400 lbs $  1,200.00
Dog Food 10  -40lb bags 30 - 40lb bags 4,800 lbs $  2,400.00
Meat 40 lbs per day X 365 14,400 lbs $57.600.00
*Nuts (raw) 140 gallons 420 gallons  1,680 gals $  2,520.00
**Fish 28 lbs 118 lbs 353 lbs $     776.00
Apples 450 lbs 1350 5,400 lbs $  6,210.00
Sweet Potatoes 100 lbs 300 lbs 1,200 lbs $     900.00

Annual Feeding Need:

26,400 lbs $72,806.00
Feeding Costs: Transportation, Storage, Supplies, Labor: $32,500.00


Other needs of the Wildlife Center exceed $100,000.00 annually.  Most of this need is provided

 by the people of Mena, AR and surrounding area with volunteer labor, supplies and donations.

Tommy Young and all other workers at the Wildlife Center serve with no salary or benefits.


* Acorns or any kind of tree nuts is okay.

** Any kind of raw fish is okay.



There are 3 ways you can help.




Join the Feed Our Friends volunteer committee:

Faith Michaels, chairwoman

These good folks are working on major suppliers and long-term solutions



Paul Stanley manager of Polk County co-op has agreed to accept call in orders with credit card or debit card from folks who wish to order food directly for the Wildlife Center.  Call 479.394.3373  


We do not need your money -- We need the feed you send.


Or, Go to your local feed stores and other outlets, purchase and ship any amount of food (see list above)


Send 120 lbs (3 -40lb bags) feed for ($9 each X 3 =$27 + UPS shipping) around $100 including shipping.


Boxed Apples, sweet potatoes and nuts are excellent too.  


Shipping Address: 

Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center

Corner of Hwy 270 and Hwy 272, Polk County, AR



Send a tax-deductible contribution directly to the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center.


The Center receives no funds from local, state or federal government, and is dependent on donations.



Please Feed Our Friends


Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center
Tommy Young, Director
P.O. Box 1881
Mena, Arkansas 71953

479-437-3750 - office

479-243-0906 - message


Also Needs:

A Single Phase Freezer - Evaporator and Condenser Unit -- A new freezer container/bldg will be constructed based on the size of the largest freezer evaporator/condenser we can find for the Wildlife Center.  Is there a company or individual out there who can supply this need?  If so, email us at Refrigerator Unit


The Manataka American Indian Council has supported the Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center for many years. We know first-hand about the loving, caring and expert care given to our friends of the forest by Tommy Young and all his volunteer staff.  The Elder Council endorses this worthwhile effort.