Manatakaô American Indian Council





December 2010



The Only Law of Life

by Regina Keels  

Live and take a walk in the morning shine showers.

Live and taste a drop of rain water.

Live and walk in new fallen-snow.

Live and call a bird and donít feel embarrassed.

Live and turn to the four corners of the earth, prayerfully.

Live and smile at a teenager,  joyfully.

Live and walk slowly to your destination.

Live and breathe deeply the song of your soul.

Live and sit quietly.

Live and test the winds on a cold day.

Live and laugh at a snail.

Live and roll in summer grass.

Live and sing out loud.

Live and listen to the sound of silence.

Live and talk quietly.

Live and rejoice at the setting sun.

Live and love your nose, your smile, your big toe.

Live and embrace the old man or old lady, forgiving all things.

Live and raise your hands to the sky in Thanksgiving.


Itís a beautiful day!

All will be the same if you laugh or if you cry,

If you dream or if you quest, if you scream of if you murmur,

If you honor or if you defile.


The rules are the same the whole world over

For Catholics or Protestants, Jews or Islamists,

Christians or Buddhists, Animists or Unbelievers

We must love!

Live and be gentle and be happy!



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