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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess

December 2010






Teachings of the Crystal Skulls

She is Life and Death,  she is my twin sister, she helps me and you to transmute, to create and recreate, to let go and embrace a new beginning, for she is the new beginning!


She bring us Freedom,  as freedom has been the  way of living,  for freedom has always resides in the heart of all human being as a birth right. The time has come for human being does not recognize any limitation inside of the self.

new beginning  is always at hand,  is happening every day, every moment, for human beings  are not bounded by time, Niquiztli  help us to encounter the new way of perception.  


Human being are awakening into the original self, the original vibration, the authentic DNA is being achieve to all human beings as well as all life forms on this planet. In the alignment with the Great Mother, the wrong beliefs are shaken, and a new way of thinking is being born. In this time space, faith have turn into knowledge, dogmas have gone and transmute into wisdom, and the way of perception of being human have give birth to freedom, the door where human being now stands, wondering, ready for a new adventure, ready for a new creation. The trust has become the way of being human, for just like the little turtles recognize where is the ocean, the same way, the true human being recognize how to go back into the perfect balance, how to go into the world of the enchanted flower, that a part of them, through that DNA has always been there.

The authentic creator is coming into being, for they recognize that this is the time to embrace the new creation, for they are the ones that “divinize the things” as the ancestors referred to the artist, to the creator, to the original creator, the daughter and son of the father-mother god,  Mama is calling to all authentic creators, the light workers to step in, and bring the new voice, the new creations into being, the new conceptions of the self into being.


This is the time to transmute, to make the alchemy of the self, the time of changes, for Niquiztli show us, “Nothing stays the same”,  this is the time of a new dance.

For long time, the flower waits for her time to bloom, waiting, knowing, realizing, wondering, and when she finally blooms, she recognize that she always have been blooming in the inside, the bliss is immensurable, she recognize herself as a part of the big orchestra of life, the orchestra of the cosmos.

Today is the day of the dead, in Mexico, as well as many other places, the day of honor our dead, we remember the death, we meditate on life and death, embracing both, we create altars, and we make a dance so slow, that to make one movement will take us the whole day; it is the day that we honor that transmutation, the alchemy of the self. Today, we encounter freedom as a way of living in the outside, as a way of living in the inside.


In lakesh





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