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December 2010




This full-length book, Ancient Maya Holy Time and the Evolution of Creation Map by Robert Hackman will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!


Chapter 1  -  May 2010

Chapter 2  -  June

Chapter 3  -  July

Chapter 4  -  August

Chapter 5  -  September

Chapter 6  -  October

Chapter   7  -  Nov

Chapter   8  -  Dec

Chapter   9  -  January 2011

Chapter 10  -  February

Chapter 11  -  March

Chapter 12  -  April


Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map

Chapter 9

Map of Holy Time

Crop Circles

One of the greatest mysteries plaguing mankind in this time is what or who is creating these sacred symbols and geometric patterns? What is the message that we should be learning from these crop circles? It is now evident that orbs of light are responsible for the creation of crop circles. These orbs of light are possibly divine energy originating from the Thirteen Heavens.


The Deities that Rule the Thirteen Heavens are attempting to communicate with mankind through sacred vibrations, electromagnetic energies and this ancient form of art. This is a Sacred Phenomena that mankind needs to pay very close attention to. Stay tuned in for more to come.



The Light of Nature does not Lie,
But the Theoreticians have turned the Light against Nature.
If Man is Perverse, he will also Pervert the Light of Nature.
Therefore Seek First the Kingdom of Truth,
And you will do more than has ever been done on Earth.
Never Doubt God, Our Greatest Physician.
As we Love Her/Him and our Neighbor, so God will grant us everything we need.
But if we are Idle and Neglectful of Love, then even that will be taken from us which we believe to be ours.

Good Diet, Good Digestion The Main Pillars of Health
Your Food Should Be Your Medicine. ~-Hippocrates

We have the power to change our future if we Mind it.

Hun Hunahpu

One Hunahpu

Source of matter, source of spirit
Spiraling in and spiraling out
Thirteen phases numbers, vectors
Twenty hieroglyphic pictures
People growing toward the sun
Grow together and live as one
Hunab Ku, Hunahpu
Hub of everything we do
Search the stars for what we are
And find we need not look so far
Inside of us, deep down inside
Are kept the secrets of all time
Finding rhythm, speaking rhyme
Renew the ancient paradigm
Movement and measure
Sowing and dawning
Star of the evening
Star of the morning
One Ahau will start the churning
Watch for Venus, begin the learning
Teaching us the way to see
And how to climb the Sacred Tree
Tzolkin, Haab, and Calendar Round
Spherical music, magical sound
Eye at the center, dawn at our face
Edge of the cosmos, heart of all space
Mysterious day-sign
Bringer of Birth
It comes from the stars
And springs from the Earth

Source: Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
By John Major Jenkins





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