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Legends of Old: Camp of the Ghosts: Blackfoot Legend
Feature Story::   Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 8

Letters to the Editor:

A Criminal I Am...
Feature Story:   Denmark is a Shame!
Grandfather Gray Hawk Speaks:   A Teaching Observation
Organic Consumers: Anti-Frankenfish Candidates Win Races
Elder's Meditations: Lame Deer, Lakota
Women's Council News: Queen Lili'uokalani
Earth Medicine:   Return Of A Supergrain
Fluoride: The Fluoride Fraud

Animal Rights and Wrongs:


Last Wild Buffalo Herd Faces Slaughter

Sacred Sites:

Glen Cove Sacred Site Under Attack



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Camp of the Ghosts

Blackfoot Legend



There was once a man who loved his wife dearly.  After they had been married for a time they had a little boy.  Some time after that the woman grew sick and did not get well.  She was sick for a long time.  The young man loved his wife so much that he did not wish to take a second woman.  The woman grew worse and worse.  Doctoring did not seem to do her any good.  At last she died.


For a few days after this, the man used to take his baby on his back and travel out away from the camp, walking over the hills, crying and mourning.  He felt badly, and he did not know what to do.


After a time he said to the little child,  "My little boy, you will have to go and live with your grandmother.  I shall go away and try to find your mother and bring her back."

He took the baby to his mother's lodge and asked her to take care of it and left it with her.  Then he started away, not knowing where he was going nor what he should do.


When he left the camp, he traveled toward the Sand Hills.  On the fourth night of his journeying he had a dream.  He dreamed that he went into a little lodge in which was an old woman.  This old woman said to him,  "Why are you here, my son?"


The young man replied,  "I am mourning day and night, crying all the while.  My little son, who is the only one left me, also mourns."


"Well," asked the old woman,  "for whom are you mourning?"  Read More>>>








This full-length book, Ancient Maya Holy Time and the Evolution of Creation Map by Robert Hackman will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!


Chapter 1  -  May 2010

Chapter 2  -  June

Chapter 3  -  July

Chapter 4  -  August

Chapter 5  -  September

Chapter 6  -  October

Chapter   7  -  Nov

Chapter   8  -  Dec

Chapter   9  -  January 2011

Chapter 10  -  February

Chapter 11  -  March

Chapter 12  -  April


Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map

Chapter 8

Map of Holy Time

Thermal Runaway and the Quaternary Extinction’s

The process of glacier melting was far from uniform, as many geologists of the Darwinian school tend to think. The melt water of the glaciers quickly flowed into the seas, creating huge stresses between the overloaded sea bottom and the alleviated continents. Earth’s crust cracked and rifted at many places, originating volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis of unprecedented proportions. And the violent process continued, impelled by its own momentum, until it was finally complete and the earth had quit the Ice Age. In this terrible event – the same one that the myths call the Flood – some 70% of the species of great mammals became extinct.


Geologists call the widespread mortality that took place at the end of the Pleistocene by the name of Quaternary Extinction’s. Among the extinct species we had several magnificent animals: the mammoth, the mastodon, the saber-toothed cat, the cave bear, the giant sloths, dozens of species of camelids, cervids and cavalids.   Read More>>>




Happy Holidays from Manataka







Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.


A Criminal I Am...

Hello Manataka,


Well today I discovered that I’m a criminal.

Next to where I live is a closed golf course and I like to take walks around the place. I call them my “awareness walk abouts” I walk there paying attention to how the place feels, what the energies are like, what birds and trees other beings are feeling, doing and acting like. During one of those walks I found a nice feather. It is hard to explain but for some reason it felt important to keep it, so I attached it to my walking stick. I've had it for a couple of years now. I’ve been to several places and on several hikes and "walk abouts" with that stick. I may have even had the feather when I was back there at Manataka to attend my “making a new relation” ceremony with Standing Bear and his family. Any way I just found out that the feather is from a young red tailed hawk (probably lost it when changing into its adult plumage). And I also just discovered that it’s illegal for me to have it. So I guess I must remove the feather from my stick, though I’m feeling kinda sick about doing so and I don’t really know what to do with it afterwards. It just seems wrong to throw it away or just get rid of it. Any suggestions?  Your fellow traveler. ~Vincent Jasmanka



Hello Vincent,

Yes, you may be considered a criminal to those who have no understanding. But, you are a special human being to those who do, especially the Earth Mother and the Creator of All Things.  The Red Hawk feather is a sacred gift -- so that you may see far, beyond the
vision of your own eyes.  It is a gift that will allow you to feel the energies of the trees, birds and other vibrations.  Your walking stick is a
symbol of joyous contemplation of these things, so we suggest that you keep the beautiful Red Hawk feather mounted in its place of honor. When you do finally lose the feather, it will be replaced by another of even greater understanding.  ~Editor

Clothing for the Needy

Dear Manataka,


My dear brothers and sisters, I am Bruce Deer Fording Stream Hartford, I would like to get a message out to our people. I have around $7,000.00 dollars worth of clothing -- all are very nice.  I need help in getting these items out to our people in SD or where ever they are needed the most. We are a 501c3 tax free organization called Save The Original Red Man Inc. Please post this for us.  Thanks. Contact Bruce at 931-528-7392-or email me at


Bear Mountain Calls Me Home


Hello Manataka,


I am 73-years old. I was born on Thanksgiving Day 1937 and to this day, all I can remember in American History is the story of Squanto helping the immigrants plant corn by showing them to add fish to the ground. I remember the Boston Tea Party and fake Indians and John Smith and a few words about Pocahontas.  The only reason I remember much history is because of the movie day in history class.  

In the 2nd grade my teacher brought a real war bonnet and let all the kids try it on. She put it on me let me and two other kids and told us to go around to all the class rooms to see a real Indian. I guess that was about the first I heard my family was Indian...I wondered for years why my teacher, Mrs. Wright did that and where did she get the head dress.


Many many years later while working in an Indian organization office in Toledo Ohio, I began to see roll books and mention of them. I soon found that the name Wright was Indian and was on the rolls. I let that settle my many ponderings  and wonderings. I knew my people were from Amherst, VA area where my mom and dad were born and married there. My sister, Mary Wade, moved to Richmond and I encourage her to look for some of our Mothers people. My mom was a Branham.  Dad was a Beverly but changed his name.


She soon found Uncle Percy in Maryland and an Aunt.  Uncle Percy showed her the Monacan Book by Dr. Peter Houck. She and another sister and a niece made the first trip together to see our relatives. They headed back to Lynchburg to buy the book and go to Bear Mountain at Eagle Rock, VA to meet mom's sister and cousins.


Every year after that until Mary passed away, I went with her and my sister Pansy to Virginia and Maryland seeing our people. Pansy is sick now doesn't  go and I am in TN. No family here, just my husband that I met her and his son's that have moved on with their lives.


I did go home to Huntington, VA once a year and we gather there. My brother Bernard drives from Texas twice a year to the Monacan Powwow and the fall Home Coming.


My heart aches for Bear Mountain.  I feel It calling me every day of my life. But, I too am not well and money is tight. Even though I was not raised there, I know with in my soul it is my earthly home, home is where the heart is.  ~Red Wing/Helen Vinson


Understanding and wisdom...

Dear Manataka,


I totally love you people... and   I hope that we can all learn to love and respect one another and especially  our native American families for peace... I believe that inherent in the native Americans is understanding and wisdom beyond what most people grasp...  and  their love and respect for creator and creation is paramount. See my website,

~Camille Olson


Broken Wedding Vase

Dear Manataka:


My parents in law gave us a wedding indian vase for our marriage.  Unfortunately, during our moving was broken and I read in your site that is be never broken, discarded or destroyed. What I can do?  Has a every sentimental value for us.  ~ Gisela Vega



Hello Gisela,


We suggest that you repair the vase to the best of your ability, and place it on display on your mantle or other suitable honored location.

Let it be a reminder of the sanctity and holiness of marriage; that it can sometimes be broken, even by accident; and that it can be repaired, even with a few cracks evident; so that all may see the strength and beauty that remains.  May the double spout of the wedding vase remind you both that marriage gives and takes; that you come as two very different people into a sacred trust and it is joined at its foundation forever as One. One love, one spirit.  Can you do this? ~ Editor


Thanksgiving Myths

Hello Manataka,


Thank you so much to Mr. Larsen for providing a story that I can present to my children and teach them the truth about Thanksgiving.  Although the truth is not always what we want to hear, it is necessary to know, so we do not repeat the past.  That being said, how do I obtain materials to teach grades k-3.  The text you provide is great for the upper elementary , middle and high school, but still a bit strong for the little ones.   If you could suggest some materials, that would be great.  ~Carey Garcia, Public School Teacher


Chemicals in everyday cosmetics

Hi Manataka,


Great article. Like you I am also outraged by the blatant use of chemicals in our everyday cosmetics and personal care products. Actually, I was unaware of this problem until it was brought to my attention by a health and wellness company that I am part of, JUS International. In September of this year, JUS announced the addition of personal care products that are 100% chemical free. These products are now in pre-production and will be ready for mass distribution in February of 2011. As far as we know, these products are the ONLY 100% chemical free products in the world.  Keep up the good work.  ~Bill Garrett


Convicted of baiting?

Good morning Manataka,


In the opinion section of the page on tanning animals, I noticed a piece of advice that could cause problems. The recommendation was "Leave in the place where the animal fell something useful to its cousins. Corn or a small piece of salt lick is good for deer." The problem with that is someone can get accused, and possibly even charged and convicted of baiting by doing that. I understand the tradition and reasoning behind it, and I do not disagree. However, I also recognize that sometime people can have run-ins with conservation officers that will take issue with such actions. ~Carson Pratt


Animal guide in my dream?

Dear Manataka,


I had a very strange dream last night... I have never had an animal be so prominent in my dream before. I was wondering if it's my animal  guide trying to tell me something, but then I don't know what exactly  it was trying to tell me. I've never even thought I had an animal  guide until this morning....

I was asleep dreaming, and in my dream, I was in bed with my husband  and son sleeping near (how we were sleeping in reality). Then a Black  Panther came in and laid down with us. I recognized him as an old  friend and many memories came back to me of walking and playing with  my Panther (in waking life I have never known a Panther). I loved him  very much, but then as I was in my dream I became scared for my baby  boy that even though the Panther was my friend he might play too  roughly with my son so I directed the panther out of our room. I  followed him into the living room.  I realized then that I was in a  beautiful house, in a jungle, with large screen windows, many plants  inside and out, very spacious. I stroke him for a while and tried to  explain to him why I had to ask him to
leave, but asked him to wait  until morning and we can play. So he left the house. Morning came and  did not return. I went to look for him but couldn't find him anywhere.  I called him but he didn't come. I phoned my family but even they  didn't answer. the whole day i couldn't find the panther, and my whole  family was also unreachable as though something had happened to them.  Only dogs were coming in the house through the panthers door, and I  was shooing them out. The Panther never came, and my family never answered.
So that was my very strange dream. I wish I knew how to make sense of  it. Do you have any insight to offer?   ~Jennifer Remeika


Hello Jennifer,

Among our Manataka elders are those who reach deeply to commune with the spirits of dreams.  They are able to discern the meaning of the slightest images.  However, this practice is reserved for those who have been prepared by teachings, close observation and sacred ceremonies.

We otherwise refrain from interpreting dreams.  If there was even the slightest chance that the interpreter would draw on his/her own personal experience, knowledge, personality, etc. to read your dream, then a terrible disservice may have been done to you by leading you in the wrong direction.  We are not in the business of altering people's lives in a negative way.  Only when the clear-eye of sacred Spirit is present, may we perform dream interpretation.

Yes, we know there are pseudo-science books out there by psychologists and others who write books on the subject and give broad interpretations to certain colors, figures and actions, etc.  Most of it is baloney.  Yes, there are pseudo-medicine people out there who interpret dreams for a price.  More baloney. Baloney is not real meat.

Dreams are sacred things brought up from the center of our being -- the soul.  As such, they should be treated in a deeply respectful way.  You and your dreams deserve our respect, therefore, we must decline to give you idle observations.

Cultivate your memory for dreams.  Think about them.  Listen to their messages. ~Editor

Thanksgiving Myths

Dear Manataka,


Thank you for posting that amazing eye opener. I wanted to put you on my Face book but I can't find you.  I'd love to spread your wisdom among the Western part of the country. I am originally from Rhode Island, the schools don't teach THIS side of Thanksgiving Celebration. Sincerely,  Christine Ricci



 Happy Holidays from Manataka



Feature Story


Denmark is a Shame!


Every year the brutal slaughter of intelligent, friendly whales in the Faroe Islands, owned by Denmark, takes place with great celebration. 

It is a Denmark custom for boys to prove their manhood in a sick, bloody, despicable horror show.  Nothing is done by the government of Denmark to stop this barbaric act committed against whales who scream with fright and pain as they are butchered. This type of whale, closely related to the dolphin, approaches humans out of curiosity and is easily lured into the bay where they are mercilessly slaughtered.


Their custom does not prove bravery, sacrifice, dedication to community, or compassion.  This 'Rite of Passage'  only proves their inhumanity. 


Denmark is not a civilized country, but is a barbaric, unthinking, uncaring country that breeds sick adults.  It is an abomination!  It is a great sin against whales and all nature!  This terrible practice requires you to act now! 


Join with Manataka and email the Denmark Embassy and let them know what you think!




Manataka Promise:

We will not promote tourism to Denmark; we will boycott any product made in Denmark until this barbarism is stopped!

We will make certain that millions of emails about this ugly, inhumane, travesty are circulated worldwide for months and years to come.

We will lobby legislators to increase tariffs on Danish products and demand that companies stop doing business with Denmark.

We will work hard to see that sanctions on a national and international level are placed on Denmark.


Denmark has no SHAME!   The government of Denmark should make a public statement that this barbarism will be stopped forevermore.


Join with Manataka and thousands of other people across the world to stop this sad and horrific act of barbarism.  Email the Embassy of Denmark now! 



Happy Holidays from Manataka




Grandfather Robert Gray Hawk Coke Speaks


A Teaching Observation

Some years ago, as a young adult, I went with my family to the mountains to check on the best hunting areas. Each year we would do this so that we could store the game for the next year’s supply of meat.
After our sunrise ceremony one very nice day, I went into the mountains to recheck an area Dad and I had looked at several days before. Would I find more fresh tracks? That was the question.

Later that afternoon, I had my answers, and the answers were excellent. So I started back to the village we were staying. As I came to a large draw down the mountain side, I saw a Grandfather and a small boy in front of me. I could not hear what was said, but the Grandfather would stop and point to some item, so I knew he was teaching. Each time, it was only a moment and they would continue on down the draw. After a while I was close enough to hear what was said between the two of them. 





The Manataka American Indian Council supports:



Alerts of the MONTH 

Anti-Frankenfish Candidates Win Races

The Obama Administration is considering approval of the first genetically modified animal, a fast-growing GMO salmon Frankenfish. Several Senators and Members of Congress have been putting pressure on the Obama's FDA to stop the Frankenfish, and, short of that, to at least require it to be labeled "GMO." And, they're all still in office after the 2010 mid-term elections! Anti-Frankenfish Senators and Members  Let's make public opposition to Frankenfish the first message the new Congress hears. 



China's Organic Revolution

"For years, humans have tried to conquer nature, but in doing so, they themselves became conquered. They lost their connection with the earth. They destroyed the land they were tilling. In Buddhist belief, there are no pesticides, no bad insects, no good ones. There is only imbalance in the world. We must restore that balance." -Han Guojie, water-quality engineer turned farmer, quoted in "Sowing Seeds for an Organic Revolution," by William Wan in the Washington Post, November 2, 2010 


Nanotechnology Should Be Banned from Organic!

The National Organics Standards Board, under pressure from the OCA and the organic community, has recommended that Nanotechnology be officially banned from organic production, just like genetic engineering, cloning, sewage sludge, and irradiation. On October 28, 2010, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) passed a recommendation directing the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) to prohibit engineered nanomaterials from organic products. OCA will now pressure the USDA to quickly take action and implement a full ban.  As non-agricultural, synthetically produced substances, engineered nanomaterials are already excluded from organic, unless granted a specific exception. This recommendation encourages the NOP to take further steps to block companies from petitioning the NOSB to allow engineered nanomaterials. It also asks the NOP to explicitly exclude nanotechnology from organic food packaging. Now, we need to press the NOP to act quickly, "as expeditiously as possible," to quote the NOSB, and to make sure they close the door to nanotechnology in organic production, processing, products and packaging. 



Happy Holidays from Manataka






"I believe that being a medicine man, more than anything else, is a state of mind, a way of looking at and understanding this earth, a sense of what it is all about."  Lame Deer, Lakota


The Medicine Wheel explains different ways of looking at the world. The four directions are the East, the South, the West and the North. In the East is the view of the eagle-the eagle flies high and sees the earth from that point of view. The South is the direction of the mouse. Moving on the earth, the mouse will not see what the eagle sees. Both the eagle and the mouse see the truth. The West is the direction of the bear-the bear will see different from the mouse and the eagle. From the North comes the point of view of the bison. To be a Medicine Man you must journey through all points of view and develop the mind to see the interconnectedness of all four directions. This takes time, patience and an open mind. Eventually, you understand there is only love.

Great Spirit, today, allow my mind to stay open.

By Don Coyhis






Women's Council News



Queen Lili'uokalani

Last monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom


Lydia Kamaka'eha was born September 2, 1838 on the island of Oahu, the third of ten children of high-ranking Hawaiian chiefs, Caesar Kapa'akea and Anale'a Keohokahole. At birth she became the adopted child of chiefs Laura Konia and Abner Paki. Lili'uokalani was the sister of the last king of the Hawaiian Kingdom, David Kamaka'eha, known as King Kalakuaua.


When she was 4, Lili'uokalani was sent to The Royal School on Oahu founded by King Kamehameha III. There Lili'uokalani learned polished English, studied music and the arts and traveled extensively. At the Royal School, Lili'uokalani fell under the influence of Congregational missionaries, who had by then established their strong presence in the Hawaiian Islands since their arrival in 1819. Among the richest landowners among the Ha'oles in Hawai'i, many were the children of the original Congregational missionaries.


Lili'uokalani's talent for music was polished at The Royal School. During her lifetime, she penned more than 150 songs including, "Aloha Oe."  Read More>>>







Earth Medicine...



Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle



Seeds Of Wellness:

Return Of A Supergrain

By Ted Kreiter, Saturday Evening Post

The Aztec civilization may never rise again, but part of its ancient legacy may be a gift of better health to those who have rediscovered the secret of its prized "running food."


In the beginning, Dr. Vuksan says, he only looked at the main nutrients in Salba. He knew that the seed's protein quality was higher than soy and that it had the highest fiber content of any food, higher than wheat bran. But to explain some of the effects he and his team had seen in their study, they had to look more closely at the seeds' makeup. And there they found a nutritional goldmine. They calculate that 3 1/2 ounces of Salba contain the same amount of omega-3 as 28 ounces of Atlantic salmon, as much calcium as 3 cups of milk, as much fiber as 1 1/4 cups of All-Bran cereal, as much iron as 5 cups of raw spinach, as much vegetable protein as 1 1/2 cups of kidney beans, as much potassium as 1 1/2 bananas, and as much vitamin C as seven oranges!  Read More >>>


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice.







The Fluoride Fraud

By Abby Martin

(Media Roots) When was the last time you stopped to think about the one thing you can’t live without? I don’t mean the Internet – I’m talking about water. Without clean drinking water, life could not go on. This is why it’s so important that we know what is in our water. For the past sixty-five years, city governments nationwide have been adding a controversial substance called fluoride to municipal water supplies.


You probably recognize the word fluoride from the back of your toothpaste tube or from your visits to the dentist. But the fluoride added to our water is not the same as that in our toothpaste. The chemical added to our water is a fluorine compound called hexafluorosilicic acid that is generated as a by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.   Read More >>>








Last Wild Buffalo Herd Faces Slaughter

The estimated 4,000 bison in Yellowstone National Park are America's last true, wild herd. Yet these iconic animals face harassment and slaughter when they leave the park in search of food. Each winter, members of Yellowstone bison herd stray from the park in search of food. And each year, these animals are hazed back into the park (where food is scarce in the winter) or slaughtered...all out of an exaggerated fear that they'll transmit disease to the area's livestock.  Over 900 bison were slaughtered in 2005, and over 1600 in 2008! Whenever the Yellowstone bison herd gets larger than 3000, state and federal agencies kill them back in a twisted form of population control.

~Submitted by Awi Anida Waya, Manataka Correspondent



Judge Moves Polar Bear Toward True Protections

In an important step for saving one of the Arctic's most iconic and imperiled mammals, a federal judge this morning ordered the feds to rethink their decision not to grant polar bears the most extensive protection possible under the Endangered Species Act. In response to a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, the court said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hasn't justified its decision to classify the bears as merely "threatened," rather than the more protective "endangered." The agency is now forced to explain exactly why the polar bear isn't "endangered" -- which, if real science is used, will be hard to do.  The Center has been working to save the polar bear since 2005, when we first petitioned to protect it under the Endangered Species Act. After years of our litigation with two allies, in 2008 the species was listed as threatened. But denying the bear the more appropriate "endangered" designation allowed the Service to issue a special rule exempting greenhouse gases from regulation under the Act. That meant polar bears would receive no protection at all from the very worst threat driving them toward extinction: global warming. An "endangered" finding will compel true and meaningful protection for this magnificent white bear.  Learn more about our groundbreaking campaign to save the polar bear.


The United Nations and the Rights of Nature

The Alaska Inter-Tribal Council has issued a call to action. Sign a letter which presses for recognition of the rights of nature.  After this summer's amazing victory when, against all odds, the United Nations recognized the human right to water and sanitation, we have another opportunity to make history together.  This is because there is a resolution being considered right now at the United Nations to have the rights of nature debated by governments on Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2011. The document is at the informal consultation stage so it is not public, but this is the time to apply pressure.  Such a debate will enable countries to publicly declare their position with reference to the rights of nature and allow us to stand with supportive governments and move forward on the campaign for the rights of nature. These rights are embodied in the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth, adopted when 32,000 people from around the world took up the call of President Morales and converged in Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 22, 2010, for the 'World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth’.  The Alaska Inter-Tribal Council will make sure that all 192 United Nations member states get the letter and are aware that you support this debate on the rights of nature.  Please take a moment and sign this letter right away!






Happy Holidays from Manataka







Glen Cove Sacred Site Under Attack

Vallejo Cops called to harass native advocates


VALLEJO, CA.- On Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010- The Greater Vallejo Recreation District, the park
and recreation division of the City of Vallejo, CA attempted to bring a fleet of large drilling trucks to take core samples from the 4,000 year old Shell Mound where thousands of indigenous people are buried.

A handful of native advocates were able to stop the drilling for the time at the sacred site, then  authorities called the Vallejo Police Department to have them arrested.

However the police backed off and backed down! There were no arrests! The drilling did not happen!

There is a call to native community to support efforts to stop the eco-rape of the Shell Mound sacred site. For more information:  707/ 557-2140  505/ 603-2908





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