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Importance of the Indian Americans:


by Andrea Gracie


Ages ago, America was dominated by Red Indians. These were the original inhabitants of this continent. Native Americans have plenty of different tribes, groups, etc., that are classified based on ethnicity. Many of these tribes are still existent and function as political groups. Europeans invaded the so-called "New World" about 500 years ago, and this started a huge and long power struggle between American Indians and the new people. Native Americans mainly thrived on hunting and agriculture and had huge differences with Europeans in terms of lifestyle, culture, etc. They were considered to be uncivilized and not fit for the society -- but as this website demonstrates, this was untrue propaganda from foreign governments and organized religions.


There was a lot of violent struggle between the two ethnicities as, civilization and modern life, supported by technology, started to take over the soil of America. New cities were constructed and old tribal lands were snatched away. The Natives did not want to give up what was rightfully theirs and, fought really hard to preserve their independence. When the colonies revolted against the British Government, efforts were initiated to make the natives educated and fit for the society. These efforts were started by George Washington and, trying to assimilate the two communities has been an integral part of the governing policy ever since.


In most cases, attempts to civilize and educate the Indians were met with a lot of resistance; as, they felt that they would be corrupted by education. But, the government consistently kept trying to assimilate Indians into the civilization. They even applied force for this purpose. As more and more people started moving to America, the need for land increased. More and more tribes were uprooted and pushed away. In the year 1830, an act called the Indian removal act was passed by the US Congress. This was done to make more space for the ongoing Euro American expansions and to relocate the Indians. Indian tribes that survived the struggle have been living throughout America and many of them have even received recognition and acknowledgement from the government.  


The European Americans have faced the western tribes. With the expansion of the United States towards the American west, miner and settler migrants had to come to increase the conflict with the tribes of the great plain. It was a culture that was based on the nomadic history, which was very complex. People of this culture used to ride horse and liked to travel seasonally to hunt bison.


Today, we can find a strong relationship between the Native Americans and the United States. They might be the member of the tribes, nations or bands, but, they are independent from the government of America. Their cultures and society is almost same in the entire population. It is almost same in Asian, African, Middle Eastern and the European people. There were some Native Americans who did not get the citizenship at first but, they have got it in the year of 1924. They got it by the Congress of United States.



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