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Crane and Hummingbird Race

Alabama Legend


Crane and Humming Bird were wagering things against each other.  Humming Bird said.  "I can beat you in a race."

But Crane answered,  "You can not beat me"


So he said,  "Let us meet on a certain sandy beach."


"All right,"  the other answered.

They jumped up at the same moment and Humming Bird flew out of sight.  Crane flew along slowly behind him.  He went all night and all day without stopping and stood upon a white sandy beach.  Afterwards Humming Bird came flying to the spot.

"I have beaten you,"  said Crane.  Crane sang,  "He wants to beat him.  Hayoya'  hiya hayuya'  hi'ya  hikamo'ca  hikamo'lapi'tcai'i  wa  wa."


The last words are said to be in the Muskogee language, but I can not identify them.]


-From Blue Panther Keeper of Stories




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