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Reprinted by Request -

Let the Oil Fall



Creator of all there is,
Mother Mary,
Grandfather and Grandmother,
St. Michael,
St. Germaine,
Kwan Yin,
Golden Ones,
All the spirits who walk with us,
beloved angels and fairies,
we pray to you,
On behalf of the fish in the sea,
the birds on wing,
the animals crawling upon the land,
the people who make their living from the sea,
the beauty which is now threatened with suffocation,
Let the oil which sit upon the water become heavy,
So heavy,
Too heavy to be supported by the water,
Let it fall,
Let it fall under it's own weight,
Let it fall through the depths of the ocean,
Let it fall to the ocean floor,
Never touching a living thing as it tumbles down,
Down, Down,
down to the ocean floor,
where it will reabsorb
And once again,
Become part of the ocean floor,
Returning to where it first came.
We pray for this miracle to protect us all,
We most humbly and gratefully,
Acknowledge these gifts
Which are trying to be removed from us,
We humbly ask for Your protection
Now and Always.


~Author Unknown


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