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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess







Beautiful People of the World - Children of Gaia,


We are back into the land where the waters comes out from the womb, our hearts are blooming after an incredible journey of many worlds, after touch the hearts of the many, in the remembering of the ways of the ancestors.


 It has been an incredible journey, the 13 hours of the heart beat of the mother in the garden of the Gods, was so beautiful, human beings are so ready to embrace unity, human beings are so ready to give birth to the new world inside of the self as well as outside of the self. !3 hours was the ceremony, 13 true human beings were in our group to awake the people, and hundreds of people were touch by the heart of the mother.


People from all over the world, all joining hands, loving each other, crying and laughing, big smiles,  so many sitting in the circle of the drum, at the place where everything is one, at the garden of the gods, perpetuating the song of the mother, so many holding hands, in a very big circle, dancing together, beautiful children from all over the world, with big smiles, so happy, humanity was blooming in celebrating the true human being. 


The song of the mother went all over the world, a song of unity, a song of the new world, a song of the heart in  perfect alignment with the great mother, the heart beat that was an awakening for all over the world, my heart bloom to see this incredible ceremony with so many people….  I am so thankful for each one of you for your alignment with the great Mother, for perpetuating the song, for taking the song to all over the world, in your own language, in your own ways…


They were so many thank yous from the people from all over the world, but, at the end, this beautiful little girl, approach to me, with big eyes, so clear eyes, maybe about 6 or 7 years old, and told me, thank you! for changing the world, I told her, this is for you mijita, she said…. I know… !  and yes, in that day, the world was change, when hundreds of people, listen, and listen strong, the 13 hours of the heart beat of the mother, the song of awakening….


…Then our journey continued, with big heart and all happy, into the crystal world of the black hills, where the ancestors show the ways of the many worlds, and take the heart into Aztlan! The pyramids, where all this teachings were spoken in many tribes, yes, there are pyramids in the north of the Americas, Mexica pyramids, Aztec pyramids, many of them, I have no idea why so many people do not know that.


I was such in a hurry to get there, to go on top of the pyramid… they were like calling me and I could not wait, when we get there the first day, there were a big circle rainbow in the sky, and the golden light in the middle, shining on us, as we go up to the pyramid, hundreds of butterflies, surrender us, welcoming us, with the golden mist, to get there to the pyramid, was the whispering of the ancestors…


 The 31 of July, the  day of Ce acatl Quetzalcoatl, in our calendar, was a powerful day, for many elders from many tribes, were there, my beautiful Mama Feather was there too, all together, in 2 ceremonies, one, by the water pyramid, now called rock lake pyramid, where it was hidden the teachings for such a long time, now awaken inside of the self as well as outside, the perfect drum that my brothers from the Ojibwa made, created and recreated, the remembering of all the ways of being the true human being, I just love so much y brothers!, and my beautiful sisters, Sharon I am so thankful for this ceremony, thank you!  The water people that hold the ancient teachings came out from the pyramid water, and show the ways, beauty was everywhere, for the worlds, were in perfect alignment, the worlds inside of the worlds inside of the worlds, many realms were uncover as the heart beat took place….  The perfect eloquence of the heart was there….


 …And continued our ceremony, to the top of the pyramids my brothers took the drum, in Aztlan, and from there… to the heart of the people… to all over the world….


 A magical day, powerful day, in the inside as well as the outside, for also was my birthday of 52….


Soon my website will be updated with all the pictures…  and let me know if you want to know the teachings of the water, send me an email… for those teachings needs to be spoken…


I love you sooo much!


Thank you for being you!


In lakesh





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