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Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle

Arteriosclerosis or Atherosclerosis


Arteriosclerosis is a term applied to a pathological condition in which there is thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the wall of the blood vessels, especially the arteries. In other words hardening of the arteries. It usually affects persons of an older age but can also affect the young.  Atherosclerosis takes place when arteries are blocked and the blood cannot pass through freely.  Long before a stroke or heart attack, the buildup in the arteries is there.  It builds up over the years and arteriosclerosis is no longer a disease specific to senior citizens.  Young men in their 30’s or even younger show signs of trouble. 


Recently researchers found clogged arteries in infants.  Even women, who were thought to have immunity to arteriosclerosis, suffer more and more from this disease in their quest for life changes or trying to take on more stress and responsibilities of the household.


What causes this killing disease?

This is what the experts say:


Too much fat intake. 

Too many chemicals in food, water and air.  

Too many metals in food, water and air.

Too much sodium fluoride buildup.

Too much sugar (more than 6 tsp. at one time causes blood to coagulate, making tiny blood clots).  

Too much environmental stress,    

Too little exercise

Too much smoking,  birth control pills, 

Too much noise pollution is a definite cause of arterial changes (Noise where you work, loud screaming, loud radios and stereo in vehicles).


How to test your own arterial health.

This information is taken from old books of knowledge that has been passed down to this generation. Our ancestors did not always have physicians or health care providers to assure them of their health; they had to use the old remedies passed on from others.


Foot Test:  Walk barefoot for 2 minutes outside in the grass, if possible.  Then lie on your back and stretch your legs upwards.  Ask someone to look at the soles of your feet.  If they show white spots, it could indicate that your leg arteries are narrowed down and not enough blood can reach your feet.


Fist Test: 

1)       Lift both hands above your head

2)      Make fists with firm pressure.

3)      Open and close fists 10 times.

4)      Ask someone to h old your wrists firmly.

5)      Open and close again 10 times.

6)      You helper should release the grip on your wrists quickly. 

        In 4 seconds your hands should be really red.  If not, you may have arterial trouble in your upper torso.


Eye Test:

Look in a mirror.  Around the colored part of the eye you may will find a white ring.


Ear Test:

Look at your ear lobes.  A crease in the left ear lobe or a star of wrinkles could show arterial trouble around the heart.


 Where is supposed blockage:

You may be able to locate the blockage.

Pain around hips and the muscle you sit on becoming lame easily may indicate plaque buildup on the aorta.

Pain in thigh may indicate sclerotic buildup in midsection.

Pain in calves may indicate arterial trouble in arteries leading to legs.

Pain in feet and toes may indicate a plaque buildup of arteries supplying blood to the feet.


Here is an old Seneca Cleansing Diet:

First Day:  Eat only fruits and all you want.  Try apples, berries, watermelon, pears, peaches, cherries, whole citrus fruits and so forth, but no bananas.


Second Day:  Drink all the herbal teas you want, such as raspberry, hyssop, chamomile or peppermint.  You may sweeten the tea slightly with honey or maple sugar.


Third Day:  Eat all the vegetables you want.  Have them raw, steamed or both.


Fourth Day:  Make a big pot of vegetable broth by boiling cauliflower, cabbage, onion, green pepper, parsley or whatever you have available.  Season with sea salt or vegetable broth cubes.  Drink only this rich mineral broth all day long.


This diet has the following effect:  The first day the colon is cleansed (your wastebasket).  The second day you release toxins, salt and excessive calcium deposits in the muscles, tissues and organs.  The third day the digestive tract is supplied with healthful, mineral rich bulk.  On the fourth day the blood, lymph and inner organs are mineralized.  Now doesn’t that make a lot of sense from our ancestors?


Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and juices can extend your life span for many years.  Our ancestors were hunter and gatherers.  They ate in season and depended on Mother Earth.  Today we depend on Mother Earth; but some of us have substituted other ways of correcting our health.  We need to take a long look at our physical bodies and then ask ourselves if we could change.  You are the one to ask this question and I now leave it for you to decide.


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, cure or is in any way suggestive as far as medicinal advice.


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