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Telling of the Old Stories


Their are many reasons the old ones told the stories and legends around a fire.


The fire provided light and warmth, not only for the body, but for the mind, body, spirit and soul.  It was light to penetrate the physical darkness of the world and the darkness of the inner-being.


It was light to lift the heaviness and struggles of daily life long enough to allow the words to enter the individual at a depth of reason. 


It was warmth to relax the body and the mind to allow a comfort zone, that  homey secure feeling that allowed the words to penetrate with added depth.  We all learn more, gain more insight and understanding of the subtle meanings of the ancient stories when we are secure and comfortable.


The circle allows the energy to flow around us with ease.  The hub of the fire is in the center, just as the fire is the center of the Earth Mother's core and radiates all around the earth. It is a circle with no beginning and no end.


The stories and legends have no beginning and no end.  They are for all time and for all ages.  They change only as they foster and trigger change in the individuals who truly hear them.  They take on another level of meaning as the individual grows in depth and understanding and this aspect never stops.  Ten years after hearing the story or legend, it will have many more layers of understanding to the individual. The story was taken to heart, grew because of that

understanding, and continues to grow. 



Gram Selma 

Copyright 2010



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