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August 5, 2010




Manataka Needs Prayer Ties


Manataka ambassadors and friends travel to many places around the continent and around the globe and meet with elders and spiritual leaders of many nations.  The gift of tobacco is a sign of reverence and respect and is a long held tradition of many peoples.  Often, prayer ties are strung together and taken to sacred sites and or places that require healing (such the Gulf of Mexico). 


We need thousands of prayer ties.  You can help by making as many prayer ties as you can and send them to us for distribution to people and places that need your prayers.


Ties is a ceremony within itself and should be done with much reverence and respect. The Process I have found is different with many elders or teachers. Instructions as to colors, when to smudge, honoring of the directions and other things might change. Therefore, I give only the mechanics. Instructions How to Ma oknlye Prayer Ties (The mechanics) By Zoe Bryant


Get your materials together and ready to sit and pray. 

Items needed.

• Small squares of fabric( about 2” to 4" square)

• String (kite strings works best; you don’t want it to break!)

• natural tobacco (Native Spirit & Bugler both work well)

• Sage ( to smudge yourself and all your supplies)


Preparing your fabric squares for the Prayer ties:

The easiest way to get multiple pieces of fabric is to notch your material about 2” apart and tear long strips the length of the fabric. Fold them in half, fold again and continue folding until your folded strip is only 2’’ wide. Cut all the folds with scissors. Putting your tobacco prayer into the tie: Place a small pinch of tobacco in the center of a square of fabric. Fold the fabric over … Fold it a second time and then a third time. Now pinch the bundle together making what looks like a little ghost.   Tie the small bundle together at the top with string, dental floss, sinew or raw hide.


The Manataka Women's Council has contributed thousands of prayer ties over the years and they pray the entire time materials are being gathered and while making them.  A dozen prayers may go into each tie.


Send to: -- as soon as possible

Manataka Prayer Ties

PO Box 476, Hot Springs National Park, AR  71902



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