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Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle

Infections and Herbs


Lets talk about infections today. I have walked a path in life and have looked and watched 70 some years through these eyes. I have encountered many, many diseases and sick people, friends, and I would say no enemies in my heart. I have been asked numerous times about infections. Most people will approach me and say “I have this infection and what kind of herb can I take to get rid of it”?  It is hard to categorize them or put them all together in a list.  One I will try to touch on today will be strep infection.


Did you know that half of all antibiotics used in the United States are fed to farm animals, and researchers say this has led to the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and are hazardous to human consumption. We eat meat, more meat, meat in cans, meat from the butcher, meat from our farmer friends, and some wild meat we catch or kill. We recognize that we all need protein but not protein that is flavored with drugs. 


There was a 2 ½ year study directed by Dr. Thomas O’Brien and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  The study is the first evidence that bacteria is attacking humans after evolving genes inside farm animal and creatures make them immune to antibiotics. These drug resistance genes are passed from one kind of bacteria to another, and the doctors warn that they may make other disease causing germs hard to kill with current available drugs. They believe that humans acquire these genes by eating animal products, such as beef or milk. You know that farmers routinely feed antibiotics to cows, hogs, and other animals to prevent disease and promote growth.  All of these are passed on to the consumers, animals and humans.  All of this causes infections and diseases daily.


Strep Infections

We have penicillin, tetracycline and other antibiotics.  We have turned our back on natural health; we have lost our art of dispersing proper herbs and therefore the more antibiotics we take the more resistant the diseases and infections become to the allopathic medicines.  When penicillin is needed, follow the instructions of the physician but try to take care of the side effects of the infection or disease. Penicillin kills all bacteria , friendly and unfriendly but you have to take care of the void that is left. After you have taken the last pill of the prescribed medicine start with acidophilus.  Go to the health food store and buy 7 bottles of liquid acidophilus and take  ½ bottle every day for 14 days.  The taste of it might not be pleasant; if so then you can buy it in capsule form.  Take 3 capsules before each meal, also for 14 day.  Bacteria cannot enter a living cell.  It will surround the cell then it will create a waste material which it will feed upon and survive.  Bacterial infections can produce heart failure, therefore consult your health care provider or physician when in doubt.


Here are some old ways of telling if you have a strep infection or a viral infection.  Just remember that a lot of the medicinal power comes from believing in Mother Earth’s herbs and believing in our ancestral ways.


If your right shinbone is hotter than your left, it is very likely that your sore throat comes from strep infection.  Touch your cheekbone from nose to ears.  If it is sore, then it is more likely that your infection is strep infection.


Here are some  time proven natural remedies for those that are allergic to penicillin.


Take 1,000mg of vitamin C every hour for 10 hours when bacterial infection strikes.                                                                            


Crush the pit of an avocado.  Boil in 1 pint of water and take several tablespoons  every hour (very effective against strep infections).


Infection in lungs:  Boil onions, mash and place between two layers of cloth.  Apply to chest for about 2 hours.  Repeat if necessary.


Strep Infection:  Grate cucumber and squeeze the juice out.  Drink 5 oz 5 times daily.  Take an herbal combination of black radish root and parsley leaves.  This sent by the Creator and is very effective in case someone cannot take penicillin.


Make a tea from linden and elderberry.


Garlic is very effective against strep.  Mother Nature provides strep killing herbs.  The number one for most herbalists is garlic.  The use of garlic can be traced back as far as Babylonian times.  The Chinese used garlic as did the Egyptians and the Romans.  Garlic has the antibacterial substance allicin.  It is so powerful that it is used in the battle against positive and negative bacteria with very good results.  If you physician permits you to use garlic then use it with sage tea. 1 heaping tablespoon or sage to 1 quart of boiling water.  Steep it for 5 minutes after boiling the water.  Add  1 tablespoon garlic juice to the quart of sage tea.  Gargle with it every 2 hours and drink 4 to 6 ounces several time daily.  You will be surprised of the results from garlic and sage.  I use garlic daily with my food and also drink sage tea.


There are so many ways that the Creator has given us to walk.  He wants us to walk it in health, peacefully, and harmoniously.  When the new way expires then we can always turn to our ancestral ways of living. Living and learning of Mother’s plants and healthy ways. May I be able to pass you in life and be able to call you my brother or sister.


Walks With Hawks/Harvey Doyle




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