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"Walk the Good Red Road!" 


For those of us in the NA Community at large, just how many times do you hear someone say "Walk the Good Red Read"? 

Whether it be someone stating that they do it, or someone telling someone else that they should do it.


Quite often it is uttered by someone who IS relatively new to the NA way of life and belief  expounding that they are doing it or fussing because someone else is not ( in their limited opinion).  Personally, I cringe when I even hear the expression anymore.


How do people who know only a small fraction of the the NA  customs.  beliefs. practices. teachings. values. ethics. and spiritual symbolism and implications  even attempt to walk  a "Good Red Road " ?


The truth is that none of us, whether full blood, breed, a fraction, a non blood believer, or raised on a reserve or raised in NYC, know all of the traditions, all of the symbolism, all of the ceremonies, all of the beliefs, values, ethics, or teachings.


So how is anyone to walk a "Good Red Road "?


Each soul on this earth mother is here for a purpose.

Each soul on this earth walk is here for a Divine reason.

Each soul on this planet was placed here by design.

Each soul in this realm  is unique.

All souls  have spiritual quality and where instilled with personal truths.


As those souls wander this realm within the human body that they were placed in for this journey they ( hopefully) mature......and over time ...add to those innate Divine truths within their own being.  They learn, experience, observe, and acquire added knowledge, insight, understanding. and depth of character.


At some point in the souls evolutionary development within that human form they learn to accept and know their own true essence. They learn to understand their own personal values. truths and hopefully their purpose in this realm. 


You could say, "they awaken"......they see and feel their own essence and truths."


When a person reaches a point of understanding and or accepting these truths, they hopefully begin acquiring the courage and technique for releasing these truths to others by example.  The learn to live those inner truths and put them into action.  That is when they start walking a Good Red Road.


The Red Road is not the same for everyone.  Actually it should not be the same footprints for any two souls at one time.  The only one that can walk the same Red Road that you yourself walk is Creator and when that happens, you are walking the Good Red Road!



Enjoy the journey.  Value the struggles as they are your lessons and guides.  Appreciate the non-understanding of others because that means your message is unique and will challenge them to find and strive for their own personal truth.  Know that you are quite often totally correct when the majority thinks you are totally wrong.  Know that your heart knows the proper steps and footprints for your soul to walk on YOUR Red Road.


Until we meet again, may you enjoy that journey knowing that you are the only one that can walk it.


Hugs - Gram Selma


Copyright by Selma Palmer 2010