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Honoring The Visions



By Magdala Del Consuelo Mayan Priestess


Let's Make A Life!



Beautiful People of the World - Children of Gaia,


The time has come to be unite as true human beings, and embrace the new way of relationship with your own nature, this relationship needs to change in perfect alignment with the Planet Earth. For the true human beings knows that there is only one nature and the one is inside of the self as a divine beings children of the Great Mother.


The true human beings knows that is not about preserve  the old way of living” but to embrace LIFE by herself.  


The Mother is balance, she is the force of life inside of all life forms, and she has been receiving so many attacks,  and  she is  trying to go to balance, so she can make the shift with all life forms inside of her, she is healing herself, in every prayer, in every life force in perfect alignment.


Now is the time for human beings to wake up, and realize the biggest disaster in the planet earth caused by humans, now the original human beings stand again pray together in that alignment with her, and give back the energy of healing for her, from the core of all life forms to the core of the Mother. As it has been from the core of the mother to the core of all life  forms.  


In the journey of listening to the great mother, and the alignment with her, human beings are able to honor and respect all the elements as their own nature, for the recognition inside as well as the outside is creating the path of being human, , the recognition of the planet earth as a hostess, as a mother, that gives birth to so many life forms.  Human beings are guest in this planet, and having incredible experiences for the embracing of enlightenment. And mother earth holds, sustain, maintain, nurture, enlighten, create, recreate, for human beings are able to embrace her in the journey to enlightenment.  There is no time for the selfish arrogance and spoil brad human beings.  


This is the time when the true human beings take responsibility for the massacre of the ocean, for in each car that works with gasoline, responsibility is there, the massacre of the amazons, la Selva Lacandona, Ecuador, Mexico, as well as many other communities, being devastated, in the name of progress” needs to stop. And human beings needs to come together, to bring into being a safety natural “way of living” The oil companies, have been doing the massacre of the ecosystem for a very long time, and there will be there until human beings wake up and stop supporting them.


Mama is calling and human beings are listening. She is dancing and we dance with her… and this is the time where human beings learn new dance…


As a true human being, let’s make LIFE our way of living….


I am receiving so many emails of people around the world making the prayers, join your community, or pray wherever you are, so the alignment will help her for she recognize human being  in her, now is the time where human beings recognize her in them.


In lakesh



Open registration for the new trimester in the School of Enlightenment, there are new lessons, showing the new way to relate within and without.