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Sacred Space

by Maka Nupa L Cota



By Sister Othela

Within each one of us we hold our own sacred space. The way of the people tell us there are seven directions to pray. There are the four directions of the Medicine Wheel then there is the above or Father Sky and then Mother Earth. When we pray we send out these payers to the directions all around us. The seventh direction is within our own Sacred Space the very center of our physical and spiritual being here on this Earth.

It is from this place we live and we pray and hold our own council for the peace to return.

From the time we are born we know our Sacred Space it is what we all carry within and can be the place that will teach us all to survive.

In order to enter this space we must remain still and silent and listen to our own heart and our own minds.

Once you have found the silent stillness then you can enter into this space.

The place of knowing of all things is here and it will tell you how to survive if you reach it. The Wisdom Keepers are here and the Vision Keepers live in this space. This is the vibration core of our being and is connected to the Sacred Tree Of Life where all things are kept safe and pure.

From this invisible connection we are fed the things we need to know for our survival. You are never alone you always surrounded by this spirit.

The trees and plants are part of this spirit. Mother Earth holds the same wisdom as does all living and being things that live on her.
From all these living things we draw on for our life and for our wisdom.

The wheels spin within the wheels holding all things sacred and safe within their hoops. Nothing is ever rally lost just kept safe for a while until we enter the sacred hoop of life to seek the wisdom.

The other who came later to this land lost their way and also lost their connection to this sacred tree. In time they too will seek out the old ways and come to learn a better way to be keepers of the Earth Mother.


Blessings, Maka Nupa L Cota