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Honoring The Visions



Standing Bear's Vision on the Mountain

By Takatoka and friends


March 1, 2010


A waking, walking vision was given to Grandfather Bear beginning on the night of the winter solstice (December 21, 2009: 17:47 and continued until the solar eclipse and the new moon appeared on January 15, 2010.  On January 5, under the weight heart problems, conflicts in the environment and this dream, he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized until January 11.  On February 25, doctors inserted a defibullator/pacemaker in his chest.


"...In our vision, we saw no disasters and political or economic upheaval, even though there certainly will be those things in 2010 and beyond.  We saw no illnesses or war, though humankind will suffer tremendous loses from these destructive forces in the coming year and beyond.  We saw no cataclysmic cosmic changes but increased sun flares and increased radiation and energy will bombard of the earth.  We saw no darkness or evil, but those things will continue to invade our space and time..." 


Bear continually deals with negative forces and upheaval in the lives of those who are in contact with Manataka -- the Place of Peace, the place of healing. He deals with his own physical afflictions brought about by age and old war wounds.  Regardless of the constant dark whirlwind spinning around the Place of Peace that attempts to destroy to the light and serenity of Manataka, he maintains a steady hand and a big smile for most people.  However, there are times when Bear stands up and lifts his paws ready to strike when his people or Manataka are threatened.  You don't know what a bear might do when faced with danger.


"It is a balancing act," he says, "And it is a fun game if we keep strong faith and do our work in a good way."


(Lee Standing Bear writes and speaks using first-person plural expressions such as we, us, our, etc., when referring to himself.  He seldom uses first-person singular words such as I, me, mine, etc. He says the reason for this ungrammatical usage is a constant reminder that he is not alone, God is with him; to always consider others; and not allow ego expressions of I, me, and mine to enter conversations.)


Prophecies, revelations and visions of the future are sometimes hard to interpret, difficult to place in context of the present and when a prediction may take place.  With his permission, here is an excerpt of my interview with Grandfather Bear:


Takatoka:  Please tell us about your dreams and visions of the future.


Lee Standing Bear:  "Our vision was liquid, flowing, and filled with changing colors of light.  We stood on the sacred mountain and listened to the wind songs blow through the trees and around rock faces.  Swirling colors of the rainbow appeared and disappeared like swirling smoke and the earth moved, swaying at first, then slowly spinning in a counter-sun-wise circle.  The giant grandfather bear of ancient times, the Great Cave Bear, appeared and began to dance around an oak tree.  He danced around the tree four times and then lifted his left paw and heavily drug it downward across the bark four times, scratching out deep markings in river-like patterns.  The bear then stood with his paw resting on the tree as he bowed his head and muttered in a deep rumble mixed with a low whimper as if he were praying.  After a time, the bear's thick coat began to change colors. It changed from black to dark brown, then to cinnamon red, and finally the color of his fur faded away to become white. 


The Spirit Bear suddenly spun around and faced us and his red-black eyes stared intently into our own eyes.  His eyes sent a prolonged message in his language.  The words were unclear, and the long stare into our eyes became stronger, louder and words of the message came faster and faster.  Over and over the Bear repeated the confusing message with his mind splitting gaze.  Then pictures began to flash in our mind and we realized the bear's eye-words were being interpreted into images that were hazy, undefined and without form.  The confusion and power of the Spirit Bear's eye-words overwhelmed us and we suddenly collapsed to the ground and cried out, "Help Creator!"  


Takatoka:  Then what happened?


Lee Standing Bear: We laid there for a long time in a deep sleep.  We were awakened by screeching and a loud thump of something landing on the ground nearby. Our body was covered with thick dew and moss had begun to form on our legs and arms.  Leaves and dirt had blow over us like a soft blanket and the world around us seemed to have changed somehow.  The Spirit Bear was gone but the paw markings on the oak tree were still there, but faded and covered with moss.  Three eagles and four hawks flew overhead.  Each in its turn, the four hawks of different colors swooped down with talons bared and screeching.  Two landed in the field and two landed in the oak tree as the eagles continued to circle above.  The hawks in the tree spoke in unison.

"We come to give Bear a message, so you must listen and know it is blessed.  The days of yesterday are gone.  You have crossed to the other side of time and now you will understand the wonder and mystery of life in the beyond.   The universe has changed and what was is no longer.  What will be is what was in the beginning.  Life has not started over, it has moved upward in the spiral of time.  Your being remembers all that was and what will be shall unfold with great alacrity.  The Spirit Bear imprinted the path and the depth and breadth of your journey, but you must remain here to become prepared to accept the message of tomorrow."

The hawks flew down from the tree and landed near the others in the field.  Looking down, we saw a ball-like object on the ground near where we laid.  It must have fallen from the sky and made the loud thump that awakened us. It was transparent and as we picked it up it felt semi-solid and warm to the touch like a living being. 


"Who are you?," we asked. 


The orb made no sound or movement, but two blue star-like lights appeared in the center began to slowly throb like a heart beat.


"Are you alive?," we asked and the blue lights flashed faster. 


"What are you friend?" 


The blue light shot beams in a hundred directions within the orb creating a prism that pulsed like a beating heart.  It startled us and the orb dropped to the ground landing in thick moss. The crystal-looking sphere laid there without a sound or movement and the light inside had disappeared.  Kneeling down, we lightly poked its outer surface and it was soft and the blue lights reappeared.  A low whirling musical sound came from the orb.  The sound increased in volume and the sounds became words and the orb spoke:

"During your sleep, you and other creatures were spared the changes in the Earth.  Humans as you knew them are no longer the same. The people now live differently and their blood is different.  Soon, the red sky will appear and greater changes will cause cataclysmic devastation mans creations.  Many will walk with iron legs and their eyes will lifeless and colorless.  As the Red Sun approaches, a vast number of the human population will be reduced to ashes and smoke.


Those humans who follow a simple life, without greed or avarice and know the original sacred instructions of the ancients will survive to rebuild.  Humans will remember the old ways and will not need words to speak with the creatures and other things of nature.  Hawks will speak to humans and humans will speak with creation.  Humans will use water drops to travel great distances in an instant and water will be used to communicate with all things in an instant. 


Beasts of ancient times will be reborn and those of other worlds and times will roam the earth.  Humans will not build large cities or monuments to themselves.  All things that were in the ancient times will be again. The sacred original instructions will be again."


The orb became cold and the light faded.  At first, it appeared the moss was growing over the orb, but instead the orb slowly sank into the deep moss and disappeared into the earth.  Somehow, we knew the orb was not gone forever.  The voice, warmth, colors and feel of the orb was strangely familiar.  It seemed like the orb was either an old friend or teacher from the past, an maybe an ancient grandfather.  We knew in the orb was a part of our heart.  


Still sitting on the green carpet, we looked around and began to notice changes in the earth.  Long strings of purple-colored ivy covered the trees and surrounding bushes; Strange looking huge multi-colored flowers bloomed everywhere.  The most striking sight was the clouds above that were all lined with a blue tinge and the color of the sky was no longer blue, but orange and pink.  The day was not day, but a twilight between nightfall and a hazy daylight.  The forest was alive with dozens of unfamiliar sounds.  The place was peculiarly familiar, yet we have no memory of the sounds, plants, and sky of the beautiful, yet eerie place. 


All the changes in the earth and heavens were mind-boggling, the messages of the Hawks and the strange orb left us confused and exhausted.  We laid back on the deep moss and fell asleep.  Our sleep was punctuated with many strange faces and sounds that we do not remember or understand fully. When we awoke, Bear was still standing on the same spot on top of the sacred Manataka mountain.



March 5, 2010


Takatoka:  Grandfather Bear's vision was repeated many times over the next three weeks.  The dreams and visions were never exactly the same, but contained many of the same elements.  The messages were not given all at one time, but sprinkled a little bit into each dream as the entire message unfolded.  "What was the most graphic thing you saw Grandfather?"


Lee Standing Bear:  "We saw the water turning black and the wind was yellow.  The swamps where the Chatau and Chien people live were bubbling black and the people could not eat.  This made us frightened, so we called on the Great Mystery, the power of God, to save the land, the fish and all manner of life.  A great flash and a loud rumble in the sky wiped the scene from our eyes and we laid down to rest.


Takatoka:  What does this mean?


Lee Standing Bear:  We do not know.  Many dreams have no meaning and others are important.  It is difficult to say what may be happening in this dimension or in another, real or imagined.  It is vital that we seek guidance of the Creator and view the world in a positive way.  Many natural events and man-made calamities in the future will frighten us all, but we must know the ways of survival and do the best we can in a right good way.


Takatoka:  Is there anything more you can say about your visions?  Did they all occur while you were on the sacred mountain?


Lee Standing Bear:  No.  They began on the mountain while deep in prayer, but the visions came in many places and times over a long period, maybe for close to a month or so.  After we descended the mountain after Solstice ceremonies, we felt tipsy and cloudy-headed and needed to rest at home.  But the visions gave us no rest.  At times the wife and daughter and other people would speak to us, but we could not hear them.  We had dreams while eating lunch, fixing a door hinge and while in the lodge.  We had visions walking in the woods behind our home.  We began to think our mind had finally broke a wire or something and worried about it.  Each time a vision would come and go, we offered up prayers and was given assurance, love and peace.  Thus, we felt the visions were important and needed more time for reflection.  We think it is probably too soon to say much more.  


Takatoka:  Can you tell us about the dream while you were in the lodge? 


Lee Standing Bear:  Not right now.  It was probably the most important vision of all, but we are much too tired and beg you to wait. 


The meaning of the dream on the mountain will be left for another time when Grandfather Lee Standing Bear is strong enough to interpret the messages.  Spring went gently by and summer sped away as he busied himself with the affairs of Manataka.    


Bear appeared to be less and less inclined with each passing month to share reflections of his visions.  I could not press him for the secrets he held.  He seemed to fall deeper into a waking trance while continuing his duties of tending to the sacred mountain and the many people who came to seek their own revelations on these holy grounds.  He spent longer periods of time walking the dark forest paths and less time with family and friends. 



Seven Visitors to Manataka

Manataka was scheduled to host a powwow in mid-June, but Bear's health and dozens of distractions conspired to cause the event to be rescheduled.  On the same weekend the powwow was to take place in June, Lee Standing Bear received seven visitors, performed a wedding ceremony on the mountain and told the Story of Manataka to a large group.  


The first visitor to arrive that weekend was a doctor from Washington, D.C.  He joined MAIC as a member a few months previously and telephoned after he discovered the powwow had been cancelled.  He asked to come on a pilgrimage.  The doctor works for the National Institute of Health and is also a Navy captain.  Bear consented but informed the pilgrim that he did not have much time to spend.  When Dr. Larry the Pilgrim arrived, Bear invited him to accompany the wedding party to the top of the mountain so they could have some time to talk as they walked the wooded paths on the way to the wedding site.  Two Episcopal ministers from Florida, Reverend Fred Wilcoxson and his wonderful wife, Rev. Jo Ann Wilcoxson, asked to be remarried on the sacred mountain.  Rev. Wilcoxson is also an Elder of Manataka.


About three-quarters of the way through the ceremony, Bear became weak and dizzy and the doctor helped him to lay down on a low rock wall, that Bear calls the "Altar".  As Dr. Larry the Pilgrim propped-up his feet and took Bear's pulse, Rev. Fred picked up a drum and began beating a heart-beat rhythm while the entire group prayed.  Bear's wife, Becky Owl Woman, then continued the ceremony and Dr. Larry the Pilgrim monitored his pulse rate and temperature. While Grandfather Bear was fully awake and lucid he began to experience a vision.


The vision was a repeat of the same dream he had the previous year, except this vision was taking place on a large flat rock across the path from the Altar and there were additional messages.  The flat rock was a miniature stage that the vision was performed on.  The vision took no more than a few minutes while Dr. Larry the Pilgrim held Grandfather Bear's wrist with one hand and alternatively placed his other hand on his heart and forehead.  At the end of the vision, a large lizard scampered on top of the rock and raised its front leg while pumping its body up and down several times revealing an iridescent rainbow belly.  Looking startled at the sight of the large lizard, Dr. Larry the Pilgrim gasped and said in a whisper, "Oh my, is that real?"  The next day, Dr. Larry the Pilgrim said he had seen a vision on the flat rock.  He shared Grandfather Bear's vision because he held his pulse and heart.


After the vision and the short performance by the lizard unseen by other members of the wedding party, they ascended the forest path back to the parking lot and Bear drove Dr. Larry the Pilgrim back to his hotel.  Dr. Larry was an affable character of European descent and spoke freely of his desire to attain American Indian spirituality.  His said the reason he came was because was to meet Bear and feel the spirituality of Manataka.     


Bear and Dr. Larry met again that weekend and continued to talk in coming months.


Apparently recovered but weak from his fainting spell on the mountain, Bear then drove across North Mountain to a valley west of town to the home of a couple who were hosting a weekend spiritual retreat called "The Way Beyond."  Grandfather Bear then delivered a two hour presentation on the Story of Manataka to a group of about twenty-five people -- and two Mayan Spiritual Elders from Guatemala, including Carlos Barrios and his elder, Nazul Miguel Angel Vergara.   After the presentation, Barrios, Vergara and Grandfather Bear exchanged gifts and Vergara told Bear about a dream they had about the sacred Manataka.  


After arriving home for some much needed rest, Grandfather Bear heard a knock at the door and when he opened it, there were two anxious women asking for an audience.  Bear cannot refuse any request delivered with respect, so he ushered them into his "Bear's Den".  The ladies sat down and began telling him they traveled a far distance from Minnesota just to tell him about a vision they both had received.  They did not stay long, but simply and directly gave Bear the substance of their vision and then they left to journey back home.


As the two women were leaving, a white van pulled in and two men in black got out and knocked on Bear's door.  Bear had forgotten that Father Bruno Ruel from St. Mary's Church of Hot Springs called a few days before asking for a meeting.  Father Bruno did not explain the purpose of the meeting and did not mention that he would be accompanied by another priest.   Fr. Bruno introduced Father Stéphan Gamache, a French Canadian priest from the Eucharistic and Marian Center Spiri-Maria Church at Lac-Etchemin, Canada. 


The two priests questioned Grandfather Bear for over two hours, mostly regarding the holy mother of Manataka, IxChel, the Rainbow Woman.  Bear shared the history of Manataka and his beliefs and his hope for peace for all people.  The priests then shared their treasures of faith and asked to take photographs of the large painting of the Rainbow Woman hung above Grandfather Standing Bear's desk.  Bear then heard about a vision received by the Holy Mother Paul-Marie and three of her nuns at the Lac-Etchemin church.  Mother Paul-Marie is 91-years old and is very ill and is the founder of the church.  Mother Paul-Marie has written twenty-five books and established schools and churches in Canada and the United States.  She sent Fr. Stéphan on a mission to speak with Grandfather Bear because of her vision. In gratitude for the visit and the vision that was shared, Bear reached over to his window sill and picked up his most prized crystal that he has used in ceremonies for over thirty-years and gave it to Fr. Stéphan asking him to give it to Mother Paul-Marie. 


Visions Become Reality

Seven visitors shared their visions on that June weekend, but on the surface and at first none of them seemed to be the same vision. Bear makes it his habit to never attempt to interpret the dreams of other people, except when he has consented to serve as a guide for those seeking their vision quest.  He feels that visions and dreams come from the soul and are therefore sacred. He says that if there was even the slightest chance that he might interject his own experiences and feelings when interpreting a dream, then he might do a terrible disservice to the future of the dreamer because he may inadvertently change their destiny by his interpretation.  Dreams and visions are sacred according to Grandfather Bear and should thus be treated with the utmost care and reverence. 


After several weeks of prayer and contemplation, Bear began to realize that all seven visions were the same, except they were told from different viewpoints, originating within people of different cultures, different perspectives.  In reality, they were one vision.  When Grandfather Bear realized this, he was perplexed about the meaning of the vision and withdrew into himself for more solemn reflection.


During this time, Grandfather Bear was called by Fr. Bruno and asked to come to St. Mary's Convent.  Bear was ushered into a very ornate room obviously used only on special occasions.  Fr. Bruno presented Grandfather with a letter written to Fr. Stéphan by Sister France Bergeron on behalf of Mother Paul-Marie.  The letter was translated into English and later authenticated.




For the first time in the history of Manataka, a non-indigenous religious body recognized Manataka as a sacred site.  Moreover, the Holy Mother of Manataka, IxChel, Rainbow Woman was declared to be the Mother of All People (the Virgin Mother Mary).  The importance of this letter has not been formally acknowledged by the Elders of Manataka. 


Authentication of the Letter and the Dreams

After Grandfather Bear returned from his visit with Fr. Bruno, he immediately made copies of the letter and emailed a copy to all the Elders of Manataka.  They were all surprised and two of the elders asked about the authenticity of the letter because the original letter was not signed, it was not typed on church letterhead and the letter was not addressed to Manataka.  Lee Standing Bear then called Fr. Bruno and requested that the letter be authenticated.  During the call, he asked Fr. Bruno to tell him the dream of Mother Paul-Marie again because he wanted to hear the beautiful words again.  Fr. Bruno said, "We told you nothing of a dream during our visit." 


Shocked and wondering what kind of game was being played on him, Bear then called Fr. Stéphan and asked him to repeat the dream of Mother Paul-Marie.  Fr. Stéphan replied that neither priest had mentioned anything about a dream of Mother Paul-Marie.  "This is impossible," Bear said, "I know what I heard!"   Bear was prompted to give his most valuable crystal to Mother Paul-Marie because of the beauty of her dream, so how could he know anything about the dream if the two priests did not tell him about it? 


Shaking inside, Grandfather knew her heard Mother Paul Marie's dream and he was determined to discover why the priests were attempting to deny what he knew to be a fact.  After all, Bear is not crazy and knows what he heard. Grandfather Bear then asked, "Did she or did she not have a dream about Manataka (Hot Springs)?"  Fr. Stéphan said, "Yes she did."  Grandfather Bear then said,

"Fine, okay, then if you and Fr. Bruno did not tell me the dream, then allow me me to tell you the dream!"


With that Grandfather Bear recited the dream he heard in the presence of the the two priests in his home.   In a quiet tone, Fr. Stéphan said, "Yes, that is her dream." 


Spirit was talking that day in June and Grandfather Bear was listening.


The Fire Ceremony

One day in the middle of fall, Bear unexpectedly announced that it was time to conduct a Fire Ceremony for seven days and seven nights. 


No one, except Bear had ever participated in a seven days and seven nights Fire Ceremony and no one knew what the ceremony entailed.  He made all the preparations and enlisted help in digging out the fire pit and setting up over four chords of wood.  He got help gathering sage, sweet grass, copal, cedar, tobacco, corn pollen, sweet leaf and other sacred herbs for the ceremony.  Grandfather Bear made a short list of those who would be invited to participate and prepared the grounds. 


He said the ceremonies were needed to clarify and purify our minds and spirits for the messages that would be received.  Later, during the long nights of ceremony, he gave many reasons why the Fire Ceremony was necessary at this time.  Honoring the Creator of All Things was on top of the list.  Giving ourselves to the fire is important -- to bring something to burn that represents a negative deed or word of the past that will be burned to ash in the fire; to offer prayers for the sake of others (never for ourselves);  Giving thanks for all blessings of God; to be open to receive spiritual messages.   

The Fire Ceremony was a wonderful success.  Many people came and sat for hours watching and listening to the fire.  Bear was illuminated.  His disposition brightened and it became obvious he had received a great deal from the Fire Ceremony. 



Captain Larry the Government Agent

In the fall of 2011, Grandfather Bear was concentrating on the mountain, ceremonies and other duties of Manataka and Dr. Larry the Pilgrim finally revealed himself. 


Back in June, the next day after the seven visions were delivered, Dr. Larry asked for a meeting with Bear.  Bear drove him to the top of the mountain and the two sat at a picnic table in the scorching summer sun.  Something serious had happened.  Dr. Larry the Pilgrim was gone and was replaced with Captain Larry the Government Agent -- he became a different person. 


Captain Larry the Pilgrim told Bear on the mountain that he had come here "without any preconceived notions" about Manataka, but after meeting Grandfather Bear, seeing the vision, he decided to conduct a meeting in Hot Springs about healing.


He informed Grandfather Bear that he was there to perform a "mission" and that he was the commanding officer here and Bear would be his subordinate and obey his orders. He explained the government planned to conduct a "scientific think tank" to be entitled "Project Hot Springs: a Place of Peace and Healing," and Manataka would be a primary sponsor.


Captain Larry the Government Agent, said he was there to begin the process of collecting background qualitative information on the social and cultural factors involved in healing practices of Manataka.  He told Grandfather Bear that he would be in charge of bringing together all the churches and medical staffs in Hot Springs for the weekend long meeting.  Captain Larry said the event would coincide with the anniversary of the 911 tragedy in New York and he would promote it as patriotic event.  Captain Larry the Government Agent had already contacted the local commander of the VFW to enlist patriotic support for the event.  He also attempted to meet with officials of the Hot Springs Visitors and Convention Bureau.




Bear became very concerned about this letter.  He realized Captain Larry the Government Agent had lied to him back in June as they sat on the sacred mountain.  He told Bear that he only devised his plan to perform a 'think tank' after meeting Grandfather Bear, experiencing the vision and being impressed with the spirituality of Manataka.  Bear discerned that Captain Larry was not planning to attend a powwow or come on a pilgrimage for personal reasons, but had in fact, already planned the think tank event long before he ever met Grandfather Bear.  Captain Larry the Government Agent met in private with many people in Hot Springs about the event before he called Grandfather Bear to arrange their first meeting.  In fact, Captain Larry had cleared elements of the event with his superiors in Washington, D.C. long before his first visit to Hot Springs.


What were they planning and why?  Who was involved?  How would their plans be funded?  What was their real mission?


After consulting with all Manataka Elders, Grandfather Bear immediately sent a response to the letter above stating that he never agreed to sponsor the event and would not consider allowing a government study of his spirituality and the healing practices of Manataka.  Bear was afraid that the effort would create a side-show atmosphere and felt that it was a sinister charade. 


Moreover, Bear wrote that Manataka would never hold an event commemorating a day (9-11) filled with so much sadness as it pointed a accusing finger at the Islamic people (after all, Manataka encourages peace among all people). Captain Larry the Government Agent also wanted to paint a patriotic flag on his planned event by using veteran groups.  Lee Standing Bear Moore is a highly decorated veteran respected by local veteran groups. Captain Larry the Government Agent was planning to embarrass Bear before every major group of people in Hot Springs who hold him in high regard.


Grandfather Bear was angry that Captain Larry would plan a large event encompassing the entire city, without providing details of the purpose, methodology, outcomes and ways to measure its effectiveness.  Captain Larry persisted with his plan for several more weeks, as Grandfather Bear continued to object. 


Finally in September, Manataka learned that Captain Larry had previously devised unrevealed plans to bring a small army of U.S. National Park Rangers and other government agents from Washington, D.C. and other location around the country to Manataka in the summer of 2012.   Manataka also learned that since before June, 2011, Captain Larry was in contact with Jose Fernandez, Superintendent of the Hot Springs National Park -- the same Fernandez who has been trying to destroy all American Indian presence in Hot Springs (Manataka).  It is our belief that Captain Larry the Government Agent and Josie Fernandez the Government Superintendent were conspiring to make war on Manataka and destroy this sacred site and the Manataka organization in the fall of 2012. 


In a private email now uncovered by Manataka, *Captain Larry the Government Agent wrote on 9/8/2011 that he was enlisting more people who were interested in the “Hot Springs: A Place of Peace and Healing” Think Tank concept that would be used as  weapon against Manataka by several government agencies.

"...This could be a first step in a larger collaborative effort. I have been in touch with the National Parks Service director of the “Healthy Parks Healthy People” effort... I have also been in touch with the Superintendant of Devils Tower National Monument, also managed by the National Parks Service. This monument in Wyoming is considered to be the birthplace of wisdom (known as Bear’s Lodge by the Lakota). I will be visiting there next month. She is a Lakota and an attorney interested in American Indian law... The third national park I have contacted is Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. I spoke with their director of education. Imagination and fantasy is part of healing also. So, it may come to pass that three national parks and the NIH Intramural Research Program could collaborate on this effort..."

*MAIC has dozens of emails and other communications as evidence.


What kind of plan by government bureaucrats would use Indian lawyers, health professionals and actors? 


Finally, Grandfather Bear sent an email saying that he would no longer accept communications from Captain Larry the Government Agent.  However, he would accept communications from Dr. Larry the Pilgrim.  Since that time, Manataka or Bear has not received any communications from either the Agent or the Pilgrim.


From undisclosed sources, Manataka learned that Captain Larry the Government Agent may have been planning to cause an embarrassing disruption to the activities at the 2011 Manataka Powwow.  Plan A was thwarted when the powwow was cancelled.  Plan B to place Manataka in an embarrassing situation during the 9-11 Think Tank event was thwarted when the plot was discovered. 


We do expect Josie Fernandez to launch an attack against Manataka in 2012, however, Josie's Plan C will not only fail, it will backfire.   


Revealing the Visions

After the 7 day - 7 night Fire Ceremony, clarity began to surface over the coming months.  As the smoke of the fire began to drift away, revelations appeared in many circles.  Sinister plots were revealed and the Beautiful and Glorious appeared. Predestined in divine designs, the visions were slowly unfolding and becoming reality. 


One day in May 2012, I asked Grandfather Bear if it was a good time to talk about the visions on the mountain. 


Lee Standing Bear:  No need to talk about them now.  They have all come to pass or will soon be fulfilled.


Takatoka:  What are elements of the vision on the mountain that you can talk about?

Lee Standing Bear:
There were three eagles and four hawks -- seven messengers in all. They all came to Manataka in one weekend and delivered the essence of their dreams. Even though each dream was different, they were all the same. This was foretold in the vision on the mountain.

Takatoka:  Please tell what the visions mean and which ones have come to pass.


Lee Standing Bear:  The Great Cave Bear made four marks on his tree altar -- that meant that Manataka would be given four major marks or signs that would become carved into its history and the hearts of all Keepers of Manataka and people all over the world.


Takatoka:  I don't understand.  What are the four marks?


Lee Standing Bear:  The first mark came in the form of a dream of the Holy Mother Paul-Marie of Lac-Etchemin.  Her dream was shared by all seven messengers who came last year.  Part of Mother Paul Marie's dream says '"a light will be born at the Place of Peace" and that light was the bright orb in our own dream.  The light that will be born at Manataka is coming.


Takatoka:  What is the light?  What does it mean?


Lee Standing Bear:  It is the awakening of mankind.  It is the birth of that awakening.  It is our consciousness growing and spreading to more people around the world. It is the holy spirit of the Creator sent to give us light to show the way.


Takatoka:  What are the other three marks or signs?


Lee Standing Bear:  After the Great Cave Bear color changed to white, he sent eye-words in a long confusing message in an ancient language and hazy images and is therefore difficult to cipher. The message is a great mystery.  We have prayed for clarity and made offerings.  The human mind knows many things learned by rote or assimilated through our senses, but the soul only keeps that which is experienced in the depths of ones being.  Experiences are etched into the depths of our heart. The three other signs left by Cave Bear will be demonstrations or experiences.  For example, we will certainly experience the birth of the holy light at the Place of Peace foretold in Mother Paul-Marie's dream. 


The orb that created a prism and pulsed like a beating heart will be experience by thousands of people in a shared consciousness realm of another dimension. A kind of mass-consciousness. Yes, the message is a great mystery today, but that is only because the time of fulfillment has not arrived.  And, we must have faith that all will be revealed in God's time.


Takatoka:  I am interested to know about the meaning of the changing colors of the Cave Bear.  What can you give me on that?


Lee Standing Bear:  The Cave Bear did not speak until it had changed to white... a symbol of purity, truth and God's holy spirit.  We should only be concerned with the messages delivered when the Bear turned white.  Yes, the brown and cinnamon red signified the changes humans experienced since the beginning of time.  The changes are important because it shows that man has the ability to move through and upward in the spiral of time to achieve higher awareness. 


Takatoka:  Can any of your dreams on the mountain be explained in terms of organized religious thought?  That is, does traditional dogma and doctrine of Christianity agree or disagree with the dreams?  How about Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist and so forth?


Lee Standing Bear:  Oh my, you ask that we speak for the beliefs of others and that we cannot do.  But, we can say the spirit of God is found within all religious beliefs because there are many paths to the Great Mystery.  Does what we say about our own visions conflict with our brothers and sisters of other faiths?  Each must answer that on their own.  However, there is nothing found in any faith that conflicts with our personal beliefs  -- they all compliment our ways and blends with our heart like the air we breathe and the water we drink blends with our body because it matters not where the air and water are found at any given moment because it moves across the face of the Earth Mother like the spirit of God. 


Bear just had a funny thought.  We saw our self in a mirror wearing the regalia of many tribes, many faiths, many religions, races and cultures.  What a funny looking character we are!