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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess



Oceans of Tears



Beautiful Ones,


A long time ago, when human beings went to sleep and had the bad dream of separation, the Great Mother cried and cried ... and from her tears the oceans came into being.  The Great Father told her, "Stop your crying for you will drown your own children."   So mama, stopped crying on the outside, but she continued to cry on the inside.  From her internal years all the underground rivers and the rivers and lakes came into being.  Great Mother said, "I will create big beautiful trees so my human children can sit by them and rest, and I will whisper my lullaby, so they remember me and come back home".


When I see the attack of our waters -- the tears of the mother, and how those tears have turned black, killing all life forms, my own eyes cannot stop crying.


Water is our emotional body.  In the great cycle, human beings embrace ascension, for human beings are water.  The senseless turning our oceans black with oil is affecting humans worldwide and we feel the pain of the Mother deep to our very core.  There is only one Nature and all life forms are feeling the attack as one.  It is an attack on the emotional body of all humankind.


In my prayers I ask for guidance and that all children of the Great Mother pray together.


Greed, politics, ignorance, has been the door of this devastation in our oceans, on our land, on our planet.  I am asking as the daughter of the Great Mother that all true humans enter into sacred ceremony, a water ceremony, according to your own tradition or religion, and wherever you stand, all over the world, let us create a wave of healing within and without. 


Find your heart and bring your sacred bowl full of water.  Pray and pray and then pray again until you touch your deepest emotions.

Allow three drops of your tears go into your sacred waters.  When you have finished blessing the water, drink your tears and pray some more.  Ask for the divine order, ask the Great Father for help


Ask that the keepers water, the keepers of the land, the keepers of the fire, and wind, all come forward and work together to teach

a new way to relate with the environment, each other, and self.  


Go into the rivers and lakes and the sacred springs to pray.  Bring your heart with you in wherever is your tradition or religion. Drink the waters that comes out from the womb of the mother, your sacred bowl…. For we are giving birth to a new world.


Do the ceremony on June solstice, all together, all over the world,  be sure to not to use your car for one day.  Show emotion, find a new way. Together we will find the way to stop this massacre.  We will find a way to embrace unity within ourselves.  We will find and embrace all life forms, especially our brother and sister of the ocean -  the ones that remember the way.


This solstice, starting on June 21 unite as true human beings, pray for Mother Earth and all life forms and life forces.  Know that you also pray for yourself, for you are life.


Bring your ceremony of the water forward, according to your religion or tradition; bring your heart into being, all together as one, for there is only one.  We will be in  ceremony at the land.  Everyone is welcome, all together.


In lakesh