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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess




The Seven Veils of a New Awakening




Beautiful Ones,


We are entering into a new stage of ascension of being human…. It is indeed, such a powerful times!


In the alignment of the ways of the mother, a new consciousness is being awaken, for human being is recognizing  true human being inside of the self.


Yet they are many “hooks” that human beings are struggling.


At the same time-space where ascension is taking place, there is another force holding back creating resistance, for this natural process of ascension come into being.


Those hooks, like an identity based on  beliefs, based on back grounds, cultural beliefs,  religions or traditions, the addictions of the world, a morality that wants to lead the way versus the ethics that is being awaken.


The ways of the mother, in the feminine side of the brain resides a knowledge, an ancient wisdom, a divine spark that remained in the true human beings, is leading naturally the human into   a new world to experience, a world that meant to be before time existed, and that has always been there,  for this planet is  a higher perception of the experiences,  is a world that has always been there in the inside as well as all around you, a world as meant to be for a higher experiences of being human, for all life is sacred, all love is sacred, for sacredness has been the way of living of the divine spark as it is natural the new awakening in humanity.


I this time space, where the mundane and sacredness are emerging together within the self, a new understanding is being born, for indeed, one world is contained in the other, a world inside of a world inside of a world,… there is no such a thing as one world isolated, in the ordinary is where the extraordinary is taking place,  the enlightened consciousness is eminent.


Through the enlighten consciousness now human being recognizes that is not what you can create, but embracing the knowledge why you can create, this insight will lead into an expression of a higher aspect of the self.


For long time, human being has been fascinated and obsess about  the outside world, all in the outside world, in the creation, perpetuating in that way an aspect of themselves of a lower dimensionality, human being  had been fascinated by their own creations, their own manifestation, making the manifestation the clue point of being,  for human being felt the sensation of power, comfort, being in control, security, when they  knew that they can control and manipulate the outside world, becoming slaves of their own creation, focusing in their creation in the outside, perpetuate a limited reality , perpetuating the illusion of time as a process, it has been a deep understanding of all humanity, yet, the new stage of ascension is showing now a new way..


The Great Mother is leading the self into a higher perception of the own self, an aspect that has always been in the realm of light, for now human being knows in that recognition, the source, human beings are love, a new understanding that has been awaken, and the chains and the hooks, the attachments, just like the 7 veils in the sacred dance of the feminine are being drop all by themselves. Giving birth to  human beings light as a feather, naturally, so ascension is happening.


Thank you for being you!  I love you…


In lakesh, Magdala