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December 2010




 Ancient Maya Holy Time and Evolution of Creation Map

by Robert Hackman This full-length book, will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!


Chapter 1  -  May 2010

Chapter 2  -  June

Chapter 3  -  July

Chapter 4  -  August

Chapter 5  -  September

Chapter 6  -  October

Chapter   7  -  Nov

Chapter   8  -  Dec

Chapter   9  -  January 2011

Chapter 10  -  February

Chapter 11  -  March

Chapter 12  -  April


Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map

Chapter 8

Map of Holy Time

Thermal Runaway and the Quaternary Extinction’s

The process of glacier melting was far from uniform, as many geologists of the Darwinian school tend to think. The melt water of the glaciers quickly flowed into the seas, creating huge stresses between the overloaded sea bottom and the alleviated continents. Earth’s crust cracked and rifted at many places, originating volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis of unprecedented proportions. And the violent process continued, impelled by its own momentum, until it was finally complete and the earth had quit the Ice Age. In this terrible event – the same one that the myths call the Flood – some 70% of the species of great mammals became extinct.


Geologists call the widespread mortality that took place at the end of the Pleistocene by the name of Quaternary Extinction’s. Among the extinct species we had several magnificent animals: the mammoth, the mastodon, the saber-toothed cat, the cave bear, the giant sloths, dozens of species of camelids, cervids and cavalids.

This self-sustaining, degenerately increasing process is what physicists call “positive feedback,” and is identical to the one that causes the transitions of electronic flip-flops in electronic computers and such. It also corresponds to another physical process called “thermal runaway,” which happens for instance, on a global scale in the Hothouse Effect. Increased temperature of the earth tends to liberate the CO˛ dissolved in seawater to the atmosphere.

The extra atmospheric CO˛ further tends to increase global warming, liberating further amounts of CO˛, and so on until all of it is liberated to the atmosphere, and the earth becomes overheated. This is possibly what happened on sizzling Venus, perhaps billions of years ago. And it may well be the case that Venus also had life, as Mars apparently did too, as we are starting to learn.

And in the instances of both Venus and Mars, are they Celestial witnesses of what may indeed happen to Mother Earth if we persist in abusing her the way we presently do? Are these two planets the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations 11:8: “their corpses exposed in the streets of the Great City (the skies?) for all to see and marvel.” Venus is the sister planet of Earth; it was the planet of greatest interest to the Ancient Maya and many other ancient cultures.

Source: By Arysio Nunes dos Santos











Roman myth messenger of the gods

Roman goddess of love

Mother Earth

Roman god of war

Roman chief of the gods

Roman god: one of the planets

Greek god of the sky

Roman god of the sea

Greek god of the underworld





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