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May 2010




 Ancient Maya Holy Time and Evolution of Creation Map

 by Robert Hackman will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  At the end of each chapter, a form will allow readers to submit comments and questions.  Selected reader comments will be shown at the end of each chapter.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!


Chapter 1  -  May 2010

Chapter 2  -  June

Chapter 3  -  July

Chapter 4  -  August

Chapter 5  -  September

Chapter 6  -  October

Chapter   7  -  Nov

Chapter   8  -  Dec

Chapter   9  -  January 2011

Chapter 10  -  February

Chapter 11  -  March

Chapter 12   -  April


Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map


 Chapter 1

Map of Amerindian Holy Time

Seven Maya Prophesies


First Prophesy: reveals a "time without time," it is said that starting in 1999, the human beings will have to choose to make a change of consciousness and attitude; to open its mind to integrate everything that exists. This consists of a period of 20 Tuns/years the 13Th Katun (a cycle that according to the Maya started in 1992 and will end in 2011, a key date for the absolute transformation,) in which humanity will enter a process of great learning and change. The Maya also announced that seven years after 1992 a period of darkness would begin and every individual would be faced with his/her own behavior. Humanity will enter the great room of mirrors; materialism will be left behind and will give way to the liberation of suffering.


Second Prophesy: says that the answer to everything is within every person, and that its behavior determines its future. It confirms that beginning with the solar eclipse of Aug. 11, 1999, the behavior of all humanity will change rapidly. The Maya assure us that starting after this eclipse; humans would easily lose control of their emotions or will acknowledge their inner peace. They also indicate that the energy that is received from the center of the galaxy is causing an increase in the vibration of our brain waves and the planet, altering their behavior, their way of feeling and thinking. This prophesy mentions two paths: one of acceptance and tolerance and another of destruction and fear. The path to follow will be chosen by you.


Third Prophesy: points to a change in temperature, producing geological, climatic and social changes in a magnitude without patterns and at an astonishing speed. These changes will be generated by people in their lack of consciousness to care for and protect natural resources of the planet and the other generated by the sun, which will increase its activity due to the increase of vibrations.


Fourth Prophesy: states that the anti-ecological conduct of people and the activity of the sun will cause a melting of the ice at the poles. This will allow earth mother to re-harmonize and cleanse herself, producing changes in the physical composition of the continents of the planet.


Fifth Prophesy: states that all systems based on fear, on which this civilization is based, will suffer simultaneously with the planet and people will make a transformation to give way to a new harmonic reality. These systems will fail and people will face themselves, with this we will need to reorganize society and continue down the path of evolution that will bring us to understand creation. There is only one common spiritual road for all humanity that will end all limits established among the many ways to look at God.


Sixth Prophesy: reveals that in the near future a comet will appear with a trajectory that will endanger all life on this planet. The Maya culture considered comets as agents of change that came to put into movement the existing equilibrium, allowing the evolution of the collective consciousness. For the Maya God is the presence of life, has infinite presence in all shapes.


Seventh Prophesy: In this prophesy it is said that from the year 1999 until 2002, the light emitted from the center of our galaxy synchronizes all living things and allows them to voluntarily access an internal transformation that produces new realities. The Maya state that every individual has an opportunity to change and break its limitations; by allowing these changes we will create a new form of communication through our thoughts. It is predicted that programming and limits will disappear and a new era of transparency and light will begin, the Apocalypse is now.

Apocalypse means an unveiling of the truth

Source: Dos Mundos Bilingual Newspaper

Chapter 1

Aura Colors

The Meaning of Colors

The Aura is an energy field perceived as light of all colors, that surrounds all living things. Color can be constructive or destructive; it can stimulate or depress, repel or attract. It can even be female or male in its character. It can reflect positively or negatively, and when perceived within the aura it provides a key to the personality, moods, maturity and health of the individual. It reflects spiritual and physical aspects.

It takes a great deal of practice to interpret the color shades seen within the aura. Each color has its general characteristic, but each shade of that color, change that characteristic a little. The location of the color, the intensity and even the form the color takes in the auric field must be considered. The colors closest to the body reflect aspects of the individual’s physical condition. They also indicate those energies manifesting, and the energies further away often indicate the energy that the person will be able to determine in time.


Strengthening & Protecting Your Aura

Proper diet, exercise and fresh air are very important. Limit your use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, as they will weaken your aura. Stress, mental disorders, emotional trauma, worry and fear will also weaken your aura.


To strengthen your aura you should get plenty of physical exercise, cleanse the bowels to remove toxins and meditate. Music can be very helpful in strengthening an aura (especially Gregorian Chants for 10 min. a day.) If you wish to listen to something other than the chants try classical or elemental music that you like.


Fragrance is another good way to strengthen your aura. Smudging with Sage is highly recommended. Incense and Essential Oils can help counter disease and illness. Sage and Sweet-grass should be used for cleansing and balancing and Frankincense for cleansing and protection.


Color Definitions

Red – Strong energy, primal creative force, and fire. This is a life promoting energy. Strong passions mind and will. This color can indicate a birth or transmutation. It affects the circulatory and reproductive systems, sexual energies and an awakening of abilities or talents. The darker shades reflect anger, hate or unexpected change. Too much Red can reflect over stimulation, inflammation or aggression.


Orange – Warmth, joy, socialness and creativity. Open to new awareness of the astral plane. Too much Orange can reflect pride, emotional imbalance and vanity.


Yellow – Wisdom, mental activity, optimism and learning opportunities. Awakening of psychic abilities and clairsentience. Pastel Yellow reflects spiritual development and enthusiasm for life. Deeper shades of Yellow show excessive thinking and being overly critical.


Green – Calm, growing compassion, sensitivity, sympathy, reliable, dependable and open-minded. As well as an abundance of strength and friendliness. Bright Green indicates the ability to heal. Darker shades of Green show insecurity, jealousy, self-doubt, mistrust and miserliness.


Blue – Calm, quietness, devotion, truth, ability for clairaudience, and telepathy. Lighter Blue indicates imagination and good intention. Royal Blue shows honesty and good judgment. The darker shades indicate blocked perceptions, worrying, melancholy, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness and overly sensitive.


Violet – Independence, intuition, warmth, transmutation, humility, spirituality and important dream activity.


Purple – Ability to handle daily activities with practicality. Red/Purple – shows great passion or strength of will. Darker shades of Purple indicate a need to overcome something, intense erotic imagination and feeling misunderstood.


Pink – Reflects purity, compassion, quietness, modesty and love of art and beauty. Darker shades show immaturity and a lack of truthfulness.


Gold – Dynamic spiritual energy. Higher energies of devotion, restoration of harmony, coming into one’s own power, great inspiration and enthusiasm. Darker shades represent the process of awakening higher inspirations, life is not clarified.


White – Truth, purity, cleansing and awakening of great creativity.


Gray – Innate abilities. If Silver is the color it reflects feminine energies and to leave no task undone. Lots of Gray in an aura means secretive.


Brown – Around the head and feet shows growth, industry and organization. Around the chakras shows a need to cleanse. Brown can reflect specific problem areas physically.


Black – Protection and a shield from outside energies. Lots of Black can mean secrets or physical imbalance.


Twinkling Lights – Great creativity, fertility and can often indicate pregnancy.



Coming in June issue of the Smoke Signal News:  Chapter 2 -  "A Universal Invisible Force"