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A Message from the Trees

By Megan O’Connor



A tree reaches deep into the ground and up again for light, and flowers leaves to clasp the suns rays into itself for nourishment. It is profoundly beautiful unto itself, perfect from its conception, but maybe it has a bigger purpose by giving all of life a message


In all its gentle grace and stillness it communicates

notice how peaceful life can be

see how the sun nourishes all of us

It stands, swaying in a strong wind, leaves dancing

Look closely and you will almost see them waving hello

It has witnessed many days gone by

The tree renews itself with the changing of seasons

Trees  give a gracious home for other living beings

and is a kind servant to mother nature, and in return is rewarded with a  long, life


Yes, there are lessons to be learned from trees

The greatest of all can be seen between the leaves

If one looks between the leaves, a matrix of infinite unique spaces can be seen, a place to contemplate eternity, a place to feel peace, a place to listen to the wisdom of the tree, a partner and reflection of the great spirit shared by all   


Our friends speak these wise truths in their being, which could be translated into a metaphor for human life


Live your purpose with grace and stillness of heart

Gathering light from above nourishes your core

It is wise to sway in a strong wind

Know when to rest, regenerate and begin again fresh in the spring

The space between things seen is where infinite creativity lives


The wise ones tell us it is easy to see to eternity when reaching into an endless sky, which sooths the soul; or while reaching into the fertile grounds of life, rejoice in what is really important, a warm sun on your face while being grounded in mother earth


The next time you drive by a group of trees, slow down.  Watch the wind blowing them, see if you can feel the wind in your hair, and remember, light is your source


This is the gentle message of the trees.