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Legends of Old: A Creation Story - Blackfoot Legend
Feature Story::   Ancient Maya Holy Time

Letters to the Editor:

Sound Off!
Feature Story:   Census 2010: Important To All American Indians
Organic Consumers: Coming Clean Campaign for Organic Integrity
Elder's Meditations: Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota
Warrior Society News: Native American heritage heals wounded warriors
Earth Medicine:   Anti-Arthritis Diet and Supplements
Fluoride: Fluoride: Miracle drug or toxic-waste killer?
Animal Rights and Wrongs: A Help Save NM Forests From Off-Road Vehicles
Sacred Sites: Native Remains Will Be Repatriated





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A Creation Story

Blackfoot Legends

Old Man came from the south, making the mountains, the prairies, and the
forests as he passed along, making the birds and the animals also. He
traveled northward making things as he went, putting red paint in the ground
here and there --arranging the world as we see it today.

He made the Milk River and crossed it; being tired, he went up on a little
hill and lay down to rest. As he lay on his back, stretched out on the grass
with his arms extended, he marked his figure with stones. You can see those

rocks today, they show the shape of his body, legs, arms and hair.

Going on north after he had rested, he stumbled over a knoll and fell down
on his knees. He said aloud, "You are a bad thing to make me stumble so."
Then he raised up two large buttes there and named them the Knees. They are called the Knees to this day. He went on farther north, and with some of the rocks he carried with him he built the Sweet Grass Hills. 
Read More >>>







This full-length book, Ancient Maya Holy Time and the Evolution of Creation Map by Robert Hackman will appear in serial form featuring one or two chapters in each edition of the Smoke Signal News in coming months.  At the end of each chapter, a form will allow readers to submit comments and questions.  Selected reader comments will be shown at the end of each chapter.  Enjoy this interesting journey in time!



Ancient Maya Holy Time

And the Evolution of Creation Map



Map of Amerindian Holy Time

Seven Maya Prophesies


First Prophesy: reveals a "time without time," it is said that starting in 1999, the human beings will have to choose to make a change of consciousness and attitude; to open its mind to integrate everything that exists. This consists of a period of 20 Tuns/years the 13Th Katun (a cycle that according to the Maya started in 1992 and will end in 2011, a key date for the absolute transformation,) in which humanity will enter a process of great learning and change. The Maya also announced that seven years after 1992 a period of darkness would begin and every individual would be faced with his/her own behavior. Humanity will enter the great room of mirrors; materialism will be left behind and will give way to the liberation of suffering.

Second Prophesy: says that the answer to everything is within every person, and that its behavior determines its future. It confirms that beginning with the solar eclipse of Aug. 11, 1999, the behavior of all humanity will change rapidly. The Maya assure us that starting after this eclipse; humans would easily lose control of their emotions or will acknowledge their inner peace. They also indicate that the energy that is received from the center of the galaxy is causing an increase in the vibration of our brain waves and the planet, altering their behavior, their way of feeling and thinking. This prophesy mentions two paths: one of acceptance and tolerance and another of destruction and fear. The path to follow will be chosen by you.


Third Prophesy: points to a change in temperature, producing geological, climatic and social changes in a magnitude without patterns and at an astonishing speed. These changes will be generated by people in their lack of consciousness to care for and protect natural resources of the planet and the other generated by the sun, which will increase its activity due to the increase of vibrations.   Read More>>>










Manataka receives dozens of letters each week. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.



About the 2010 Census

Dear Manataka,


The biggest problem with the idea of funding to help the urban Indian who is not in the reservation is that no moneys are allowed for Indians who are not members of a Federally recognized tribe.  While certain amount of money is given to ever state based on the American Indian population, one has to have a number issued by the Federal Government before one penny is given.  I just a long discussion with one of the directors of the Texas Census who apologized to me but said, "That can not be helped, it is the law."  I then politely accused the Census Bureau of lying to our people one more time for the sake of their jobs. Then I looked at one of their workers who was Mexican American and asked her if she had to have a number to prove she was Mexican American.  I then looked at the director who was black and asked him if he had to carry a number to prove he was black.  To this he apologized again and once more reminded me that this was not their fault, but that laws  had to be kept.


That is one thing that is covered in my law suit with the Eagle Feather case.  It is not just the rights to use our Eagle Feathers but the right to have the same privileges as our Federally recognized friends who do not live in the reservation.  God bless.  Robert Soto



Respects the Pembina Nation


Greetings Manataka,

I enjoyed and respect your information on the Pembina nation here,

I know the "Keepers of the Western gate" very well and have produced a 1 hour documentary that exposes a deep conflict they are embroiled in that is at the heart of the genocide and persecution of First Nation people.

The intro was provided by an Ann Arbor public access producer and is a bit loud, but does help people not of this area to understand better.
I have huge respect for the long standing lawful competence of the Pembina band.  Any comments you or any others you may share this with, I would appreciate. Chris Brown



Suggestion for Fry-Bread Recipes

Hello Editor,


Regarding all your fry bread recipes -- Maybe add descriptions of the crust and center. I used to have it when I was young.  A reverend and his wife living in Portland would come over to our house and make us huge batches in a massive cast iron pan. I remember it being super crispy outside, but not crunchy. The inside was perfectly soft and steamy. I remember they used butter flavor Crisco.  We would take turns having one with honey, then with powdered sugar, then with just butter, then with jelly. We would have to finish it all before they left. I think they wanted us happy and full. Good memories.  Thank you for the site. ~Adam Trepte


Adam,  the crust and soft center depend on the temperature of the cooking oil and the frying time.



Southern Ute Flag Song Author?

Hello Manataka,


I am a part of Aracoma Lodge drum team I have been instructed to find out information on a song called the Southern Ute Flag Song I need a
the history and the original writer of the song. If you know any information please email  Thanks. ~Andrew J Herring of the Aracoma 481
Drum team



Garritson Receives Award

Dear Manataka,


On March 23rd 2010, in Billings, Montana Ron Garritson, a Cherokee Metis, was presented with the Yellowstone Western Heritage Center Historic Preservation Board's 2010 Eugene T. Carroll Historic Preservation Award for my long-term commitment to the research, preservation and teaching of the Plains Indian Sign Language.  Thank you.  ~Ron Garritson




Response to "Wanderings" April Smoke Signal Article

Dear Editor,


There is a series of books written in the last 20 years that answer the fundamental questions we all ask, including the contradictions between religion and faith. The series is co-authored by Neale Donald Walsch and God. It begins with 3 books named Conversations with God. I highly recommend this series to all who seek to know God and themselves. They may be available from your library. ~Roger Imerman



From Bobby Joe Runninbear



Children Taken by Social Services

Dear Manataka,


So far the petition has not done much but the website has and it has allowed me to expose every illegal action from the beginning trying to save our babies.  The website has Arkansas's attention simply because they put out a huge article in the Northwest Arkansas Times about a blog I did five days ago and it is having it's affect on Eureka Springs.  I could use the help of the Manataka.  We were in a court battle a week ago with witness's and continue that one in a two weeks.  So pass this link on to nations and the tribal members and read the blogs and protest this unjust action. the local papers have read this and i guess see nothing wrong with is going on in their own neighborhoods the website:   the petittion-  Love To All Of Life. ~ James Two Eagles



John Trudell and Pot

Hello Manataka,


I am e-mailing form Eugene Oregon. I saw this add in the "Eugene Weekly" (Volume XXIX   #14 April 8-10) and I can't seem to wrap my brain around this advertisement. I thought AIM (people like John Trudell) were supposed to be protecting Native American culture? Activism. Here he is in this advertisement where they have Marijuana leaves to the four directions around a drum (like some kind of medicine wheel, or even a kind of zea design) and a pipe with feathers hanging off of it, while promoting "Earth Medicine" all the while blurring the lines between fact and fiction about our culture. This really bothers me most because I, as a trained pipe maker, and other things, have had people comment more than once about "Indians smoking Marijuana in their Peace Pipes!" I have told people it is not true, and now Native people put out an advertisement like this? Now, if I may, am I saying "no" to Marijuana as medicine? No. Certainly not.  "Natural medicines should be front line medicines, versus garbage pharmaceuticals."  --Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Harvard Grad Public Health Expert
I am saying as a person who is enrolled with my tribe as a "Teacher", and as someone who teaches and educates people, Native and White alike) it is hard enough teaching people the truth (meaning re-educating them, breaking down the walls of prejudice and stereotypes, and dis-information), people learning the truth, about us as a people, as Human Beings, with out all the distortion. I also am not saying that Native American people cant use Marijuana as medicine (after all, we are all children of one mother, under one father). I fully support Marijuana as medicine, particularly in light of all the pharmaceutical garbage that is being shelled out. I don't support the distortion or presentation that our spirituality is based in any way on or around the use of Marijuana.

On another note, I was reading your article about ceremony and charging money or questions around it. If I may share my perspective, as I was taught, traditionally, by a "Federally recognized" Native tribal member (what ever that amounts to these days) spiritual person, I was taught to never charge money. Period. Donations are acceptable but you cant put a price on it, you cant "Set" the price, or you are selling ceremony, or, more to the point you are selling your power, selling your life force. As my mentor taught me, "People who sell ceremony, they are selling their power, their life force. When you are born, you are born with enough life force to last you your natural life, when you run out that is it!" Personally, I don't accept money, period! Ever. My spirituality and the connection I have with the Spirits, Nature and Creator is my wealth, in that, I am rich. Other than that, I live hand to mouth to. I sell a little music, but I never sell ceremony because what they gifted the people through this body I am in is priceless, If I was to put a price on a ceremony then it would no longer be priceless it would only be worth the receipt at the end of the day.

Back to donations, It is important that the person asking for help give something in return, because this completes the holy circle. Yes, reciprocity is a spiritual Law of Creator. I will share a personal story if I may; I performed a healing ceremony for someone who had Leukemia, and they had had it off and on for years. They had tried everything. They were going in the following day for lab work on the Leukemia. The elder wanted to be healed, I said, We are going up on the mountain, the White doctors had their hand at it and they have blown it. It is time to take care of this. I asked for nothing. After the ceremony they took me out for Ice Cream at Baskin Robins! Wow! What a donation!!! Two days later they called me and the new test results came in and he said, "The Doctors are baffled, the cancer is gone." I said to him, "Go out side and offer some tobacco up to Creator and thank Creator." The holy circle was complete. One time I ran a sweat for some Cherokee up in Salem and they wanted to give me some money. I did not want to say no and insult them, but I could not take money. They new I was uncomfortable, and said it was money to pay for the gas it cost to get me up there. I told them to please give the money to the person who drove me there, it is their car, their gas, not mine. I refused to touch the money. And I was dirt broke!  People cant seem to understand how I can be so happy all the time?

I believe in a much deeper law of the universe, I have a few friends from other spiritual paths and I have heard many truths that all sound  strangely familiar. One of these friends is a Hassidic Hebrew Rabbi. He said, "A righteous person wants for not, for if they live righteously god will provide everything they need." I have seen this happen again and again in my life. I am not rich. I live hand to mouth, but I have never been without. I am not saying the righteous don't suffer! (BIG GRIN)

Regarding that Circus that happened in Arizona: People sometimes look at me like I am cold when I don't show pity for those people down there. I tell them "What do White people say to us if we break a law we don't know is a law?" They say, "Ignorance of the Law is no excuse." I say, "Why is it that White people seem to always think the laws don't apply to them? Their is a power that even the White man has to answer to. It does not matter what your color or race is, this continent has spiritual laws that everyone must adhere to or they will reap the rewards of their labors. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The White Man is not exempt from the laws of The Great Creator."  I Hope anything I said did not offend you, for non was intended.  All My Relations,  Tommy Lightning Bolt



Blue Star Speaks In Plain Language

Greetings Manataka,


In the could'a - would'a - should'a mode, all I can say is I wish I had been aware of the spirituality teachings of the indigenous peoples of the world much earlier.  However, I do understand my path in this lifetime has led me to these teachings during the time frame appropriate for my awakening.  And I now understand what my inner spirit has been telling me all these years and I have been paying only half attention to. 


I am so grateful to have found the Manataka web site and to receive the monthly newsletters as this had led me to further searching and findings to awaken my sleeping memories of who and what I am.  


I understand that you are busy handling the administrative aspect of Manataka and I do not want to take up a lot of your time so I will get to the point - I read the article by Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette on page org/1224.html  re 2012 is Coming.  This article sums up in plain language what we need to do to move forward with saving Mother Earth and ourselves and I appreciate the knowledge.  As what she said in this article touched specifically on some information I have learned in a spirituality class I have been taking, I am wondering if she has any written works I could purchase or if there is a way I could correspond with her (written or email) to ask some questions regarding the article. 


I saw in the internet posting about the June 20, 1999 ceremony that Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette is an elder.  I do not mean to intrude into her life and understand if she has other life obligations than speaking with strangers or sharing Native American Spiritual knowledge with non-Native Americans.  [Although my father's family history includes the inclusion of a member of the Caughnawaga tribe from Canada, this is undocumented in writing anywhere and no one has a specific name or anything to even attempt to trace.] 


Blessings of good health to you and a sincere thank you for all your assistance.  ~ Carolyn Andress


Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette passed away on January 15, 2010 at Manataka. 



Canadian Federal Agents Attack Native Civilians


On Monday two royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), 2  US Border Patrol, and 1 Coast Guard unit was involved in a ramming of a small private boat. it is said by a native family and other native witnesses that the one native man was getting a ride to the other side of the river.  The agents started chasing the smaller boat up the river and back.. The smaller boat with native people was rammed and two men were thrown from their boat and the motor was ripped off the boat.  The agents tied up their boat and searched while the two men were screaming in the freezing water.  Both men have broken backs and one is now paralyzed from waste down.  The other man went under surgery and is said that he may walk again.  One of the young men's father was arrested while at hospital with his son and taken to Clifton County Jail. 


The agents were ordered off Indian territory.  For the two young men who had broken backs came in, in handcuffs.. the time the men were in the water was around 25 minutes.   People who witnessed the ramming of the smaller boat came to the aid of the young men.  They gave them blankets.  The agents wrote in their reports that the incident was a rescue mission.  The helicopters never turned on their search lights to watch the victims.  I have been on the river there and there are currents that can sweep you down stream.


Why do those people think we are so different when we are the same people.  Genocide will not happen any more.  We saw a military Blackhawk helicopter yesterday in the distance. I am a veteran and a lot of the people I know here served.  If we have these ties to them, order them to stand down or business will never be done again or agreements will not be signed!

I was to return back south but I cannot and will not leave our native people during these trying times.   Let's get ready to help protect the people. We are one people.  ~Jerry Williams





Get on the ball! 

Sign me!


Feature Story




 Census 2010



Should I Identify as Native American in the 2010 Census?



It is absolutely critical that all “non-enrolled” Native Americans, and those people that can prove lineal descent from a Native American ancestor, self-identify as “Native American in Combination with One or More Races” when completing their 2010 Census questionnaires! Get the message out – pass this along to your family members and other Indian friends.


Results of the 2000 Census

For the first time ever, the 2000 Census measured “Native Americans in Combination with One or More Races,” That number totaled 4,119,301. The number of Americans that reported themselves “Native Alone” was 2,475,956 (these are considered predominantly enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. The difference between these two numbers equals 1,643,345.  This is significant because this 1,643,345 represents the number of persons that self-identified as “mixed-blood”


It must be pointed out that the 2000 Census was “flawed” - in that it did not provide a method to distinguish what percentage of the 1,643,345 were enrolled members of a federally recognized Indian tribe that chose to identify using this category only. However, it is generally accepted that the vast majority of these (perhaps exceeding 90%) are “non-enrolled” members of a federally recognized Indian tribe.   Read More >>>






The Manataka American Indian Council supports:


Quote of the Week:

Coming Clean Campaign for Organic Integrity in the Health and Beauty Aisle

Whole Foods Takes a Stand Against Faux Organic Claims on Body Care

Whole Foods Market is making its suppliers aware of its "Position on 'Organic' Personal Care Products." In the statement, WFM promises "to continue to closely examine all organic label claims to ensure that they are not misleading, and we will strongly encourage our suppliers who are making organic claims to pursue NOP certification. WFM explains:

"Products making an "Organic" product claim (e.g. Organic Shampoo," "Organic Body Wash.") should be certified to the USDA NOP standard. ...

"Products making "Made with Organic ______" claims should be certified to the USDA NOP standard, which is the best possible certification for "Made with" label claims.

"Products making "Contains Organic _______" claims should be certified to the NSF Organic Personal Care standard.

"Any 'Organic' claim on the front of the label should be substantiated by certification to one of the above standards, including the use of the word 'organic' in the brand name. Products not certified to one of these standards may only use the word "organic" in the ingredients listing. We are currently working with our suppliers to transition their label claims to the above standards. Because these changes will be pervasive and complicated, we have not yet determined a timeline, but expect to do so in the near future."

FDA Warns Companies to Certify Organic Claims on Cosmetics to USDA Standards

On March 8, 2010, the FDA issued a Q&A about organic cosmetics. It warns companies that make organic claims to follow the USDA organic regulations.  "Cosmetic products labeled with organic claims must comply with both USDA regulations for the organic claim and FDA regulations for labeling and safety requirements for cosmetics."


Obama Appoints Biotech & Pesticide Lobbyist as Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Here's some bad news. Obama has appointed Islam Siddiqui (the biotech/pesticide lobbyist he nominated for chief agricultural negotiator) during a recess of congress. His confirmation was on hold in the Senate all this time, so he hasn't been in the government making trouble. But now he will be.  







"Think only about what is holy. Empty your mind."  --Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota


If we let our minds wander, we will come up with a lot of junk: maybe bad thoughts about a brother or sister, maybe angry thoughts, maybe self-pity thoughts. Our minds are not the boss. We can instruct our mind to think about whatever we want to think about. We cannot stop thinking, be we can choose what to think about. The Elders say we move towards what we think about. That's why they say, "Think about what is holy, think about the Grandfathers, think about culture, think about values, think about ceremonies, and think about good."


Great Spirit, today, empty my mind and let me experience

what it would be like to think about what is holy.

By Don Coyhis



Warrior Society News



Native American heritage heals wounded warriors

Written by By Lance Cpl. Daniel Boothe , Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Native Americans from across the nation taught West-coast wounded warriors how to overcome the lasting torments of war, with time-honored rituals and sacred traditions.


Nearly 30 combat veterans participated in “Operation One Drum,” a 4-day workshop designed to alleviate combat stress. The Native American program is the first of its kind to be held on a military installation.


“When a man is faced with a life or death situation, his spirit detaches from him and remains on the battlefield,” said Staff Sgt. James L. Eagleman, former 1st Marine Division tanker and current resident at Wounded Warrior Battalion West, Camp Pendleton. “This experience has helped me and a lot of the guys here reconnect spiritually.”


A central part of the event was the making of tribal drums. Marines and sailors made the symbolic hand drums from buffalo hide and cottonwood. The ceremonial drums carry sacred meaning to many Native American tribes and were a keystone to several indigenous North American cultures.


The honor and spirit given to the drum was explained to the combat veterans at Camp Pendleton and proved to be a vital core to the diverse workshop.   Read More>>>










Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle

Anti-Arthritis Diet and Supplements


For any arthritic person daily diet becomes extremely important.  The end products of red meats such as beef, pork, veal, and lamb are particularly antagonistic to inflamed joints.  Consequently, red meat should be eliminated from an arthritic’s diet at the beginning of treatment and during acute flare-ups.       


In addition to recommending that certain foods be avoided I suggest that pesticides, food additives (especially monosodium glutamate, or MSG, and other additives ending with -ate), and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives be avoided.  Further-more, sugar should be avoided, both by itself and processed into foods.


Prolonged intake of refined sugar (and other refined products) is a major contributing factor in arthritis.  Refined sugar depresses vitamin C stores. The highest concentration of vitamin C in the body is in the adrenal glands, and chronic vitamin C deficiency (hypoascorbemnia) leads to adrenal gland exhaustion.  With prolonged adrenal deficiency, there is a deficiency of endogenous (body produced) cortisone.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the end result of this prolonged attack of sugar on the adrenal glands.


 “Demon Sugar” is also a major contributing factor in osteo-arthritis, also know as degenerative arthritis.  Sugar depresses the blood phosphorus.  The blood calcium and phosphorus are kept in a precise balance by the body when in good health.  Any stress on the body, such as illness or refined sugar intake, will upset the delicate and extremely important calcium/phosphorus ratio of the body or blood..  Read More >>>







Fluoride: Miracle drug or toxic-waste killer?

Safety debate over public water treatments heats up with release of shocking new studies

© 2010 WorldNetDaily



Water treatment plant

WASHINGTON – From Pennsylvania to Nebraska and from Europe to New Zealand, there is growing and fierce opposition to plans to fluoridate public drinking water, fueled by a battery of shocking new studies that seriously question a practice routine among U.S. municipalities for nearly the last 50 years.




No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.






The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep.

Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, "Kemo Sabe, look toward sky, what you see?"

The Lone Ranger replies, "I see millions of stars."

"What that tell you?" asked Tonto.

The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, "Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in  Leo.

Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically, the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.

What's it tell you, Tonto?"

"You dumber than buffalo doo doo.  It mean someone steal tent."







Dwindling Delta Fish Deserve Water-pumping Limits
Late last week, the National Academy of Sciences released a report confirming that measures to protect endangered fish in the San Francisco Bay-Delta -- particularly restrictions on water pumping -- are scientifically justified and necessary. The report backs up statements made by federal agencies under the Endangered Species Act that required reduced Delta water diversions to prevent the extinction of delta smelt, Central Valley Chinook salmon and steelhead, and green sturgeon. Despite the research of federal agencies -- which had gone through five reviews by the scientific community -- area agricultural interests pushed for more scientific evaluation of the situation. Well, now they have it.  "The Academy of Sciences report confirms that freshwater flows are essential to endangered fish, the fishing jobs dependent upon healthy salmon runs, and the whole Bay-Delta ecosystem," said Jeff Miller of the Center for Biological Diversity. The Center has a long history of work to save the ecosystem and its endangered inhabitants, including winning greater protections for the delta smelt; federal protection for the longfin smelt; and protection, a recovery plan, and 8.6 million acres of safeguarded habitat for the southern green sturgeon. 


Help Save New Mexico Forests From Off-Road Vehicles
The Mountainair Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest, just southeast of Albuquerque, has long been a victim of too many off-road vehicles -- and now is our chance to end the area's suffering. After nearly a year of public input and environmental studies, the Forest Service has developed four alternative plans to manage ORVs in the district -- one of which actually comes close to protecting natural resources, from clean water and a quiet place to hike to endangered species like the Mexican spotted owl, southwestern willow flycatcher, and northern goshawk. The Ranger District to choose the right plan -- called "Alternative 4" -- for the Cibola. Then learn more about our campaign for responsible travel-management planning on national forests throughout the Southwest.


Tell the EPA to Clean Up Our Oceans
After a Center for Biological Diversity lawsuit, this week the Environmental Protection Agency took a big step forward in requesting public input on how to confront ocean acidification -- and the agency needs your letters now. The EPA seeks information on how it can use the Clean Water Act to guide states to monitor and identify coastal waters that are threatened or impaired by ocean acidification, so action can be taken to protect those waters through limits on CO2 pollution. Right now, the oceans absorb about 22 million tons of CO2 every day, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels -- which is causing seawater to become more and more acidic. Corrosive waters hinder the ability of marine life to build protective shells and skeletons -- which affects the entire ocean food chain. Related to the Center's lawsuit forcing the EPA to address ocean acidification under the Clean Water Act, the Center has petitioned every coastal state to declare its ocean waters impaired under the Act. Now, by speaking out to the EPA, you can join our campaign to save all ocean life from one of the worst threats it's ever faced. 



See an amazing film about Austrailia's Aboriginal peoples.

Traditional Whale Dreamers







Native Remains Will Be Repatriated

WASHINGTON (CN) - The Department of the Interior will release human remains from museums and natural history collections to Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian organizations that had a historic or prehistoric presence on the land from which the remains originally were taken. This will be true even when the remains cannot be definitively traced to the tribe or organization, according to new department rules, effective May 14.  Under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, culturally unidentifiable Native American remains have been repatriated for burial or other disposition only after consultation with a Review Committee that advises the Secretary of the Interior on disposition approval. The new regulation will eliminate the review process, and the remains would be turned over to the requesting tribe or native organization after the request was announced in the Federal Register.  The act, which was passed in 1990, requires all museums and federal agencies to identify Native American cultural items in their collections, such as human remains, funerary objects, and sacred objects, to lineal descendents and culturally affiliated Indian tribes. As of Sept. 2009, museums and federal agencies have listed the remains of nearly 40,000 individuals and almost one million funerary objects on their inventories.  The most famous case of unaffiliated remains was the discovery in 1996 of the skeleton of a prehistoric man on a bank of the Columbia River in Kennewick Washington on land owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Five Indian tribes claimed ownership of the remains, which became known as Kennewick Man, and sought to dispose of the remains according to traditional burial practices without subjecting them to scientific examination.  In 2004 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected the claims of the tribes because they could not establish cultural affiliation or kinship to the remains. Later testing revealed that Kennewick Man was approximately 9,000 years old and that his DNA could not be definitively tied to any modern Native American tribes.


Support Indigenous Resistance on Black Mesa

At the end of an exceptionally hard winter of National Emergency status, and the beginning of a muddy spring, the Dine' (Navajo) families of Big Mountain, and surrounding communities on Black Mesa continue to stand strong on their ancestral homelands!  For nearly four decades the communities have faced the devastation of the U.S government and multinational coal mining corporations exploiting their homelands and violently fracturing their communities. Although the permit for the Black Mesa Mine expansion didn't pass, and hopefully never will, families remain--resisting the Kayenta Mine and forced relocation.  "The Big Mountain Dine' elders have endured so much since the 1970s and at the same time, they have defended and preserved that human dignity of natural survival, subsistence and religious values. They have resisted the U.S. government's genocide policies to vacate lands that Peabody Coal Company recognized as the Black Mesa coal fields.  The Big Mountain matriarchal leaders always believed that  resisting forced relocation will eventually benefit all ecological systems, including the human race.  Continued residency by families throughout the Big Mountain region has a significant role in the intervention to Peabody Coal’s future plan for Black Mesa coal to be the major source of electrical energy, increasing everyone's dependency on fossil fuel and contributing to global warming. We will continue to fight to defend our homelands.” --Bahe Keediniihii, Dine' organizer and translator. Website: Email:

Black Mesa, PO Box 23501 Flagstaff, AZ 86002  -  928-773-8086





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