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April, 2010




By Juan Taramiko, Taramara

An Geological Engineer Muses About Negatives


I have been spending much quiet time lately being present to the energies that press on me in this life.  Living in this white man’s world, what are the forces

that try to mold and bend me?  To what ends?


I have been told the church's god is Omnipresent.  So god witnesses everything that happens in this world?  I have been told that god is Omnipotent.  So god can then change the course of any event?   In the Confiteor (an old prayer) a person prays for forgiveness of “what I have done and what I have failed to do”.   Hmmmm……


“What I have failed to do”……..  Humans are also culpable for doing the good thing when we have the power to do so. 


Sometimes we even try to do the good thing when we do not have the power to accomplish it.  Via Christianity, when a person is given the opportunity to stop evil, then that person must act if not, a sin of culpability has occurred. 


Yet, somehow the church's god does not have this obligation.  Theoretically, He has the power to end evil in this world, yet chooses not to.  Is this the greatest “sin” of culpability ever committed? 


I have also been told evil is allowed to exist so that the church god can show off great grace and mercy.  So the church’s god is really a self absorbed show off who does not care about the pain inflicted on others while their god exhibits “greatness”?  That does not seem like a “good” god to me.  Church theology convicts itself and is all very confusing.


What I do understand, is that in early biblical times the believers of Yahweh were given permission to commit genocide on any native tribal inhabitants that lived in the fertile crescent of the mid east.  Who gave them this permission to go about wiping entire tribal peoples off the face of the earth?  Who gave them permission to “bash the heads of the enemy’s babies against the rocks”?  Why, “God” of course.  What did they receive for their efforts, land?  Religious power-mongering led the worst period of genocide in human history when they "discovered" the New World -- trading their new found religious freedom with the subjugation of our own.  How many times has it occurred in the history of organized religions?  I would wager, quite a few.


So then, if the church God has been conditioned into me since I was young then so has the church’s agenda.  Since I am not of the chosen Caucasian, what does that really mean to me?  How does this “programming” play out in my life?  Based upon this programming, should I then be happy with mediocre work like sweeping floors and washing toilets?  Maybe mowing lawns or working at a slaughterhouse would be suitable employment?  Should I dream of marrying a blond / blue eyed woman because I have been told that my black haired, brown eyed sisters will never be as beautiful or desirable?  


According to the message and images given me, every generation springs forth from my loins will be diluted with the dominant culture until the blood of my people no longer exists.  The genocide is still ongoing, only now it is more subtle and insidious.  The language replaced by English, children given dominant society's names so that the culturally ignorant can pronounce them. 


Today I sit with these things and feel them as a burden against my body, trying to steal my breath.  I am stuck, living in the industrial machine as some white corporate owner lines his pockets with money gleaned from my work.  I sit with these energies and I understand that a revolution began a long time ago.  I hope I live to see the world purified.


[Editor's Note: Cultural diversity brought many blessings to our people in the past 500 years. It has also brought sorrow.  Which do we choose to guide us?]