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NEWS FLASH:     100 Indians Needed in Uslter, New York on Tuesday, March 16


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Spare this Sacred Site!  I


Dear People,

     Recently we sent a letter to you all regarding The Manor Site* and the public meetings that are connected with it.  These meetings have been very dramatic. 

     Because many of you came forward in the last 2 months for the Town of Ulster Planning Board Meetings held about the Manor Site, the Planning Board has twice suspended granting the developers a final decision, seeing for the first time that Indian People have laws about the land and the life on it as well as developers and that these laws have spiritual as well as cultural power in their effect on the future. Because of these Native laws' newly exercised application to The Manor Site-- Its thousands of artifacts, its waters and it's life forms, the generations might soon be able to walk on 4000 year old trails and learn of its deeply rich cultural history.

     What has happened is no small thing and it will be continued at 8 pm this coming Tuesday, March 16--a day that may decide the fate of this ancient, irreplaceable piece of prehistoric land which carries so very much history.

      We need you to come to support this historic struggle--to show that Indian culture and the land that holds it has many allies.  If you have regalia, please wear your finest or maybe your token of cultural beauty.  Please come if you are not native and feel in your heart the importance of this effort.

        The Ulster County Planning Board Meeting will be held at the Court House on Route 209 near Fred's Place Restaurant across from the Exit to Enterprise Drive (IBM's old "Neighborhood Road").  Turn Right off 209 via the Exit. At Enterprise Drive make a Left and drive to the end (you'll drive over Route 209 on the bridge). At the end of the road, turn Left to enter the Court House parking lot.

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