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April 2010




Medicine for the People

By Harvey Walks With Hawks Doyle


Spiritual Feathers and Energies


We need to go further back within ourselves and seek the balance of understanding of our physical bodies and our spirit.  I want to try to make you are aware that there must be harmony between all functions that the Great Spirit has placed within our body.  You can think of this energy as thoughts, mind, soul, spirit, physical attributes, and all that has been breathed into you to make you as complex as you are.


Some have said we are children of the stars, and we could be surrounded with an energy field or light. This light is composed of small or minute wavelengths that operate on a certain frequency that surrounds your body or our spiritual signature.  Each individual has his or her own frequency, yet it comes from the same light saving force.  This light or frequency is linked to all things that are in our world and out of our world even to the cosmos areas.  This energy extends beyond our bodies and maybe even linked to different planes of existence or different dimensions. Everything on Mother Earth has a frequency or an energy field, animals, plants and everything that exists. Frequencies come from colors, plants, animals, human beings and if you are adapted to receiving these frequencies then you have a form communicational healing with all existence. What a blessing we can have from Mother Earth and the Creator.


When a person becomes sick it is a process of disharmony or a malfunction of your spiritual signature or energy field. Your system is not operating correctly.  When your spiritual signature is disturbed by emotion, sickness or malfunctions of the mind then it must be placed back in alignment or in proportion to the human body.  This is called Spirit Feather Medicine or some call it Energy Alignment.   The ancient doctors or Medicine Men used feathers to align the energy areas within the body. As of this time the Government does not allow us to purchase or own Eagle Feathers. It is a crime to buy they or have them in your household. I have  used other feathers that are legal to own. They work well if used in the proper manner.


Today some people us this as a form of dousing or searching for water; with tree limbs or welding rods etc.  They could see the similarity of the fiber of the feather in relationship to the energy field or the body’s aura.  The Eagle Feather is sacred to Native Americans and holds great power for them. It is a form of dousing; like searching for water on Mother Earth. You can use the sacred feather to locate areas on the human body that needs attention. The Eagle feather teaches us about the Rule of Opposites, about everything being divided into two ways. The more one is caught up in the physical, or the West, then the more one has to go in the opposite direction, the East, or the spiritual, to get balance. And it works the other way, too- you can't just focus on the spiritual to the exclusion of the physical. You need harmony in all Four Directions which are East, South, West and North.


 I know this to be of great truth since I attended a workshop on “Healing With Spiritual Feathers” last year in October.   When you move the Sacred Feather along lines of meridian on the body; then you will meet a form of resistance which lets the Medicine Man know where the affected area or diseased area is located. You are just a vessel being used by a greater power to help heal your subject. You can then address the area or disease with herbs or natural supplements. 


Think of Mother Earth as your body. Foreign objects from space are constantly bombarding the magnetic field that protects the earth. Most of these objects burn up as they enter earth’s atmosphere or its magnetic field. Most germs are destroyed by our immune system. Even our skin and hairs on and about our bodies have a part in this healing or alignment.


Some action must be taken to distribute the electrons that flow around the body. This is the “Spiritual Signature” or the magnetic field that was given to us from our similarity of Mother Earth. This magnetic field is slowly dissipating from Mother Earth as it is also around  human beings; therefore there is more diseases and germs prevalent for us to come into contact with. This magnetic field can be measured.  The measurement is called a measurement of Gauss. It used to be 10 gauss and now it is .02. As we continually lose contact with the Mother Earth we lose a significant amount of our magnetic healing.  We no longer sleep on the ground and walk bare footed thus disassociating us even further from that healing aspect.  Animals knew when they would lie close to the earth that the magnetic field would accelerate the process of healing. Medicine Men could simply take the feather and move it in proximity and around the body and their spirit of medicine was very strong. 


The Medicine Men or Medicine Women had that knowledge to heal. Their healing was in progress and they confronted each disease that penetrated the aura shield or the spirit.  Past knowledge and training was handed down to them and the Spiritual Feather was a part of this healing process. The Great Spirit helped this progression of healing and  somehow early Medicine men could meditate and sit and stare into the sky and feel or have visions of what was there. They used every aspect of Mother Nature for Spiritual Healing and enlightenment. It was their way of life.   


Life and healing is supported on Mother Earth. As we arise each day it seems like we take for granted that everything will be as the day before.  We should look at Mother Earth and look deeply at her gifts of healing she has for us. If we look deep enough we can begin to see many areas.  Healing by the atmosphere, solar energy, and Mother’s plants, animals, spiritual aspects and other human beings.


We as humans use the magnetic fields for navigation, balance and many things in our lives. We should thank the Great Spirit each day for his gift to us as the energy fields.  We should try to seek these “hot spots” to help us heal spiritually and physically.




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