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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess





The World of the Enchanted Flower




Hello Beautiful Ones,


I am finally back at the temple (near Jasper, Arkansas) where the waters comes out from the womb,  and will be here until the next journey begins.


I am so happy to be with you in this time space, the journey of many directions for a month came so beautiful! Thank you!  I presented lectures in Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota! My heart blooms when I think of you, you are so beautiful!


The journey became so powerful and beautiful.  The awakening of the cosmic consciousness happens in the very core of human beings.  The alignment with the Great Mother heart created an incredible awareness of the multidimensionality of being human, the time of preparation have come to an end, and give birth to the time of realization of the self in the world of the enchanted flower.


In our ways of the Maya Mexica, as it is in many other traditions, the knowledge of the multidimensionality was written on petroglyphs, the stones that speak.

But, it is also written in the authentic DNA of human beings. In the new land that the great mother is preparing for is, changing, moving, creating and recreating, the dance began in awakening that authentic DNA knows how to do this.  It is an alignment with her, and  takes the body to a higher way of living.


Human beings are experiencing a new way to relate, in the inside as well as the outside and in the ways of no-time.  The feminine ways that were hidden for a long time is awakening, and recognizing the authentic human beings.


The Time of Ascension is here.  It is happening everywhere! (Read time of ascension on the web site) the golden cities have open the doors.  The bridal chamber has been encountered.


There is so much to do, so much to explore.  There are incredible realms to uncover that this world is bringing.  The experiences in the World of the Enchanted Flower is lifting our senses to a new realization.  It is a new sense of being, a new perception of reality, it is indeed a powerful times. Freedom is everywhere, for human beings born free.


This is the time when people will make spiritual bridges.  It is a time for light workers to come forward.  They should not be afraid to speak what is in their hearts.  You are the rainbow bridge, and you are so beautiful.  You are here to assist others as you make the dance, the path will be unfold, donít look back.


I am happy and my heart is blooming.  The communications are happening in all the realms in a powerful manner.  All are communicating as has always been, but now, human beings are aware of this communication taking place -- in the World of the Enchanted Flower and all is happening at the same time, for human beings realize now, the world of oneness is a way of living.    


These are busy times and as the world unfolds, new realms are being created, and recreated, new ceremonies, seminars, projects of the young ones, so much going on.


There is a new story about About the thirteen hours of the heart beat of the drum, bringing all the people together


Upcoming Schedule:


March 26 -  Vision quest starts here at the land,

April - Oregon

May -  Priestess seminar and ceremony - Space is limited.

June - Rite of Passage for Men, with Kwames, Mario Conroy and Balam

June 23 - Moon Dance, men and woman welcome for the moon eclipse

July 24 - Colorado Springs in the Garden of the Gods.    

August - Minneapolis  Contact Trisha

September - Cleveland, Ohio at Lake Erie.


Thank you for being you! I love you so much.


In lakesh





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