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Glen Cove Shell Mound

Preserve the Past - Protect the Future - Save Our Sacred Sites!

by Linda Orannhawk Roberts


"A society that cannot remember and honor its past is in peril of losing its soul." Vine Deloria Jr.

As Native people, we have a true moral responsibility to our traditions, ceremonies, to the Ancestors, to all living things and to this land.  This is inherent; it is who we are as Human beings.

From the very day a European foot hit the soil on Turtle Island, genocide began for Native people. That footprint left an indelible mark on Native history and the soles of the aggressors marched on, ravaging this land and her people.

The footprint remains, the imprints a permanent scar on Native souls.

We, as Native People, are under attack, not by terrorists, but by developers who see the land as a direct intravenous line to their bank accounts.

It is vital that everyone clearly understands that the Shellmounds are Sacred, despite the deliberate attempts of early archeologists claiming they were nothing more than great piles of trash.

The greater truths lie in the intricately woven lives of at least seven Native Nations who shared the site at Glen Cove.

Lives distinctly different from ours, yet within a broader scope, perhaps not so very dissimilar. Spiritual ceremonies, family life and death, the layers that comprise generations. The many layers of generations that actually form the Shellmound.

At the Glen Cove Sacred Shellmound in Vallejo, California; intact skeletal remains and cremations of the Ancestors have been documented, along with mortars and pestles, arrows, spear points, Eagle claws, bear teeth, bird bone whistles, and feather and shell ornaments.

The site, listed as California-Solano # 236, faced destruction and desecration with looting by the Spaniards, devastation during the onslaught of greed throughout the Gold Rush years, as well as the incompetence of 'trained archeologists' and construction companies who literally plowed and dug their way into the burial site with absolutely no regard to the sanctity of the Ancestors resting there.

One could feasibly surmise that during the past hundred years or so that at least a small amount of understanding and respect of Native life and spirituality would emerge. However, it is more than apparent that mainstream society does not understand and unfortunately, many could care less.

For Native People, we must hear the call of the Ancestors now. In the Spirit of our People, in the Spirit of our Ancestors - We need your support.

In his book Spirit and Reason, Vine Deloria Jr. wrote, "Sacred places are the foundation of all other beliefs and practices because they represent the presence of the Sacred in our lives".

Remembering, honoring and protecting the Ancestors and All Sacred Sites across Turtle Island are the foundation of who we are, our lifeline to Creator. We must preserve our past to protect our future.

We call upon All of you in Indian Country: Tribal Leaders, Chairpersons, Activists, Advocates, Men and Women and Youth to hear the call of the Ancestors and take your place among us to protect All Sacred Sites on Turtle Island.

Every day we see the blatant abuse and destruction of our Sacred Sites. It is up to us to protect and preserve the resting place of our Ancestors and the sites that are a rich part of our cultural, spiritual and traditional heritage.

It is difficult to comprehend why mainstream society seems to place so little value on our Sacred sites and burial grounds. Does the absence of granite markers for the Ancestors make them any less honored? Why is there such a compulsion to cut down the trees, build roads, pave over everything in sight and make a profit on the theft of the Sacred ?

We must stand up and we must stand united for all sacred sties. Many people speak about protecting our culture, saving our Sacred Sites, now is the time to act. We must live up to what we speak about!

Please stand up now in a Spiritual way for our Ancestors. Remember them, honor them, and protect them. Vine Deloria Jr. stated, "A society that cannot remember and honor its past is in peril of losing its soul."

The atrocities against Native People of All Nations are overwhelming to say the least. However, we are still here and we will not lose our soul!

2009 Orannhawk


Support Native Sacred Sites - Help Save the Glen Cove Shell Mound at Vallejo, California  

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