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By Magdala Del Consuelo  Mayan Priestess




The Mother is Shaking...



Hello Beautiful Ones,


Finally we are home, after a long journey, coming back home feels like a welcoming everywhere, the trees, the mountain, my heart, as I began to walk the path to the ceremonial grounds yesterday, the path was revealed in front of  me, the leaves fly away allowing me to see the path, for the path is always there, we just need to walk it,  the land feels so alive, I am so grateful for I am the land, I am life, and so are you….


We went for ceremony yesterday, for there is so much of commotion happening in the heart of the people, long was the list for praying and I was happy to return into the temazcal…


Yes, the mother is shaking and human beings are ready to begin to dance with her, into her alignment, for she is our mother, she is going into higher ways of manifestation, and now is the time where the daughterhood and son-hood is awakening in all human beings….   wipe the tears, do not drown in the salty waters,  as the alignment is taking place, for human being is recognizing the time of changes, and embracing their original vibration in the connection with the mother,  so many ancient teachings are being awaken for they have come the way of living in perfect harmony in divine order as father-mother god is opening the new consciousness in the true human beings.


Yes, there will be more shakings, and the salty tears will cover many land, at the same time that human beings will have a new land to uncover within the self, what is happening to one is happening to the many, at the place where the sickness and the healing is there, the cause and effect that is becoming one and the same, and the human beings are awakening the consciousness of bringing those together.


Human beings have all the assistance that they need, do not allow fear stop that assistance, walk your path and the path will be revealed before your eyes, is not in the doing where you find the answer, it is in the heart for it is love the cure, the healer, the bonding, the movement and the stillness…


“Don’t you know that I am your mother?” Then you know that you are my daughter, my son, and you know that is the alignment in all life forms in what you call the universe”


Yes, the shakings are happening, and it will continued to happened, for this planet is align into a higher realm, as it was before the time existed….


Learn the dance, it is encoded in you, let it flow, you will know exactly the dance by nature, then you will know where you are standing, for you are the new land, as the awakening of the consciousness, as human being realign into a cosmic way of thinking, then everything will make more sense, as you know the  mother, for she is one with  all life forms, the time of preparation is over, now is the graduation time for all human beings..


This is the time when the 2 have became one, the Ixpapalotli time,  through one, the way of living is being revealed, embrace then, the new way of living for you are life.

Do not fear love, but allow love to bloom, for the new world is about relationships, and relationships are moving, are changing, for the perfect vibration is taking place and with this, the way to relate is changing naturally, remember that you are love…


Your body is also changing, realigning with the great mother, the body needs to readjust to the new vibration, to the original vibration of the planet, do not resist, but allow the body to make the changes, for the body heals itself, for you are an spirit that holds a body, and your body knows what to do… trust yourself, be-live in yourself…


Know that you always in my heart


In lakesh, Magdala



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