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Painted Ceremonial Buffalo Skulls


Skulls depicted on this page are examples only.


Turtle / Grandmother Spider Buffalo Skull





From "Visions" series. Signed Lakota hand painted Buffalo skull by a Minneconjou Lakota Sioux, a registered member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.  Represented on this Buffalo Skull is a Turtle, with Grandmother Spider on the Turtles back reweaving the Web of Life (Sacred Hoop) for all living things upon Mother Earth. At the center is the Lakota symbol of the Seven Sacred Ceremonies/ teachings the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman brought with the Buffalo Calf Pipe, to the Lakota during their time of despair. Symbols of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Frog, Geko (Lizard), Snake, as well as the Lakota symbol of the Four Directions & four colors of man grace this skull. 



Create Your Own Buffalo Skull


Buffalo skull artists and members of Manataka will create a painted and decorated Buffalo Skull according to your own vision and design.  Send your request to Buffalo Skulls


All buffalo skulls used are taken for food only and no other purpose.  Before they are taken, tobacco is put down and prayers are offered up, honoring the animal for it's life. Skulls are cleaned and purified by water and other steps of preparation are required before the skull can be painted.  Each is stuffed with sage in the eye, nose & mouth cavities.  Prices range from $375 - $600 up plus  shipping/handling/insurance.


The time required for creation and shipping varies according to the need for food, weather, and design requirements.  Full payment is not requested until your order is ready to be shipped.  A 50% deposit is required.  Email your vision and design requirements to Buffalo Skulls  We will respond with a price quote and delivery time.  To make a deposit, go to: Buffalo Skull Deposits




These two ceremonial buffalo skulls are also from the Visions series and are hand painted and signed by a member of the Minneconjou Lakota Sioux of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. 








Tell us how your ceremonial buffalo skull will appear and we will duplicate your vision.

Buffalo Skull









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