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Native American Spirituality Brochure






Who are those who practice Native American Spirituality?


We are human beings who deserve not to be relegated to second-class citizenship or allowed to remain invisible to mainstream society, deemed a historical footnote, or deprived of human dignity and the  freedom to exercise our religious beliefs.


To us, ceremony makes the connection between the internal and the external, the mind, the spirit and the body, the past, the now and the forever. It grounds us and causes us to remember our place in the   universe, our oneness with All That Is.


With the Creator’s blessings, the Beauty Way, the way of healing, health and wholeness is a way of life.


Many of us live according to the Medicine Wheel; believing that all beings are all our relations, within the Great Hoop of Life, bounded by the Heavenly Father above and the Earthly Mother below, all the powers all around, with the center, the soul, the good medicine we share with Creator.  We are all children of Earth and Sky, with the Holy Ones here to guide us.


This booklet is intended to improve understanding of our spiritual beliefs and to help others to appreciate the imperative for us as endangered peoples to retain our culture -- and preserve and protect our fundamental rights for the betterment of all.


The laws and courts say our rights are enforceable.  But human rights should extend beyond legal coercion, to common courtesy,     respect and sharing.


This booklet is also directed to members of the American   Indian community to encourage them to not be fearful, ashamed or embarrassed to request that ceremonies be performed when and where appropriate.


You are entitled to them. The laws protect your rights. You are deserving of respect and your beliefs are worthy of honor and accommodation in a lawful and respectful manner.


We pray that what we have offered here is accepted in a good way, in the way that it is intended, as a blessing for all people.


Let our thoughts be as soft as footsteps leaving little trace but the joy of the moment, our steps as prayers, our feet as kisses for the Earthly Mother, in honor of the warming Sun that gives us life. 




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