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Native American Spirituality Brochure




· Physicians and Health Care Providers

Keep a resource list on hand of local Native American spiritual elders for contact or consultation.


Seek out such Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)        providers in your communities to establish rapport with them and for referrals and consultation.


· Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes

Ensure that all admittance forms include  “Native American” for religious belief; areas should be set aside for prayer and ceremony, suitable for burning sage or allowing drumming or rattling; Spiritual elders, “medicine men” or women should be treated with the same courtesies as other “clergy.”


· Home Health Care/Hospice Providers

Specify in all printed materials that Native American religious practices are  honored and supported.


· Funeral Homes

Note for bereaved individuals that Native American spiritual elders are welcome, traditional beliefs are honored, and there is willingness to work cooperatively.


· Civic Clubs, Hospital and Health Care, Charities, Volunteer Groups and Support Organizations

Conduct outreach programs to ensure that those who practice Native American spirituality in their communities are not ostracized in any way.


· Community organizations, public and private agencies and   individuals likely to come into contact with issues outlined in this brochure 

Keep on hand copies of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act and associated federal rules and executive orders, including the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 (NAGPRA), and the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA).


· Local newspapers, museums, libraries, civic organizations

 Make it a point to let the public know that those who practice Native American spirituality have rights and interests in medical, religious,   archeological and cultural affairs that are meaningful and enriching of the community, worthy of support and respect. And incorporate them into programs and activities. 




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