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By Magdala Del Consuelo, Mayan Priestess








Beautiful Ones,


Here comes the Moon Dance Ceremony, June 4 - 10, 2009


The Moon Dance is where women find her sacredness.  It is the place where the women find the great Mother inside of them.  It is the place where sisterhood is born through the Great Mother.  The Moon Dance is an ancient ceremony for women for we are the virtual reality, the door of many worlds, in this year is only for women.


It takes place near Harrison, AR at the womb, where the waters comes out, in an ancient sacred place of the women, the place has been prepared for us for a very very long time.  we have just needed to uncovered, now, all is ready.


Sacredness starts as a realization of the self, as a realization from within, in the place where all life is sacred, at the realm where everything is one.


The call is for every single woman to realize her sacredness.  Mama is bringing the call for the return of the sacred women to the sacredness of life.



We are opening more spaces for camping.  Come prepared with camping gear, food, material to make tobacco ties.  Bring at least one ceremonial skirt, white or gold is preferred.  If you do not have one, Daniela can make one or more for you. 


If you are coming, send an email to me and Cherry   and let her know when and how you are coming.  We have women coming from all directions and all over the world.  We might find you a ride if you don’t have one, so let us know.  Also email Cherry for directions.


Want to Come Early? We need help.  Bring a rake, chain saw, weed eater, gloves, tiki torches, fuel, citronella fuel, etc.  We will be in ceremony the last week end May.  Men will be there to help with preparations but will leave before the Moon Dance begins.


Visit and read about the Moon Dance Ceremony. 


We have a ceremonial songs CD for $25.  Send me an email if you want one.  It will be good for you to learn the songs before you come.  Proceeds will be used to get a holy carrito for the abuela drum and elders.  


This is not a New Age event.  Absolutely no alcohol or other drugs.


In Lakesh




We are accepting registration for the online school for June 21 to September 21 classes.  registration.



Jun 10- 20 -    Manataka Summer Gathering    Hot Springs, AR

Jul 26   -          Colorado Seminar           

Aug 08 -          Minnesota Seminar          Kimberly  

Aug 22 -          High Springs - Gainesville, Florida

Aug 23 -          2009 Tampa, Florida

Aug 29 -          2009 Panama City, Florida  Elantra Roberts

Sep 21 -          Equinox Ceremony - for men and women.  Space for only 21 people near Harrison, AR

Oct     -             Priesthood seminar - Space for only 12 women available.   


Beautiful Ones


Here we are preparing for moon dance, this will be our third year and so many beautiful things are shifting and creating and re creating, ancient spaces within and without are being revealed as well as re align in all the realms….


But I do have time to be a mother, grandmother, sister, wife, and all the relations at the same time, and I want to share a bed time story that came through the Great mother … That is very much what she is cooking…


It was that time of the year when the skirl was so busy hidden her nuts for winter, where she found the perfect spot, she found the cave by causality, if that is possible, at least that is what she thought, she was so busy in the cave re-arranging all her medicine and thinking for a better place where to put her medicine, when she felt Into a deeper place, inside of the cave, in there a stone with ancient writings felt right in her head…. She looks upon the stone, and she read, jump into the rainbow and the rainbow will take you into a better place to put your medicine… She thought that was a message from the ancient skirl goddess so she begins to look for the rainbow…


She waited for a log time, but there was no rainbow, she waited for  long time, until one morning she wake up, and finally there was the rainbow, the forest was so quiet and the energy of the trees were in completely grace, she was sooo happy when she saw the rainbow,  that she jump quick and she began to realize that the rainbow was quicker than her, she try and try to catch the rainbow, but the rainbow will move every time, but she keep on trying and trying… until the rainbow began to vanish, then she sit on the big stone, tired, despair was in her heart, and confusion was in her mind, finally the question arrive… why you told me about the rainbow if I cannot catch it? She ask out loud, while her tears were floating into the stone, and the tears were washing the stone, so she cried more and more, and more, until she realize that the stone was specking to her, strange symbols were there, just being revealed as the tears were falling….  “Only the pure heart can catch the rainbow”  … she began to wonder what that means….


She was just there on top of the stone, she wasn’t crying anymore, just trying to make sense of what the stone was telling her when the wolf show up, I am going to eat you” said the wolf…. But the skirl wasn’t afraid; she was tired and thoughtful about what the stone have said…. So she answered back… You know wolf, eat me, I really don’t care, so I am not going to run or play that game that we always play, for I need to find the pure heart so I can catch the rainbow, and go in a place where II can put all my medicine…


Catch the rainbow? Said the wolf… nobody can catch the rainbow… what will be beyond of the rainbow? Anyway! Said the wolf,

It is the place where you can find your perfect meal, a place where you have all what you need… I guess so… said the skirl


Show me that place skirl, said the wolf, very interested now, for it was the place of good hunting…


I only can tell you, that the purity of the heart can catch the rainbow and the rainbow will take you there said the skirl


Well, I am not going to eat you today, I will tell my people, and maybe we can catch the rainbow too! Said the wolf, leaving the skirl with her thoughts….

It was on the way back to her people when the wolf encounter a tiger, and the tiger approach to her, saying we have been enemies for a long time, and now, you are by yourself, this is my territory said the tiger and you will die here!


Ok, said the wolf, will be fine, I was going to tell my people about how to catch the rainbow….  And the tiger said… nobody can catch the rainbow! Is foolish!

Yes, that is what I thought, said the wolf, nobody knew how before but now I know how, so I will tell my people, but if you kill me, I will tell them in the spirit, so they will know…


How you catch the rainbow… ask the tiger soo curios,


Well, looks like the pure heart will do it, said the wolf, whatever that means…


The tiger was thinking about it … and after a minute, he said, I will tell my people the secret of how to catch the rainbow, but what will happen after we catch the rainbow?


It is a place of good hunting said the wolf, I know that my ancestors also spoke about it, but nobody knew how to catch the rainbow, now we know…

So the tiger said, I will not fight with you today, maybe I will go to tell my people and we can go there first and reclaimed as our territory, …so, is about the purity of the heart! Hmmm, the tiger said when he was leaving, going in search for his people… When he found a lion….


Then, my grandchild felt to sleep, finally, and being like an angel… but in the middle of the night she woke up, and told me… abuela, abuela, abuelllaaaa  wake up!… tell me what happened with the lion?....


Sooo, if you want to hear the whole story, let me know….


I love you so much!






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