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Nail Funcus Treatment


Effective natural nail fungus treatment - Fungus home nail remedy


Effectively treats and resolves nail fungal infections naturally

Use Native Remedies Nail-Rx To:

  • Treat fungal infections of the nail
  • Treat flakiness and discoloration of the nail
  • Encourage healing and healthy nail growth
  • Prevent recurrence of nail infections
  • Treat pain, discomfort and redness around the nail
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What is nail fungus?

Fungal infections of the finger and toenails are very common and notoriously difficult to get rid of. Fungi are everywhere in our environment and can infect various parts of the body with different effects. When the nails become infected with a fungus they begin to look thickened and discolored. As the infection progresses and invades more of the nail, flaking, peeling and crumbling may occur.

In some instances the nail comes smoothly away from the underlying nail bed as a result of the fungal growth. These nails will not only look unsightly, but also have a tendency to smell unpleasant as the fungus grows and invades the tissue. Our nails are naturally built to be strong barriers, and resistant to fungi and other infections. However, because of how strong this barrier is, once nail fungus is present, it is sometimes very difficult to eliminate the infection.

What will increase my risk of fungal nail infections?

Fungi love warm and moist environments to grow in. Tight footwear especially when used for exercising, provides an ideal breeding ground for fungi. Communal showers are another place that fungi are commonly growing and being passed between various people’s feet and toenails. Any reason for reduced immune functioning will predispose an individual to fungal infections. Diseases like diabetes and AIDS as well as lifestyle factors like exposure to pollution, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet all hinder healthy immune functioning.

How are fungal nail infections usually treated?

Conventional treatment of fungal nail infections is expensive and long-term. Treatment may include topical preparations and/or oral anti-fungal medications. Nail fungus can be very stubborn to treat and people whose infection clears up often find that it returns soon after discontinuing the medication. Oral antifungals all have significant side-effects and interact with many other medications.

What is Nail-Rx?

Nail-Rx is a 100% safe and effective natural remedy for treating fungal infections of the nails.

Combining 100% essential oils extracted from plants, Nail-Rx is highly concentrated and has strong anti-fungal properties.


What are the ingredients of Nail-Rx?

Nail-Rx contains the following pure essential plant oils:

Melaleuca laterifolia is also known as Tea Tree Oil and is used externally for inflammation and to treat various skin conditions. This oil has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties. Tea Tree Oil will soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin and nail as well as treat any fungal infections.

Lavendula officinalis (Lavender) is a sweet-smelling essential oil with antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. This oil also has balancing and soothing properties.

Cymbopogon citrates (Lemon Grass) is known to treat infections and is especially helpful for fungal infections. This anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil is also soothing and assists healing by promoting cell regeneration.

Syzygium aromaticum is Clove Oil and is considered an excellent antifungal and antibiotic essential oil. Clove oil is a well-known antibiotic and will improve the health of your nails.

How has Nail-Rx helped others?

"I have had a fungal infection on one of my big toenails for years now! Nothing worked to clear it up long term. I used oral anti-fungals, paint-on products and anything else I could find but the infection always returned. Your Nail-Rx is the best product I have found - not only did it treat the fungus effectively - the infection has not returned and it has been 3 months since I started using Nail-Rx!" - Candice

"A few months ago my toenails started to disintegrate before my eyes and looked positively disgusting- a pity because I have always thought my feet were the prettiest part of me! I showed my nails to my doctor who prescribed medication but after reading all the side-effects of the drug and how long I needed to take it for I thought I’d try something “natural” first. I tried Nail-Rx and it has sorted out the problem. My nails are starting to grow out now and the new growth looks smooth, pink and healthy. I’m so glad I found such a simple and safe solution to my nail problems- thank you!" - Tara-Lynne

How do I use Nail-Rx?

Directions: Using a clean cotton bud, apply directly onto affected area two to three times daily.

Use together with Native Remedies Candidate Drops for maximum benefit and to treat particularly stubborn cases of recurring nail fungal infections.

Caution: For external use only. Please consult your medical practitioner should symptoms persist.

How long until I see results?

With regular use the infection should begin to clear within 3 weeks of use. Over the following weeks and months, new healthy nail growth will begin to appear. Remember that fungal infections damage the nail itself and that this damage will have to 'grow out', even though the infection itself has been cleared.

Nail-Rx is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched and are natural, safe and effective.

Nail-Rx is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee and experience the results risk-free


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