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Joseph Beautiful

Painted Arrow

by Jennie Coles


Yellow Corn Woman is the creative vastness from which begins the miracle of life’s creation. Cornmeal makes it so life is creation - the four seasons. Four seasons’ Spirits honor the life stages. When ice melts with heat it generates Spring then Summer, then Autumn, then Winter which is all one holy moment combined.

Corn plant grows outwardly
And begins to bring forth its fruits
It now knows to bring into wakefulness
In itself that which is ancient.


The Way of Inspiration

by Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow

Earlier this year I shared with Joseph the many events in my life and said I believed this was a year to "Shaken to Awaken". He laughed and asked me what year we are in. I said "2015". He said, "so that means we are in the vibration of number 6. Number six is maa-tschlay, the bringing of ancient wisdom into the present. A time when we can perceive the past, future and present. A time for creating the ancient in the present time to go forward into the future." Well, I got out my copy of Joseph's book, The Way Of Inspiration, and read the Chapter on Number Six.

Every Month I speak with Joseph about the art work and his message to you. He shares his art and message with love and in the hope you take it into yourself and work with it through the month, beginning with your Sacred Fire Ceremony on the 7th.

Each month I share your stories of your Sacred Fire Ceremony through Joseph Beautiful Arrow Monthly Message, but not this month.

Instead, I have chosen to inspire you with a passage from Joseph's book The House of Shattering Light; to practice vigilance of your thoughts and to encourage you to do the Fire Ceremony on the 7th of each month for the cleansing of the oceans. Joseph told me, everything that contains water is an individual ocean. When you do this Sacred Fire Ceremony to cleanse the oceans you know it means you, all that flows from you and all the waters that exist in this perceptual reality.

Please keep your Sacred Fire Ceremony experiences/stories coming so I can share them with Joseph and fellow students through Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow Monthly Message. Email them to Jennie Coles:


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