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APRIL 2015


Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 


Native Names

Dear Manataka,

Do you take any position on Caucasians giving themselves “Native” names?  For several decades I have felt an affinity to wolves and gave myself a name that reflects this, but I don’t think this follows the People’s tradition of “naming”, which may vary according to the tribe.  Thanks, Warren Lind. St. Louis, MO


Hello Warren,

We cannot change the behavior of anyone, including Caucasians.  Thus, we do not become upset when that behavior may be contrary to our own values.  However, we can encourage people to find an honorable way to achieve their needs. 


I desire to live again and embrace life

Greetings Grandfather Standing Bear, 

Blessings to you and all at Manataka. I read the post on Facebook regarding the blood that links back to Turtle Island. I read with tear and wondered, but what about us orphans who do not know our blood line? My son Timothy has dreamt of what I believe Turtle Island is and has always had a thing with baby turtles only to have all of them stolen. Never thought over the 14 years his so called friends would take something that was not even Timothy's but happened. My daughter, Noel has dreamed of the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy and that is what lead me to find you 3 years ago. Over these last couple years I have come in and out of growing. 

I contacted Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother and we talked and did 3 days of ghost dance New Years Eve 2013 turning 2014. She told me I was Nakota. Told me to demand my family to tell me who my family is, but they refuse because I believe to cover up their own secrets. I don't know really why I write simply had my heart moved and wanted to ask what about those of us that do not know our origin? I have always known I was an outsider, but somehow someway and someday I just want to belong. 


Thank you for sending Manataka Smoke Signals i have not paid in over a year. I have gone thru some struggles and my life upside down, and yet I desire to live again and embrace life and its pain to stand in hope for a new love to carry me on through.  I bless the sacred Nine Streams, I bless the Four Holy Beams, I bless you Grandfather, and I bless myself. 

Today is the day the Lord God Yahweh has made; let us rejoice and be glad! ~Challene



Q’ero IndIan Medicine

Hi Manataka:

My name is Naadia and I studied with the Q’ero IndIan/Medicine wheel teachings/Four Winds Society. Yesterday we had a native elder here (I am in Ontario right now) who was discussing the need for aboriginals to work only with aboriginals ( I was hurt and disappointed by this because I was expecting us to all work together and we are the ones here at this workplace). My question is: is the priniciple of universality or “we are all one” part of the medicine wheel teachings. Does it depend on who is teaching, are there different perspectives (or interpretations) of the medicine wheel? Does the medicine wheel perspective acknowledge past lives. I have been doing shamanic healing for many years now and clearly when we are doing a soul retrieval I am seeing people’s past lives? Do some traditions not acknowledge this also? Thanks. ~Naadia S. Bacchus, MA

Hello Naadia,
It is true that “We Are One” – the Creator of All Things made everything and we are all inter-related.  There are billions or trillions of interpretations of the Medicine Wheel – as it should be. The inter-relatedness of each point in the circle is compounded many times depending on the individual(s) and situations presented.

The Elder who advises indigenous teachers to work only with indigenous people is correct in many ways. Incorrect in others.
Because so much of indigenous teaching is prevaricated, watered-down, bastardized and commercialized by white society, it is wise to withhold that teaching until children who have the proper respect come forward. This viewpoint is growing among many indigenous societies.

A shaman is a Russian magician – not an indigenous healer. A shaman is a trickster, one with little knowledge motivated by many things not spiritual.

To the best of our knowledge, the Q'ero (Q'iru) of Quechua do not now or never have had a “medicine wheel” Although the South American Inca did not have a medicine wheel in the sense of the North American natives, at least one prolific teacher of Inca shamanism in the United States has synthesized one. Thus, this non-traditional concept has entered the subject of Inca shamanism as it is taught ONLY outside of the Andes among New-Agers in North America.

Yes, many if not most indigenous traditions do not acknowledge new-age viewpoints that have little basis in true knowledge and wisdom.  Thank you for asking Manataka. ~Editor


I am Nadeem Khan from India

Namaste Manataka,,


I am Nadeem Khan from India, Bangalore, I was browsing and got your website for the "What Does A Spiritual Awakening Feel Like?" and spirituality, awakening, it is quite interesting indeed. I have been practicing meditation from last two and half years without any results. I am frustrated and I am looking for a enlightened teacher or Guru who can take me  out of this state. Please help me as I am really depressed and eager to know the fact of life.  Waiting eagerly for your response.  ~Nadeem Khan, Bangalore, India


Hello Honored Friend Nadeem,

The seeds you are planting will bear good fruit.  Be patient with the sometimes lengthy process and be patient with yourself.

A journey of discovery is not about finding the end of the road, it is about discovery of the sacred one within yourself.  Depression is caused by F.E.A.R. – false evidence appearing real.  Depression is a self-made box or prison cell.  Use the same triggers that placed you in fear to cause the box or cell to disappear.  Only you can remove the blockage of depression.


The enlightened teacher you seek is within you. 

Eons before you became human, your Spirit was alive in the universe. 

A tiny shining sparkle of light floating and interacting among billions of Spirits.

Your Spirit absorbed great knowledge and knowing from ancient times.

When you were born as a human, your Spirit retained all the wisdom and knowing, but your mind was unable to express.

Search for that knowing within you.  It is there among all the memories of all your ancestors.

We cannot teach you what you already know.

Yonv (Bear)



Dear Manataka,

It is hard for me to Thank the Earth, moon and stars, when my God made all of this for us to enjoy. This belief you have is all part of the Indian traditions of old? I am part Indian (no proof, except what my Mom told me), so am inclined to want to know and understand more, and I want to pass it down to my generation. Thanks for you. Regards, ~Linda


Hello Linda,

Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for YOU.  It is difficult to share blessings with an ungrateful child -- because the child does not recognize the blessings and reacts with pouting or anger.  Continue to explore the Manataka website.    here are literally thousands of stories that will teach you many beautiful things. If you wish to understand more, this is an easy and good way to begin. It is good that you chose to use the word, “faith” as your subject.  Let us know of your progress from time to time.  You are an intelligent and creative person who deserves understanding and love. - Editor


Connecting to the Spirit Within

Dear Editor,

I am so Interested in connecting with the animal spirits, I just do not know how to. I read how it says to go to a place where no interruptions, close eyes think of a place like the forest, or mountains touch the plants and trees there, soon I will see my Animal Spirit.  Only problem is, I am not able to get anywhere after I close my eyes.  Is it because I am truly not concentrating and relaxed?  I have a difficult time relaxing all the time.  I do not think I know how to relax. I am always tense.  So if someone even gets this and has any advice please by all means ("Help":-). I really really would Love to have a close relationship with a wild animal of any kind. But do not know how I could go about such a thing. Again if you have any suggestions Please help a troubled soul (Me) :-) . Thanks so much, Sincerely TmeBee

Hello Tina,
You have answered your own question.
If you cannot concentrate and relax, then you must learn how.
Research these subjects and accept the methods suggested to relax.
Practice those methods every day – throughout the day.

Animals are not “wild”. They simply live in a different way.
They all have natural ways of living that are in many ways much more in-tune with Earth Mother and Father Sky than humans – who are actually the wild ones because of their erratic, mean and senseless behavior.  Animals are who they are, humans are not.  Finding your spirit within is vital to your happiness and the happiness of those around you. Get to work on this and keep us posted about your progress. ~Editor


Celebrating the Equinox


Dear Editor,

European people are still very poor people. We don’t really celebrate Equinox, we don’t know how to do it. We are to far away from nature, spiritualité... We do not do sacred ceremony. We have a lot to learn from you, Indian people.

I read the story of Manataka and it made me cry. I feel deep in myself that I know this place, this paradise.   Maybe I was there once before...!   I would like to tell you that sends only a few weeks, water has become very important in my life, I consider it sacred and I feel she wants to teach me. That wasn’t so before. It’s like water want to introduce me in the secret of hole life.

So Manataka, that question speaks to me:  “Do you know why the nations sent their elders to Manataka?"

The answer to this most important question cannot be given in writing out of respect for our ancestors, our culture and the sanctity of the Story of Manataka. The answer may only be given eye-to-eye, heart-to heart to those who come to this special place of peace in the right way. The answer to this question will amaze you and fill the remainder of your days with deep respect and understanding of the American Indian way of life.“

Maybe that one day, I can come to this special place of peace, in the right way! and can receive the answer.  I will let you know if we can do a celebration the 21 March. But still I will tell you that I will do a celebration by myself, I will follow my intuition. With a lot off love. ~Katelyne Ostyn, France


Hello Honored Sister Katelyne,

Yes, you and your good spirit have been to Manataka in the past. 

Yes, you and your good spirit will return one day.

 Bring together three people who will be a part of your Equinox ceremony. 

As a result, you will receive a special blessing – a gift.

 Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being.  ~Editor



Dream of a Moose

Dear Manataka American Indian Council,
On January 26 this year I was awaken because I had a weird dream. I live directly across the street from my family in New York. In my dream I was coming home from their house. I reached the gate that leads to the staircase that leads up to the entrance of my home. I saw a moose near the gate for the driveway which is across the yard. When we made eye contact the moose came towards me as to chase me. I got frightened and slammed the gate closed as to prevent the moose from getting me. But strangely the moose passed through the gate as if it weren't there. I quickly entered my yard and closed the gate behind me and started to run up the steps. As I looked behind me there was two moose but only one followed after me. I got inside my house and closed the door. But I could still see the moose. It was young and had a beautiful light beige color. The moose was smiling at me and saying let me in. I responded saying I can't my dog will kill you. Than I woke up. That morning I discovered that my aunt had passed away. I was very close to her. She always represented wisdom to me. What is my dream trying to tell me? Or what was she trying to tell me? I hope that you can help me interpret my dream. Although I felt somewhat frightened that this moose was chasing me in my dream I never really felt like I was in harm. I can't stop thing about this dream.
~Joann Rivera


Hello Joann,
We consider all dreams sacred because their origin is inside the soul.
Therefore, we only perform dream interpretation in-person and only for those we know very well.

We do not perform dream interpretation in most cases because if there was even the slightest chance that we would use our own experiences, history, knowledge, knowing and feelings, to interpret your dream, then we may cause you great harm.
Dreams are sacred and thus we must respect the holiness within you.

Yes, there are hundreds of books on the subject and many so-called professionals pretend to have the ability to properly interpret dreams – but that is all hogwash only intended to separate you from your money.

Be blessed with your dreams. Allow them to mature and tell you what they want you to know.
Do not push your dreams or ask others for their opinions.
No one knows your heart and soul so do not allow anyone to enter your sacred space.

Please reread the articles I wrote on the subject of Spirit Animals.


Thank you. ~Editor


Opposed to Canonization of Junipero Serra


Dear Manataka,

Above is the link to the Kizh Nation petition to the Pope regarding our extreme shock and resistance to the canonization of Junipero Serra.

The article below was on my Facebook page today from the Pope's Facebook. I shared it on Facebook with comments and with the Chumash group, but we need this information and our petition to go viral. I have pushed back the petition delivery to a week after lent, so the Church can't say they are too busy to read it. Corine, can you do want you can to get me in the other closed groups, or share my message with them? We need all California Mission Nations to sign and forward the petition and write individual letters as the Kizh and Amah Mutsun have already done.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation and assistance, if I wasn't retired, I could not have drafted the petition or monitor it as closely as I do. This is a spiritual and human rights issue. Our ancestors were subject to the horrors of slavery, domination and ethnic cleaning , yet the Pope and many historians feel that Junipero Serra was justified in his actions and our ancestors were collateral damage in the name of free labor, the Church and "Civilization" because we are dark skinned. The perpetuation of ethnocentrism and domination continues today, so we, as survivors of cultural trauma must fight this cause, just as Toypurina did in 1785.

If I forgot anyone, please forward this message, especially the petition link. We are now up to 3,715 signatures. If a million people can share photos of Kim Kardashian's behind, we should easily get a half mission signatures, in the name of our ancestors! I will look into Twitter this weekend. The Pope is on Facebook and Twitter. Drop him a line and tell you know why people, especially Natives and mestizos are leaving the Catholic Church and it is now his opportunity to turn things around.

I apologize for my tenacity and exuberance, but some one has to do this! I hope to see as many of you as possible next week at UCR.

From: Norma Flores



Christians really don't care for Islamist

Hello Manataka,

Greetings, I am a subscriber to your magazine, love it by the way, and I wanted to know if you would be interested in my Facebook post on religion and unity, lack thereof possibly using it in a Manataka news letter. I know I am not one of your editors so, I am okay if you are not interested. I just thought I would share and ask you. Thanks

Amur FireWalker Lovell

Yamassee Indian Nation Ambassador


This is response to a question someone asked me via inbox. Though I would share it with y'all.

Truth is, religion can be very divisive...history buffs will study the origins and progression of religion and find that it has a extremely violent history, during ancient times and the not so distant past.

Christians really don't care for Islamist and vice versa. Islamist don't care that much for Christians. Now don't condemn me to hell yet because I'm not talking about all Christians and Muslims.

I know some Muslims hate what the extremist are doing with the murder and torture of innocent people and some Christians wish they could erase the past of conquer & kill in the name of God, the Son and holly spirit.

They both share similar paths, in doctrine of theology, peace and extremism. Do you realize the strikingly similarity between the Israelie-Palestinian conflict compared with the Indigenous Native American-Euro-Colonial conflict.

Israel has taken land on the premise of religious rights, promise and heredity paralleling the religious obligation on all Christians under the rule of the Pope and the church during our not so distant past.

With all this being said you probably think I have nothing good to say about world religions. Not criticism is towards those who condemn others based on religious beliefs sanctioning the murder, brutality and mistreatment of all others with differing views, beliefs and practices.

Based on human track records and not so common sense I have to say so far religion on a global scale has caused more division, murder and destruction of governments, nations, tribes, families and people all in the name of god than anything thing else on the planet. Can you think of something else that's been more divisive?

I think your (((CHALLENGE))) as a religious teacher and/or practitioner is to learn how to accept those who don't accept your doctrine......Is that even possible if your doctrine is founded on the beliefs of a person going to hell if they don't accept your beliefs?

Question: if you are not Christian and accept Jesus as your lord and savior, do you consider them a heathen, hell bound, in need of saving, beneath you, in need of prayer because they're soul is lost?

Question: Do you consider Christians to be infidels because they don't recognize your prophet as a prophet?

Out of the 3 major religions, One group doesn't recognize the other groups prophet as a legitimate prophet, next this group don't recognize the first groups messiah as a savior but only as a prophet under their own prophet and the third group don't recognize either under the laws of torah.

Can these leaders, teachers and followers set an example to the world by accepting each other? If they can't do it, why should we? And how do they expect us to if they, (the leadership) can't do it?

That's your (((CHALLENGE))).

So far It has proven to be a formidable challenger with many KO's under its belt.

I have no problem with, temples, churches or mosque or a damn barn if that's your place of worship. My friends come in different packages. I don't try to change them from their religious beliefs and why would I.

I don't think everyone should be in a church, or a mosque or a temple and why should they?

I know people are good and bad regardless of their religion.

Religion can bring out your best or bring out your worst.

The real danger is when you are at your worst and you're under the disillusional impression that you are doing Gods work.

Remember, many genocidal actions were committed by religious people I.e. Andrew Jackson whose celebrated to this very day on the 20dollar Bill, who is historically known to have been a Christian who committed some of the worst genocides on this side of the globe and is known as the Hitler of the west.

"Google Andrew Jackson genocide" and see for yourself.

I accept the diversity of my friends and family.  How many of you can say the same thing, and actually do it?   Don't just say it, do it....  So what do you think?


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