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Manataka Drum Society


Learn the ancient songs, have fun, fellowship with men and women walking the Red Road.


The Manataka Social Drum is a powerful instrument to hold and focus the spirit of the community and brings the Spirit to our circles. 


Played and handled in a reverent way it is a source of pride and honoring of all we hold sacred. 


As the drum sounds during gatherings and other events, it collects the energy of all present and signals for quiet and attention.


Playing the drum is making a joyful noise to the Creator of All Things.  The Creator gives all things a way to communicate with Spirit.  Among   the two-leggeds, the drum and song is one of the most powerful.


  It is an expression of the strong and deep connection between us, the Earth Mother and the Creator.   


      This is empowering!



"We invite you to come and learn the songs at the membership meetings each month.  Spirit will guide us all in making any further commitments and we will not be afraid to sing and communicate with Spirit as is intended."

~Melinda Musical Healer Smith, Former Manataka Drum Leader


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Amanda Morningstar Moore, Drum Leader

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