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Bennie E. "Blue Thunder" LeBeau Sr., an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming is a MAIC Newsletter Correspondent.  His "Teton Rainbow" and Earth Wisdom columns are regular features on these pages.





This is a message to all wisdom keepers within the Indigenous Nations of the America's.  


I feel these are very important to our awakening to moving into peace with the wisdom that we carry now...

Please read this and take into consideration what this means.  This is a very special time in history of Mother Earth and Humanity for those who wish to survive living in harmony. 

A lot of information in coming in everyday now to many individuals everywhere in what is taking place around us.  With this wisdom and knowledge it is very important to consider what is the old way of thinking and thinking in the old patterns that won't work anymore...It has been mandated by the Great Spirit and Mother Earth to now move into new thinking patterns that work with the energy force THAT hears all thoughts and makes happen what we think, happiness or sadness, making illnesses or confusion, love peace or harmony to others, including Mother Earth.  A person that feels much pain will inflict pain to their love ones, friends or colleagues. 

Especially mates, our children anyone living in our immediate family of loved ones.  Many of them are doing the work for peace helping to wake up humanity.   Many are feeling left out in one way or another as their love ones sacrifice their lives to bring about this awareness. The forthcoming days will be difficult, we will overcome these old ways of thinking won't work anymore. Move onto what is now here the new way or thinking going with the force of energy coming in now.  This will affect each individual as they work through their stuff clearing themselves of all injustices they have done and what others have done to us.  We have been sent to do this and clear this for our relatives and families while here at this time to help bring peace, love, honor and respect. 

To Speak the Truth, for our Nations to Unite in the Souls we walk together on Mother Earth in peace not wars of emotions causing trials and tribulations through resources.  For the future depends upon those that help others at this time.  Making Clear what we want for ourselves in working with Mother Earth and not against her.  No more no less. Especially for ourselves first then others later in the teachings of how peace works in our emotions. Many will destroy our loved ones with jealousy, angers, judgments ect,  this is called Black Magic those that do this do not know the harm or even understand they are harming the ones they love and others around them. Making them sick and miserable causing deaths and other needless ailments by their actions and thoughts in negative thinking patterns.  Know those they hurt have to find a healer to fix what was throwed at them by their thoughts not even knowing what they are doing to there love ones or others in judgments of their egos out of balance, out of control. 

Many Sacred Sites are being affected and destroyed by thought forms and these areas hold the Original Instructions of our Indigenous Nations in the Rock Art.  All forms of communication in the spiritual realm are awakening many to this wisdom as the texts coming from much cultures wisdom and knowledge’s returns.  This means all nations knowledge’s working together for our communities as we move forward with this very special energy coming in from the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets.   To help each and everyone, no one will be left out.  Many have chosen to be here on Mother Earth to teach us as we all move forward in peace teachings.


For this remember and love those around them no matter who they are, or what they have done, for we are all brothers and sisters of tomorrow's peaceful families.  Those that chose not to walk with the messages of peace will destroy themselves.  As they perish by the swords or their own actions.  Hurting their emotions or actions of many others around them as they take them out also... 

Spreading the negative thought forms is power and can touch individuals hundreds of miles away all the way around the world.  If those chose to understand not to do this they will come out smelling like roses of peace protecting their families, friends and relatives worldwide.   The time is now to be or not to be... This is the question many will have to face sooner or later... I pray it is now.

I pray many will understand this message of peace.  This means many things for thoughts are causing the environment to fall apart around the world in nature's disasters.  Please think about this:  Using our hearts and formulating our minds to our hearts in a synchronization.  Working together in peace as was intended.  Asking the heart for all the answers and not the mind rationalizing the truth into a lie.

This brings about disasters in our families and the environment around us... As Mother Nature listens and then reacts to those in peace and war.  For she is hurt and reacts just like our friends and relatives when hurt.  She will destroy us and everything around us to get rid of what is wrong in many areas not bring peace...  The meek and mild working and living in peace will inherit the earth with their children in their environment, prophecy...

Many of our friends, groups, societies are going mad at this very moment as I am writing this...  It is happening because to this energy coming from the Central Sun rippling in like circles just like a small stone is dropped in the water and hits our electrical fields.  This energy charges our thoughts if we are positive in love and peace we will be all right.  If not we will see the consequences of those ones not choosing peaceful actions and what they will go through will be disastrous.  If we become upset over our associates, friends, family, relatives or in our work places we can get hurt in the emotional thinking processes if we do not understand how to let their problems be theirs.  Not carrying their burdens or problems, they made them, they are here to learn from them, this is why they and we are here to learn from it and what to do to find peace:  A reflection for peace.  This way we can have a peaceful out look on our everyday lives as the Creator intended it to be in peaceful relationships to live in The Beauty Way in the Environments we live in everywhere.  

The Sun is amplifying Mother Earth's Spirit and our spirit, that means what ever we think in peace or negative ways will activate us in that direction...I pray that we understand this message is about bringing an awareness in peace and love for the future our families upon Mother Earth for She Love All of Her Children No Matter What Color They Are...Blessings Be To Each And Everyone...


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