Manataka American Indian Council








Teachings of Cherokee Elder

John Red Hat Duke

By his partner Dorothy Lady In White Daigle

Abridged Version December, 2006



A Bridge to the Native American spiritual path, the Red Road




Step 1:  Observe nature with awe and gratitude.  A sense of love and respect for all creation will begin to grow within me.

Step 2:  Learn to trust Creator and accept my circumstances.  Overcoming adversity will produce spiritual growth within me as I walk the Red Road.

Today we face great adversities, probably greater than any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.  It is also a wonderful time of great opportunity for spiritual growth.  We have the potential of rising to great spiritual heights; even to the place of forgiveness, love and tolerance where we will be prepared for the coming.

Step 3:  Seek for truth within myself, that I may remove hypocrisy and evil intent from within my heart.

Step 4:  Repent and humbly surrender my will to Creator, that I may become one with Great Spirit.

The joy of walking in harmony with Creator cannot be surpassed by any worldly activity.  It produces a profound sense of peace and completeness; it answers the question, "Who am I?"

Step 5:  Communicate with Great Spirit from my heart; listen, and live the insight I receive.

Step 6:  Learn true abstinence.  It is in serving others, with an attitude of loving-kindness that I create a flow of Living Waters which will purify my heart.

Step 7:  Attain complete, joyous harmony with Great Spirit; walk the Red Road.  This requires that I totally surrender my will to the will of Creator, and love others unconditionally without judgment because that is who I am.

IAM is calling.  Have we forgotten how to listen to His voice? 


For the complete unabridged version write:

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