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Paint With All The Colors of the Wind

by Sandy Stevenson

I was recently asked to write an article with important key points that make a major difference in our individual evolution and ascension. Iíve done similar articles before but this may give some new insights.

We often rush through when reading articles. But maybe instead of squeezing this in between coffee and the family wash load, we take the time to listen to the message with our hearts and make a positive difference in our life.

Many paths are available. Choices to suit everyone: sacred geometry, work on our light bodies, breath work, meditation, guidance by the stars /moon/ channels/ masters/ famous workshop presenters, books, fasting, various methods of meditation, prayer, chanting, yoga, martial arts, fasting, sweat lodges, dancing, decrees, listing goals, pilgrimages, sensory deprivation, oxygen, visualization, affirmations, herbs, forgiveness, inner child work, past lives, worship, silence, acupressure, dowsing, alchemy, alternative medicine, angel contact, astral projection, astrology, Bach flowers, tapping, shiatsu, reflexology, breatharianism, Qigong, color therapy, yoga, retreats, crystals, divination cards, hypnosis, vibrational medicine, I Ching, iridology, Feng Shui, subtle kingdoms and essences - or one or more of the thousands of spiritual practices and procedures. You can think of more, I bet.

But are we moving beyond such paths?
All these paths are here at the right time. How lucky are we? We couldnít have planned it better. Oh thatís right, we did plan it: all the many paths so we can each choose the right path in any given moment. All we need to do is follow the signs and not let any doubt creep in to deter us. What signs exist on our special path? The things that most interest us; our excitement; our feeling of rightness; our knowingness and intuition (inner teaching.) The signs we donít follow are our thought patterns such as; Ö It worked for my friendÖ. Better try everything in case I miss the right thingÖ..Everyone else is doing itÖ..Iím desperate, Iíll give it a goÖ Itís not expensiveÖ.It was recommended, etc.

Perhaps the best lesson we get is to be intuitive.
As we know, the universe is pretty consistent. Isnít it wonderful when we experience a leap in our awareness and gain a deeper understanding. A new level has been reached. New states of awareness are great, really great - but they arenít the end of the road. Weíve all done it. We have some big realization and think weíve solved everything. Then we sit back in our knowing space, feeling very pleased with ourselves at how wise weíve become. Maybe we even let the ego kick in, feeling smarter than other people. Ha, that wonít last long. The universe is about to blast the ego to bits. It takes swift action and gives our reality a big jolt, forcing us to reassess. The reason that has to happen is that any stagnation on our part prevents us moving on to higher levels of truth.

So whatís the lesson? Donít set your truth in concrete
I will cover here the key spiritual concepts that I know made a big difference to my own journey. Yes, we have all heard them before! And possibly at times, given a big sigh and thought ďI am so far past this basic stuff. Give me real truth - some big mind blowing universal truths or spectacular spiritual event in my life to let me leap to new heights.Ē

I have some news. Those basics we keep hearing (and will go on hearing until they are fully integrated and we are living them) are those mind blowing universal truths. If we integrated and applied them and didnít think ĎI know all that,í they will take us soaring to new heights with an awareness and understanding of the perfection of the universe. This is, was and always will be the only way to have a happy, healthy life that will lead us home. You can be brilliant at working out the mathematics of the universe but if you still get annoyed when your child knocks over a glass of milk, youíve missed important steps.

Lesson. There are always higher levels of truth.

To fully integrate spiritual concepts requires some attention. We have to discipline ourselves until we get it. For example, be aware and detached enough to notice when we think a negative thought. And then to be disciplined enough to do something about it, rather than shrug it off. I find we usually know when weíre being negative but can get so caught up in the ranting and emotion of it, we just let it pass. The idea is to stop right there and handle it. Take responsibility for our action of injecting another piece of negative energy into the world. To handle the thought, we can flood the thought with light which transmutes it to a positive energy or we can say the word ĎCancelí as we hold our attention on that thought. That isnít hard to do. We have many great abilities we never use. Itís a decision we make - an intention. Decide you wonít allow negative thoughts in your communication. You need to make the same decision with all the spiritual concepts that make our life run better. When you notice youíre not applying some spiritual aspect to your life, make a commitment, an intention to do better in future. Your intention and self discipline has great power. It will help your life tremendously and also the lives of people around you. You may think only Masters can do these things. Well, thatís true, because you are one. So, now thereís no excuse! Walk your talk, as we say. Youíll be far more effective when you advise others to do these things if they see you live as you suggest they should. Then weíre teaching others a truth rather than just a belief we have.

Discipline often reminds us of tough times, possibly punishment at school or criminal and parental rules. The Free Dictionary defines discipline as: "Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, self control, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement."

Lesson. Put in the time in to change your life.
Is there one simple truth that answers everything? There probably is! ĎBe yourselfí. After so long incarnating in this dimension, most of us Ďlong termersí have forgotten who we are. And if we arenít applying spiritual basics in life, life can seem complex. This makes us think the answer must be difficult to learn.

Itís not true and the heart tells us a different story - if we just listen. It quietly tells us, ĎBE the beautiful light being you are. You donít need to be caught up in the Ďearth storyí any more - that time is past.í Now is the time for letting it all go and ĎBe.í ĎBeingí doesnít mean to lay around drinking coffee and doing nothing - but it could! You might be lucky!

We know many of us are tired and want to rest! By the way, tiredness is just one more thing we need to release. What being you means is to remove everything that isnít really you - that means all the fears, patterns, doubts, judgments, hurt and pain - and Surrender to Divine Order in each moment. After learning how to control every part of our life, itís going to take real

determination on our part to surrender it all. What exactly are we surrendering to? We may say ďCan I be sure things will work better if Iím not in control. Because Iím pretty good at it now. I have family, work, play, etc. all pretty balanced nowĒ. Well, what youíre surrendering to is to Divine Order, your own higher self connection to the Oneness that guides All That IS and has no constraints in this 3D world of thoughts and ego. I think itís easier to surrender once we can see the universe as perfect. Even if we only have the mental idea that weíre continually being shown the right action to take in every moment.


Surrendering means to stop fighting, stop resisting the flow of Divine order. That is what we do when finally realize that everything works a whole lot better when we keep the ego away and stay out of our heads.

You only get in life what you attract. If something exists in your life, youíve attracted it. For that to make sense, it needs to be understood in a broader sense. You choose your thoughts. Your thoughts create your world, regardless of whether they are carried thru from a past life or newly created in this life.

To begin, Iíll devote one section to explain how it works.

In a previous incarnation, you saw a lot of children suffering from diseases no-one was able to treat. You made a decision to become a doctor to find out how to address these diseases. But something prevented you from becoming a doctor. Maybe you strived all your life but never made it. Maybe you died disappointed. Or maybe you became a doctor but never discovered how to treat those diseases. They all add up to a thwarted goal. They all have emotions attached. The thought sticks. It stays with you, never being addressed or released, sitting quietly in your mental body, lifetime after lifetime.

In this life, one day youíre watching TV and see a program about babies dying in Victorian London because medical science didnít yet know the cause - or maybe about children suffering horrible treatments for polio prior to Elizabeth Kennyís radical new treatment for it in the 20th century, or something else that brings this old thought pattern to the surface again. You canít believe how angry, upset and sad you feel watching this program. You canít stop talking about this show for days. It really affected you.

Positive handling.

If youíre applying spiritual concepts to your life, you notice your reaction to that TV show. You know how the universe works and that reactions are brought to your attention because they need to be addressed. You understand the message is for you to clear those negative patterns and emotions that arose and by doing so, your life will be better. Youíll be happier and your work more effective and you wonít need to go on attracting similar situations to show you these same emotions. So, you immediately focus your attention on flooding light through the thoughts and emotions that came up. If youíve been disciplined enough to have been doing this for a while, it may now be natural and you donít need to think about doing it. Itís a part of you now. And you know that when you let go of patterns, you donít have to experience that again. That means that situations that reflect your negative patterns happen less and less. Thereís just no reason for you to attract them anymore. And if you really release ALL your negative reactions, no such events will happen again.

Negative handling.

But mostly, people ignore their reaction and blindly continue. Because the reaction is not grabbed and handled (even though it was clearly reflected to you by lifeís perfect mirror - and you saw it!), what happens now is that the original thought (and the attached emotions) is left up on the surface. The reason it was triggered further up into your conscious awareness could be because this old thought has been showing itself for a while now and is already affecting your life - and you have been getting signs for a while. Or it may be that it holds too dense an energy for your forward progress. Generally, we donít consciously think ĎIíll watch this TV show as it will help show me what I need to release!í But from a higher perspective, you (often with your spiritual guides) create an energy of interest or create the circumstances to get you to watch that TV show. It isnít accidental. By the way, itís not vital to handle it immediately. Itís best, of course, so you can move quickly on. But you can also address it later. Just recreate the idea of what triggered it, so you feel the same emotions again and then flood light into them.

If you didnít handle the emotions you felt, you will usually start displaying the thought and emotions that were created in connection to that original thought. There are any number of feelings that could start showing. You may start feeling some underlying sense of dissatisfaction with your current work. Itís possible you were already feeling that but now it will be stronger. You might feel sad youíre not helping children more. You may feel bad every time you see a baby or child looking pale or sick - or even feel bad if you only hear of one! You may start to get interested in articles that offer health solutions or you may put more attention on your childrenís health. Perhaps you start boring others with advice for their childrenís health. The list is endless of how your behaviour may be affected. Itís impossible to describe here what behaviour patterns and emotions may be present - because so many different circumstances may have ended up being a part of that earlier thought. You may have left your family behind so as to carry out that goal; you might have gone to a foreign country to study a disease and died there; you may have poured every penny into it and ended up penniless; you may have attempted to treat children but accidentally killed some. You may have become very disillusioned with the medical profession/the governing body meant to fund research and the poor facilities offered you for your research. Friends may have thought you were crazy to give up what you were already doing and you may have suffered derision and negative judgements about the idea you could even be a doctor. Whatever those feelings are; upsets, trauma, judgements, loss or frustrations, some or all will now be present in your life.
Itís worth noting you probably had some of these feelings prior to the triggering received from the TV show. The TV show would not be the first time the universe tried to show you these buried thoughts and emotions. Generally, the sequence starts off with little reminders which you may or may not notice, depending on how much you are in the now. If youíre spaced out (always losing things and late for appointments!) or your head is full of thoughts of what you need to do next, you can miss some or all the signs.

Sequence of Signs.
Your daughter mentions a child in her class was sick and had to be sent home. You vaguely register what she said and get on with other things. You ignore the sign. You collect neighborís children for the morning school run. One day youíre told not to bother collecting the Jones children as all 3 are sick. It may be mumps but no-one is sure exactly what it is. You ignore the sign. While out shopping, a child in your checkout queue doesnít look at all well. You feel a moment of sadness. You ignore it.


A week later, you have to pick up your granny at the hospital and you walk past a child in a wheelchair. Another moment of sadness. You donít handle it. And so it goes on. You work for a Courier company. One day youíre told to deliver a parcel to the Ward Sister in the local Childrenís Hospital. You see a lot of sick children. You go home that night still thinking a bit about the poor kids suffering. You tell your partner about it. You donít handle it. One day, the traffic comes to a standstill and holds you up for ages. (You get impatient - but thatís something else to release!) You wonder what the hold up is and then see a demonstration going on - its parents with placards demanding the government makes available some new drug theyíve heard helps child leukemia. (Donít believe everything you hear in the news about drugs.) When you get back to work, you have a conversation with your workmates about how disgusting it is that the government wonít help the children (you bought the hype but that's another belief story!). Your hopes to be offered a management role at your work donít happen. They give the position to someone else. Youíre devastated. Youíd counted on it. You feel the same frustrations and upset as you had in the lifetime of trying to become a doctor. You donít handle it. And so it goes on, getting stronger each time. It gets stronger and closer because it has to - you arenít getting it! There is stuff for you to release. Itís important. The signs go on. PERFECT. And so we arrive at Ö..ĎOne day youíre watching TV and see a program about babies dying in Victorian Londoní.

If you keep on failing to handle, events come closer to you in denser and more real form. Next, your own child falls ill and gets taken to hospital. For a while the hospital tests canít find whatís wrong. Your child gets better but no-one is ever sure what was wrong or the correct treatment. You donít handle it. You started being shown many external signs but that didnít work. The universe now has to show you signs in a form that will definitely get your attention - pain in your physical body. Various thoughts and emotions affect particular parts of the body. The frustration, resentment, anger, disappointment, etc. connected to the thought pattern of your desire to be a doctor in that lifetime will show itself in the corresponding illness or condition you will get. For an in-depth list of thoughts and the illnesses they create, see Louise Hayís book 'You can heal your life'. Another book called ĎThe body is the barometer of the soulí by Annette Noontil lists things that can go wrong with the car and what thought pattern that shows us. Note: It can also happen that a family member, close friend or even your beloved pet (old soul) has made an agreement with you to get the illness instead of you. Maybe they owe you something or else they just chose to help you. It can happen that they die from this condition. This is in Divine Order. Perfect. The thought pattern and its attached feelings the universe has been trying to show you, are always right there for you to see. Letís hope, itís handled long before that level is needed.

End of Example
Itís your choice; itís your evolution that is affected. If youíd rather put it all off until later, thatís fine but of course Ďeventsí will continue in your life. If you arenít noticing things that are being shown to you (the mirror) - or youíre noticing but ignoring them, you will go on creating situations to help you learn. On some level (usually unconsciously) youíll keep attracting them in some form, until you handle what itís trying to show you. Thatís Universal Law.

Lesson. The heart knows the way
Most of us at some time have taken great comfort in old programs such as predictions, star signs, birth dates, numbers, crystals, card divination, dream analysis and other peopleís interpretations of our life events. These were useful guides while we learned how to operate in our own mastery. It was all in Divine order and a part of our evolution. But those old dependencies also made us slaves as they categorized and boxed us into groups and personality traits. Weíve gone beyond entrenching ourselves in beliefs that weíre still influenced by the moon and stars or anything that takes us out of our heart or our knowing - any belief that itís all controlled by outside external influences. Weíve relied a lot on the way-showers, those people who gave us their knowledge of paths we could take. It was very useful and part of our growth and I know Iím grateful for every step Iíve taken.

But that time is over. Weíve moved beyond handing our power over to other people or to systems that prevent us attaining mastery. The idea is to become co-creators with Source with no intermediary. If we feel weíre still relying to some degree on systems or on guides, way-showers or our I Am Presence, it may be worth a rethink. Lets look at the now - where we are in our evolution and see if weíre holding ourselves back from our own knowing, mastery and power.

Lesson. Trust your own mastery.
Key points ahead. See how many are incorporated fully into your life.

1.      Act with integrity at all times.

2.      Life is a mirror. Everything you experience, see or hear is a lesson for you.

3.      Understand youíre a creator. Thought creates your world. Youíre not a victim.

4.      Let go of all expectations and outcomes. Act intuitively, then let go of any result.

5.      Donít judge or criticize anyone or anything, including yourself.

6.      Handle ego. Whether inflated or deflated, stop it every time.

7.      Detach from everything and everyone. While being connected in love and compassion. If you were told you

          were leaving tomorrow, what would keep you here?

8.      Let go of belief patterns. (See section ahead)

9.      Love everyone and everything unconditionally. Love without conditions.

10.    Stay balanced between heaven and earth. Feet on ground - head in air.

11.    Be you. Remove everything thatís not you.

12.    Trust yourself. YOU know whatís right for you.

13.    Learning and evolving on Earth is a Ďdo it yourselfí affair.

14.    Let go of neediness - i.e. thoughts you canít live without someone or something.

15.    Weíre all One. We are also the life form we harm.

16.    Intuition. Get out of your head and into your heart.

17.    Look for the signs. Where is your attention and interest drawn?

18.    Donít give your power away.

19.    Surrender to Divine Order. Go with the flow. Stop resisting.

20.    Breathe. That is always in the Now. Itís our connection to the Universal Breath.

21.    Choose what you prefer and not what you donít prefer.

22.    Trust the Universal process of Divine order. Itís always perfect.

23.    Be grateful for everything. Shifts you out of ego.

24.    Thought. Our thoughts create our life.

That may seem a lot to remember. In fact, too much. Luckily, the idea is to fully embrace them into our being, so we donít need to remember them. These concepts are a part of who we are as spiritual beings. Weíre lightworkers, we know this stuff. Itís our natural wisdom, our understanding of the universe. To get them to be a part of us again we need to keep on doing them, over and over, until they are us. It will end with having the happy fun peaceful life weíd prefer. We can do anything. Weíve just forgotten how.

Weíre not climbing a ladder to some other level or place. We are already there. We arrived here - Ďalready there!í We took on Ďa storyí for the planet so as to help create a blueprint for humanity. Thatís all covered in The Awakener (eBook $3.50) Now, that the blueprint is created, weíre letting go of íthe storyí and becoming ourselves again, in readiness for returning home.

All the clearing and cleansing weíve been doing these past years is only letting go of everything that isnít truly us. We are releasing things like judgments, criticism, beliefs, patterns, conditional love, being out of balance, bad ethics, wrongdoing, negative emotions, negative thoughts, attachments, past relationships or upsets, ego tripping or feeling inferior.

As spiritual beings, we donít need approval, thanks, a perfect body image, admiration, respect, gifted children, perfect partner, perfect life, to be rich, successful or happy. We donít inherently need any of these things. However, our egos may like to hang on to a whole bunch of those!

Lesson. Being yourself helps everyone.
I wonder if we realize just how many beliefs we adopt in our lives that we get from family, friends, peers, school, work, education, media and so on. Take one example, Ďweatherí. Letís look at how many different thoughts we have connected to just that one subject and its associated parts. Heat, cold, storms, lighting, sandstorms, hurricanes, fire, avalanches, rainbows, sleet, snow, thunder, sun, rain, hail, wind, fog, storms, thunderstorms, snow, tsunami, tornado, monsoon, frost, sleet, clouds, bushfires, floods, etc.

And then how many other millions of subjects and sub parts of those are there, such as - religion, law, police, foreigners, work, friends, philosophy, family, sex, love, partners, romance, children, babies, lawyers, houses, sickness, money, age, elderly, animals, furniture, medicine, doctors, operations, drugs, art, business, education, countries, government, music, politics, Science, sport, technology, TV, movies, aged nursing care, hospitals, computers, email, Facebook, Windows, internet, murderers, Google, city and country dwelling, history, criminals, drug pushers, movie stars, food, alcohol, culture, habit, customs, religion, media, funerals, school, university, etc.

So, we can see by this list, just how many thoughts might be stored away in our mind. If we had to sort out all those, weíd be here forever. But thatís not necessary. We donít need to remove every pattern; just the obvious and visible ones. If you want to know what beliefs you have, look at your life. What you believe is all around you. You are being shown it all the time, so you can re-choose your life.

Lesson. Let go of the story.
Itís the role of the Light-worker to help and we all have an urge to help this planet in some way. Iíve watched people struggle and I used to suffer along with them. Iíve seen the unceasing perfection the universe gives each individual, presenting to us over and over what we need in each moment. The universe doesnít give us what we prefer; it gives us what we need. Iíve seen answers constantly presented to people that could use to make positive changes in their life and often seen answers ignored. I donít have a crystal ball. I donít know what it will take for someone to grasp that everything occurring in their life is perfect. It took me ages, obviously not a quick learner! Iíve been walking a conscious learning path for 50 years, grasping at truth wherever I find it and trying my best to stay fluid enough to allow higher levels of truth to replace what I have. These days, people can learn much quicker because the Earthís vibration is so much higher and thereís no longer a need to create that learning path blueprint many of us have been doing since Atlantis.

But it still takes discipline; we need an intention to do it. We need to take every opportunity to knock our ego on the head and step back into the Divine moment. We know when ego kicks in. Itís when we feel a bit of pride and think weíve done it all ourselves. We happily bask in what a marvelous thing we did. The idea is to put spirit back in control, rather than our ego. So, observe the ego, stop it and centre yourself back into your heart space again.

Something Iím really happy about as time has gone on, is working at putting ego in its correct place, second to spirit. I find itís usually ego that wants recognition or all the detail. Iíve felt less and less any need to know details. I often say I operate in life on a Ďneed to knowí basis. I really only want the minimum information I need to get the job done. I have absolutely no need to know why I do something. Nor have any desire to explain why Iím doing something to myself or anyone else. For me, it comes down to ĎIf I feel itís right, I do it.í I try to follow that to the best of my ability. I donít always get it right (not a saint yet then!!!), but I donít judge myself. If I stuff something up, I look at what I needed to learn and decide that Iíll do it better next time - and I let it go.

Looking back, one of best things I ever did was to decide to use Bach Flowers to cleanse my aura to remove existing negative patterns. These essences gave me a big leap in my own spiritual progress. However, that was quite some years ago and we have arrived at a time now on Earth of developed self mastery where we can just flood our aura with light.

After working for years on releasing patterns from my emotional body, Iím reaping the benefit. Iíve stopped suffering along with people. Now rather than though feeling the sadness etc. in my emotional body, I sense compassion and care for all life via my spiritual self. Moving from compassion felt in the emotional body, I experience a far greater level of care and compassion over a wider band beyond the Earth. Iíve learnt to detach from everything. That means no attachments. However, we can still stay connected and caring and can achieve all we need to do here just as effectively. Iíve stopped thinking I know whatís best for others. I realize people know whatís right for them. Every action they undertake is right for them.
The universe is perfect and I absolutely know that.


If someone has a lack of self worth, they may attract a partner who controls or abuses them. Low self esteem is a pattern they havenít addressed, but it needs to go for their own evolutionary progress. The abusive behavior of the partner can help make their low self esteem more obvious. Perfect. By attracting such a relationship, they get the chance to ask themselves why they got into such a relationship. Perfect. If they quickly realize they did it to show them their lack of self confidence - and they handle this, then they can leave the relationship and move on. Perfect. If they go on suffering and putting up with the abuse, it continues until they get the message. Perfect. If that relationship ends (hopefully not violently) without them understanding the lesson, the next relationship they choose will also be abusive. Perfect. By failing to handle, each time the intensity of the lesson increases to help them see their lack of self worth. Perfect. So they start attracting people into their life who are experiencing a similar situation. They will also see this situation more often on TV, read it in the papers and hear others talk about it. More and more and more. Many people take the increase of this scenario in their life as a sign that abuse is really common. But itís just them being a creator. Other people they see with the same problem are creating that same reality. Incidentally, they will also be shown a few partnerships that are working fine where both have good self confidence. Itís another hint being offered! Perfect. One day, theyíll have had enough and realize they deserve better than this. Theyíll start to see theyíre a valuable human being. Theyíll step into a new understanding of their worth and release the pattern. If itís fully released, theyíll no longer need to attract anything into their life to show them this pattern. Nothing! No similar relationship, no friends with the same problem, no TV programs, no news, nothing. Perfect. If they let most of it go, but a few lingering bits remain, theyíll still get things in life showing them these last bits to release. But it will probably be a different scenario, one that more aptly reflects just the remaining bits. Perfect.

I realized some years ago how important it is that each of us decide their own evolution - to walk our spiritual journey in our own way and own time frame. In our desire to help our fellow human or indeed any life form, itís easy to want to jump in and save people. Quite often itís our mind, ego or emotions that direct this. In these instances, itís not help we are giving, its hindrance. So, to make sure itís right, we need to ensure our actions comes from a place of intuition - not from our emotions or ego or thought patterns. If we are in the moment, at one with the natural flow of Divine Order, we can intuitively sense when to act or speak and when not to. This is actually where itís all at. This is the answer to being, to happiness, to life, to fulfilling our role here, to returning home, to reuniting with our twin flame, to love, to having fun and to our future.

And maybe instead of just a good life, we can have a brilliant life.

We can paint with all the colors of the wind.