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For Love or Money

By Gayle Texas Wind Sexauer




Not too long ago Creator told me I would conduct a ceremony concerning money.  The first thing that He told me was I would be burning a bill in front of a group of people and that it would cause strong reactions among those observing the act.  It was not something that I was to do right away; it would take place at some point down the road. My part was to be vigilant and aware of everything that was taking place around me concerning the subject and be ready when He gave permission to proceed.


A couple of months went by as He revealed situations in my life and those around me that had to do with the giving and receiving of money.  Whenever the topic came to the forefront, I went to Him and asked for understanding of what I was observing in others and myself. Currency and the flow of it became my focus since I had been prepared beforehand to see it in a different light. 


Money is merely a tool for trade yet it has become a sign of worth in this world, self worth, and the worthiness of others.  Often without realizing it, we equate a person’s financial status with their standing as a human being.  Instead of remembering that Creator and the state of our Soul has nothing to do with treasures stored up on earth, we judge people and ourselves on the basis of what we have to show  for our very existence.


We allow the rise and fall of our bank accounts to send us into a tailspin that saps the joy and peace from our lives.  At any given moment, we are either comforted or driven to despair over how much money we have on hand.  Worry over what we believe we do or do not have has become the curse of Humanity, causing stress that leads to illness and broken relationships.  We expend more energy in the area of financial stability than we do to our standing strong on the promises of Creator that He will provide for us in all things and in all ways.



Money is not the root of all evil.  Our attachment to it brings about our downfall.  Just as with any other tool, it can be used to help or to harm.  When we treat others harshly, basing our feelings and decisions on personal gain or loss, an idol takes precedence over Creator’s Will for our lives.


The opportunity for conducting the ceremony Creator had described to me months before came on the last day of a Women’s Healing Retreat I was attending.  As I rose from bed that morning, I was told that I was to burn the twenty-dollar bill that I had in my wallet. I would have been more comfortable with burning a lesser amount; but Creator knew the impact this particular denomination would have on those who observed my actions that morning. 


As I smudged myself, I asked Creator to make me a hollow bone and to speak through me, getting my weakness and any fear of lack out of the way so that I would speak His words and not my own.  I walked into the kitchen and stood at the sink with the money in one hand and a lighter in the other.  I announced to the women in the room that I had been asked by Creator to perform a ceremony concerning money and again asked Him to work through me to say what needed to be said. 


I cannot say how many women were present before I set the bill aflame.  I only remember that there were many faces watching me at that moment. My body was shaking with the energy of Creator coursing through me and the words carried great weight and power that had an impact on the hearts of the women assembled there.


At the end of the ceremony, I realized that many of the women had left the room.  Most of those that remained had tears in their eyes and gathered around me as we hugged each other in Praise of Creator.  A good friend tucked a twenty-dollar bill in my pajama pocket saying she felt led to present it to me for the next time I was to perform that ceremony.  I followed Creator’s Will without any expectation for the outcome or how it would be received and perceived.  Everyone reacted uniquely according to his or her own situation in life.  Still, I was curious about what had caused such a mass exodus.


It was not until days later that a friend had the heart to tell me what she had felt that day and why she had left before the end of the ceremony.  She had given me twenty-dollar bill weeks before in order for me to have gas money to make the journey to her home to help her pack her belongings for an impending move.  In her mind, I had burned the money that she had worked hard to earn and she felt that I had disrespected her by doing so.  It was not until I reassured her that I had indeed used her twenty for the designated purpose that she was able to calm down and discuss the situation with me.  I honor her for her willingness to speak honestly about how she felt that day and I learned a valuable lesson concerning currency in the process.


We spoke openly about money and attachment.  We did not force our way of thinking on each other yet we took the opportunity to express our feelings freely without judgment.  We found healing in the discussion and a deeper understanding of what truly matters in our hearts. We did not allow it to damage our friendship and break a budding bond that we had been working on establishing with each other over many months.  Rather than letting the issue of money create a chasm between us, we stepped into the stream together and worked it out.  We spoke our piece so that we would create Peace in our relationship with one another.  We found a way to come together instead of standing on opposite shores.


Since the day, I did the ceremony the flow of currency has increased in my life.  Because I was willing to let go of what was to me a substantial amount of money, more has come.  All my needs and desires have been met in the most miraculous of ways.  Just as currents of water must flow in order to sustain life abundantly, we must allow currency to flow in and out of our lives according to the Will of Creator.  Holding on to it in fear of not having enough creates blockages to the unimpeded flow. 


Sadly, too often we believe that our good comes in the form of printed-paper that ironically states “In God We Trust” rather than in the Grace of Creator. In doing so, our lives devolve into cesspools of stagnant water and clogging debris of despair. An additional example gifted to me in recent days was the necessity of keeping faucets running in freezing weather so that the pipes do not burst.  As long as we keep, water going the rupture will not occur.  If we keep it shut it off in an attempt to save money we risk damaging the entire system we depend on. If we do not allow Creator to guide the flow of sustenance in our lives, holding on to it with tight fists instead of trusting that more will come, we create knots and tears in the fabric of our lives. When we worry that there is not enough, we drop the thread and the blanket of warmth that we can be comes unraveled.


When we operate from a place of lack, we lash out at others and do damage to the branches on the Tree of Life.  Where potential exists for new growth in our relationships, we cut off the nourishment to the tender shoots before they have a chance to develop and bear fruit in fear that there is not enough for everyone in Creator’s Kingdom. Creator is the only Source we can depend on for our providence and there is more than enough to sustain us all. 


Creator works through His people to establish loving communities.  We have the honor of being His hands and heart as we walk this earth and He presents us with unending opportunities to be a source of healing throughout our lives.  While these situations may occasionally involve the exchange of trade goods, more often they come about by our willingness to assist and emotionally support our fellow Path Walkers as they endure personal trials and tribulations.  Heartfelt hugs, kind words, and helping hands have more value in this life than money will ever have.  Being a good listener is more valuable still. 


It is not our place to solve people’s problems. That is up to each individual and Creator. Our task is to help when, where, and how as Creator guides us. He will specifically show and tell us what we can do if we go to Him first and ask for instructions on where our talents and gifts can be best utilized. Running on our own steam and perceptions of any given situation leaves us vulnerable to those who would take advantage of us and drain us of our energy and peace of mind.  


Creator knows the hearts of people better than we ever will.  We can ask Creator to gift us with His oversight so that we do the greatest good in any given circumstance. The Love of Creator cannot be bought or sold and we are asked to be vessels of His Love as we walk in this life.  The only bank account that truly matters is the one in our hearts.  The balance we maintain in our loving relationships is the treasure beyond measure that accompanies us into eternity. 


Earthly possessions are temporary, subject to rust and dust.  They exist for us to use for a reason and a season then left behind when we return to the flow of Creator.  The only legacy of any worth is the love and compassion we share with our fellow Path Walkers.


Aho!  All My Relations!












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