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Manataka - Preserving The Past Today For Tomorrow 

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Animal Rights and Wrongs: A

Grizzly Bears Endangered by Greed

Book Reviews:

Anasazi of Southwest Utah

Return of White Buffalo


Home Sick?

Elder's Meditations:

Lorraine Canoe/Tom Porter, Mohawk

Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

Feature Stories:


Who are illegal immigrants??

For Love or Money

Planting Seeds and Relating

Fluoride Watch:

Fluoride Invades Indian Country!

Funny Bones:

Meaning of the Word Service

Dear Rosebud

Government Snow Plows

Doughboy Dies

Grandmother Waynonaha Speaks:

Grandmother Gram Selma Speaks:

Grandmother Magdala Speaks:

Spirit Keepers Messages

I am Native

Back Home From The Journey

Grandfather Hawk Speaks:

Grandfather Bennie LeBeau Speaks:

Helping Others is Our Responsibility

Message of Purification from the Yukon

Healing Prayer Basket:

Heed the Call to Help

Health Watch:

Slow MSG Poisoning of US and Canada

Hill & Holler:

2007 - A Year of Change


300 Reasons to Remember Wounded Knee

Inspirational Thoughts::

Remember the Small Things

A Cup of Coffee

Legends of Old: Crow Indian Water-Medicine - Blackfoot
Letters to the Editor: Eagle Feathers, Bear Butte, Disenrollment
Manataka  Business:

January 2007 Elder Council Report

MAIC Announcements

Mother Earth Watch:

Wal-Mart "Organics"

Weird Science

Poetry Circle:

The Tree

Take Us Home

The Wind


Funds Mismanagement  Lawsuit

Against Federal Government

Religion: Earthworks in Peru
Sacred Site Watch:

To Honor and Defend

Upcoming Events: 

Bridging the Americas

Website Updates: 

Seventeen new articles

Women's Circle:

Rita Chrisjohn Benson

Diet Watch: Eat the Rainbow

Links To Women's Websites

Women's Council:

Moving On... Moving Ahead.. Taking the Lead






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Machu-Pecchu - Peru

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January 28, 2007

Casting Call for WGBH's "We Shall Remain" Film Series
Plimoth Plantation, Accomack Building

First casting call is Sunday, January 28, 2007  

Wampanoag Indigenous Program and Plimoth Plantation is looking for Indian people and especially Wampanoag. Call WGBH at (617) 576-5472 or (617) 435-8322.


February 6 - 8, 2007

Native Wellness 2007! - "4,000 from the Four Directions" Regional Wellness Gatherings.  Free Registration.  We have experienced the negative consequences of historical trauma, cultural oppression, alcohol and drugs, poverty, and other ills in our communities and homes.  We know too well how neglect, jealousy, violence, power struggles, and gossip threaten our health, happiness, and positive spirits. This conference is for any tribal leader, elder, adult, youth and whole family wanting to overcome these challenges and share personal success stories in hopes of inspiring each other and coming generations to live in balance and wellness!!



February 9 - 19, 2007

Sacred Union Journey

Trip to Olmeca and Mayan Sacred Sites

$2012 pp not including flight, most meals.


March 30, 2007

Second Annual American Indian Women of Distinction Conference

Riverside, CA


March 19 – 23, 2007

Bridging the Americas - Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor

Gathering of The Elders at Lake Titicaca, Peru

  (Also see letter below)


April 13 - 15, 2007

Manataka Encampment - Elders Talking Circle

Hot Springs National Park, AR
 lists hundreds of Native American events including concerts, seminars, conferences, sporting events, and more.                   




Elder Meditation


"Native Americans are essentially calling for righteousness. By this they mean a shared ideology developed by all people using their purest and most unselfish minds."

-Lorraine Canoe/Tom Porter, Mohawk


The Native way is to first focus on decisions that will be good for the people and then for yourself. Righteousness means "to think right." Our way is to consider the good of all first. This helps our minds to be unselfish and pure.  This is a spiritual way. This can be very hard to do because the world we live in says to take care of yourself first. A man of God cannot be taken advantage of unless it is the will of the Creator. The Creator really controls everything. To have a good future, the people must gather in a circle and pray for the highest good for the people.


Great Mystery,

today let me love instead of being loved.

Let me be giving instead of receiving.

Show me the advantages of having a giving heart.

By Don Coyhis



#  1 American Indian Elder Abuse
#  2 American Indian Flags - 5 New Tribal Flags
#  3 Anasazi of Southwest Utah
#  4 For Love or Money
#  5 Manataka Drum Society
#  6 Message of Purification from the Yukon
#  7 Mother Bear Story
#  8 Native Remedies - New Mother's and Babies Section
#  9 Rita Chrisjohn Benson - Fighting Back
#10 Slow Poisoning of US and Canada
#11 300 Reasons Not To Forget Wounded Knee
#12 The Bitter Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
#13 To Honor and Defend
#14 Sounds of Manakata - Dozens of new CD's!
#15 Top 10 Fluroride Toxcity Papers of 2006
#16 Video Shorts - Environment - Major Rudy - Funnnny!
#17 Video Shorts - Music






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Planting Seeds and Relating to our  Ancient Indian Traditions.

From the book Anastasia - Book 1 of The Ringing Cedars Series

by Author Vladimir Megre


Excerpts by Bill Silver Wolf Marder in discussions with White Crow and Susan Ambrose



"The force is with those who bless their genes!"



In order for the seed of a cucumber, tomato or any other plant grown in one's plot to have such information, the following steps are necessary:





For Love or Money

By Gayle Texas Wind Sexauer


Not too long ago Creator told me I would conduct a ceremony concerning money.  The first thing that He told me was I would be burning a bill in front of a group of people and that it would cause strong reactions among those observing the act.  It was not something that I was to do right away; it would take place at some point down the road. My part was to be vigilant and aware of everything that was taking place around me concerning the subject and be ready when He gave permission to proceed.


A couple of months went by as He revealed situations in my life and those around me that had to do with the giving and receiving of money.  Whenever the topic came to the forefront, I went to Him and asked for understanding of what I was observing in others and myself. Currency and the flow of it became my focus since I had been prepared beforehand to see it in a different light. 


Money is merely a tool for trade yet it has become a sign of worth in this world, self worth, and the worthiness of others.  Often without realizing it, we equate a person’s financial status with their standing as a human being.  Instead of remembering that Creator and the state of our Soul has nothing to do with treasures stored up on earth, we judge people and ourselves on the basis of what we have to show  for our very existence.


We allow the rise and fall of our bank accounts to send us into a tailspin that saps the joy and peace from our lives.  At any given moment, we are either comforted or driven to despair over how much money we have on hand.  Worry over what we believe we do or do not have has become the curse of Humanity, causing stress that leads to illness and broken relationships.  We expend more energy in the area of financial stability than we do to our standing strong on the promises of Creator that He will provide for us in all things and in all ways.


Money is not the root of all evil.  Our attachment to it brings about our downfall.  Just as with any other tool, it can be used to help or to harm.  When we treat others harshly, basing our feelings and decisions on personal gain or loss, an idol takes precedence over Creator’s Will for our lives.


The opportunity for conducting the ceremony Creator had described to me months before came on the last day of a Women’s Healing Retreat I was attending.  As I rose from bed that morning, I was told that I was to burn the twenty-dollar bill that I had in my wallet. I would have been more comfortable with burning a lesser amount; but Creator knew the impact this particular denomination would have on those who observed my actions that morning. 








By Lauren Liori Lea Zack


Is your home making you sick? You may have multiple chemical sensitivity. 15% of the US population has sensitivity to chemicals commonly found in household products. Many of those with MCS are thrown into poverty and homelessness, unable to find housing that does not make them sick.


From: Homesick, a Video About Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities:


Coal miners used to send canaries into the mines ahead of them to check the level of lethal gases. If the canaries died, the gasses had reached deadly levels. If they lived, it was safe to mine…

Today, millions of people are made sick from the toxicity of their everyday environments. These “human canaries” suffer from a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This condition overlaps with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sick Building and Gulf War Syndromes. There is no known cure for MCS.

15% of the US population has "an increased allergic sensitivity to chemicals commonly found in household products.” (Estimate: The National Academy of Sciences)

"The population that is allergic to chemicals will grow to 60% by 2020.” (Business Week)

Homesick: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is an hour long video documentary produced and written by Susan Abod that is now in the process of completion. In Homesick, Susan goes on the road to find out how other people around the country are coping with MCS and dealing with the difficult problem of finding safe housing. She visits their homes and witnesses their daily struggles. They come from all walks of life and live in diverse dwellings that include tents, a house on stilts and a teepee.




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Spirit Keepers Messages


I prayed for the wisdom to know what would help the most. I saw two "Spirit Guides" as I prayed. The first who came to me was  standing tall. He held a prayer stick from which hung the feathers  of "Hawk" and "Owl". He did not speak to me. He pointed his prayer stick to the direction of the wind and I looked into the wind and saw  many of the people who walk the Earth today.


They were standing in a muddy place. They were angry at me for sharing the way of the red path.  They said to me that I would be a  traitor, if I offer words to help any others. The "Spirit Helper" with the prayer stick  looked at me, his hard face softened and he turned away. Another Spirit Helper came to me, with Deer skin over his head, the Spirit Helper drew a large medicine wheel on the ground in front of me. One side pointed to each spirit of the wind and to each element of the Earth.


The Spirit Helper stood in it and walked around slowly, and stopped in each direction and  spoke....  In the first direction the Spirit Helper said, truth is the  truth, there is nothing else. Truth is not owned by any people.  In the second direction, the Spirit Helper said, all people have their own sacred ways to dance, their faith, do not change them or give  them your ways. Let each find their own dance for the one truth.  In the third direction the Spirit Helper said, what makes people strong is their heart? A painful heart is not strong. A strong heart is not selfish. In the fourth direction, the Spirit Helper said, each must protect their sacred ways, yet each must share the truth that makes those ways sacred.


Then the Spirit Helper stepped into the center of the circle, on good ground, there stood the spirits of all the ancestors. The Spirit Helper with the prayer stick stood there as well. but did not speak, just pointed the prayer stick to the Ancestor Spirits.

The Spirit Helper in the circle said, respect your ancestors, and hold what is sacred, close to your heart. In this way you will respect your Ancestors. Respect your Creator, and speak the truth to those who wish to hear it. In this way you will respect the Earth.

The vision was suddenly gone. I sat with the fire, looking where the Spirit  Helpers had been, I started feeling Creator speak to me,  be a messenger not the message. I offer you this truth that I know.

You may take it as a gift if you wish.  As I watched the fire dance with smoke, I thought what many people think,  that to be spiritual, means you have to be sitting some place in a higher state, praying to Creator. You can be conscious of yourself and spirit no matter what you are doing. There is spirit in everything. There is spirit in rock, in roads, in buildings. You name an object and there is spirit in it. There is even spirit in things that are made by man from many other sources of material.  All objects have still been made of things from the Earth, so all things have spirits in them.

When you are conscious of yourself, then you can look around and be aware of the spirit in everything around you. Some think that to be spiritual means just to be aware of themselves and their own spirit. You must be aware of everything, because everything has spirit.

We are all part of one spirit. If you focus too much on the part of spirit that has your name on it, you will be missing something. You might not even know that you are missing it until it is too late and  you don't have time to find it. The next thing about  being spiritual does not mean owning the truth. No one can own truth, it  can only be shared, no one can own it.

Like love means nothing, unless there is something or someone you can give it to. To know the truth of the earth and keep it to yourself can never help others to learn and understand their place on the Earth Mother. To hold these truths from others will never grow the corn that we need to live and make the water flow that we need to survive. Honor all that the Creator has blessed us with now and forever.


It is through this sharing and love that we survive here as the care takers of this our Mother Earth. Many blessings in these  time of change and challenges.


May your spirit know true peace and love.



Submitted by Waynonaha, 2007 All Rights Reserved



Funny Bones

No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.


A Indian man was telling his neighbor, "I just got a new hearing aid from the Indian Health Service.

But it cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's perfect."

"Really," answered the neighbor. "What kind is it?"

"Twelve thirty"





From Grandmother Selma



There are times that I am not at all sure what is going on in the world around me.  I do not think that this is just from being older or of a different generation than the majority of folks that surround me. The world really is changing and

Whereas I would like to assume that change is always good and for the betterment of mankind in the long run there are times where I serious doubt that premise and even question who came up with that concept in the first place?


I am Native. My brain is half red and half white.  My being is half red and half white. I am convinced that my heart and soul are red though, thru and thru, for they do not respond or feel or act in any manner other than what I term as " traditional".


It dawned on me the other day that we actually are amongst the one percent of people in this country that live on a dirt road !!  Was not fully aware that only one percent of the roads in this country were still dirt! Got to thinking about  that simple fact and came to some conclusions.


People still walk down our little road in the morning and evening for their exercise. They do so without fear of being run over or of being bothered by some ill meaning individual. The kids play in the road, ride their bikes, kick dirt at each other, play marbles in the dirt, run barefoot and catch craw dads in the ditch when it rains hard.  You can see the birds take a sand dusting bath in the road and the rabbits crossing it from one pasture to another.  The coons and their tracks, the deer and their tracks.......and the occasional bent fence line where they failed to jump quite high enough.....the gopher turtles scoot across the road leaving the tracks of their bellies.....even the little snakes leave a trail.


Yeah.........we have to deal with the dust booming toward our homes .....and the pot holes from the rain when we get major storms......we have to mow the grass along the fence line and cut the weeds from around the mailboxes......and watch out for who may have moved into your mailbox over nite !!!    But.......that is part of what makes it so nice........and what makes our dirt road has a life force all its own !   It is not controlled by not shaped and contained by false has the ability to grow things if it wants is alive and a part of our world !!!


Years ago.........from one of the Seneca Elders that I respect so very much....I was introduced to a term that cracked me up at the time.........she referred to the white dominant society as " the afraid of dirts "..........over the years I have realized just how very true that statement was and still is !   Society wants to pave or permanence everything that may present even a trace of dust...dirt or grime !!  Why pave parking lots ?   Why pave the areas outside of a stadium ?

Or even a school ?  


Okay...........we have concrete buildings everywhere........we have to deal with that...........but think about how much nicer it would be to pull up to a store or apt complex and get out on ground that was growing grass......trees.......alive with grasshoppers and butterflies.......birds and squirrels...etc ..........think about going to a football game where the parking lot was greener than the artificial turf in the stadium............think about going to the grocery store and walking across grass and the living earth that created the food inside that you are about to purchase !!  You could actually thank Earth Mother as you walked in the door to select your choices of her bounty!


When we as a society separate ourselves and others from the source of our substance ........we become as false as the covering that society places over the ground !!  The surface of Earth mother can not breathe under false coverings..... and the percentage of her that is covered with this sort of substance is increasing daily..........and then we wonder why the natural world is out of balance??!


In order to regain any type of balance in the world around us......we as individuals must balance ourselves ......deep within.........and refuse to allow external influences to throw us off our center balance point.  Then and only then can we hope to restore balance to the world around us........little by by community.....area by area.......until it has obtained a momentum all it's own to continue to improve.


The beginning lies with each and all of us........find a dirt road........walk on it with the sand with your toes and allow yourself to go back to what balance that simple dirt road represents.  Our ancestors and the generations that walked before us lie in that sand.....and communicate with us thru our touching it...........but only at the level that we

as individuals are willing to allow it.  Until next on a dirt road and understand why it brings such simple pleasure.



Gram Selma


P. S.

I wish to add a thought and explanation to all that read this........I know proper grammer....I know correct composition and all the rules of commas.......paragraphs...etc.   I choze years ago to write as I speak.......and therefore everything that I have published has been just that way.......with dots for pauses in thought ........and as though I was speaking to those who chose to read.  I prefer it that way.


Submitted by Selma Palmer, 2007 All Rights Reserved








Maya Priestess

Beautiful Sisters and Brothers all over the world,


We  are back home, the journey has been so beautiful! for we have been in many places where the spirit is strong and the medicine was a beautiful gift to the people.


We have dance at the Serpent Mound where  is the knowledge of the union of polarities, and the rainbows were everywhere!  We have entered into the place where everything becomes one, the new world is in the heart of all beings.


As we began the ceremony in the feminine side of the mound, the mother showed us the place where everything becomes one, start with the self, and all the relations within the self, for this is the time to bring the integration of the self, for the many has been struggling with relationships because all this relations needs to be purify before enter into the world of oneness.


The new world is about relationships, the relationship with the nature, relatives, but the most important is the relationship with the self, indeed, it is through the self where the connection to the spirit  resides, in the heart that is able to connect  and create and re-create with the all. 


As we dance on to the male side of the mound we carry within the heart all the relations, for the pipes were carrying the prayers and the white feathers were leading the dance, yes, the heart was in struggle sometimes, as the dance begin to happen, for the purification was taking place where we have all the rainbow medicine all the way, when we got there then the prayers were answered and the heart and the mind became one, for all was done as the spirit shows to us for it is indeed, the union of polarities the first step the the true human is finding within the self. Yes, the time of the searching had been ended, and give birth for the time of finding.


Full of rainbows we came back again to the place where the feminine side of the mound, for the snake has eaten the tale as the uroboros, the ancient teachings has been showing to us, for male-female energies dance together as one, for balance is indeed the ways of the spirit, all is beautiful!


Thank you sooo much,  to my beautiful people in Indiana and Ohio...


I am you





Febrary 2 - 7 Magdala and Mario will be in Boulder, CO 

March - Creating Gathering Center, Kivas at the Temple near Harrison, AR

April 4 -  Vision Quest Ceremony at the Temple near Harrison, AR.  To reserve a space email

Late in April -  Wisconsin and Minnesota.

June 26 - Moon Dance - Sisterhood Gathering






Who are illegal immigrants??

By David House, Star-Telegram Staff Writer, Associated Press Archives

Whether illegal immigration issues stir brilliant debates or cries of fear and intolerance, one historical fact is always overlooked: America's own holocaust, carried out by (guess who?) illegal immigrants from (guess where?) Europe --
uninvited foreigners who came to these shores and took everything they could.

That's not getting much mainstream attention. I'm taking off my reader advocate hat to offer some personal thoughts about this matter out of love for my mixed Cherokee/Scots-Irish heritage.

Somehow the deaths of a guesstimated 11 million Native Americans at the hands of attacking, manipulative immigrants during a 400-year span seems worth bearing in mind as Americans respond to alarms about porous
borders, jeopardized healthcare and threats to justice and quality of life posed by "illegals."

Americans can say, surely not with pride, that our country knows from centuries of personal experience how unchecked immigration devastates life and why it's an issue that deserves the best of our thinking and empathy.

Our history brims over with examples -- brutal, bloody instances of inhuman immigrant actions that are far removed from the basic aspirations so often associated these days with "illegals."

Most "illegals" might dream of a better life, but it's doubtful that, like the earlier immigrants and the perpetual forces they
set into motion, they're plotting to seize others' property, kill babies and earn bounties based on body parts brought back from raids.

Consider that, in the late 1630s, the British wiped out every man, woman andchild of the powerful Pequot tribe of southern New England in retaliation related to conflicts arising out of fur-trade struggles. A few years later, Dutch authorities in charge of the settlement of "New Netherland" on the island of Manhattan carried out unspeakable actions
against a local tribe they feared.

Russell Shorto's national bestseller, The Island at the Center of the World, examines Dutch Manhattan and includes a pamphlet account of one nighttime raid by Dutch soldiers against that local tribe:  "[I]nfants were torn from their mothers' breasts, and hacked to pieces in the presence of their parents."

More graphic detail is included, and as Shorto noted, the account probably involved some exaggeration, but there's no reason to doubt that the bloody raid occurred and that soldiers were as lavishly praised as documentation says.

Immigrant authorities were just beginning in their efforts to obliterate "the savages," as American history chronicles. One tiny detail includes legislation approved in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England in the 1700s that
authorized bounty payment for scalps or heads of Indians, young and old.





Funny Bones

No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.


At one time in my life, I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word service."
"It's the act of doing things for other people."


Then I heard these terms which reference the word:  SERVICE:


  • U.S. Internal Revenue Service

  • U.S. National Park Service

  • U.S. Postal Service  

  • Telephone Service  

  • Civil Service

  • City & County Public Service   

  • Customer Service  

  • Service Stations

  • U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • U.S. Indian Health Service

  • U.S. Marshals Service

  • U.S. Minerals Management Service

  • U.S. National Weather Service

  • U.S. Rural Housing Service

  • U.S. Rural Utilities Service

  • U.S. Secret Service

  • U.S. Immigration Service


Then I became confused about the word "service ."   This is not what I thought "service" meant.

So today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to "service " a few of his cows.  BAM!  It all came into perspective.  Now I understand what all those "service" agencies are doing to us.


I hope you now are as enlightened as I am.





Remember The Small Things

Remember the small things that color your life,
A rainbow, a flower, a star, or a kite.
These are the things that will follow your days,
Even as others disappear in a haze.

The laughter of your children will still ring so clear,
Even when music no longer you hear.
Everyone ages, that fact is quite clear,
Age can be cruel, age can bring fear.

But while others are stressing, over each ache or pain,
You'll be remembering the sweet smell of rain.
As you grow old, you remember much less
Of what's most important, that's the price of success.

But if you can put your success on a shelf,
And still roll in the grass, still be good to yourself,
Then aging will never bring physical pain,
And life will not steal what's left of your brain.

So remember one thing, a small thing inside,
Remember down deep that small child you hide.
Don't give up the giggle, the whisper, the cheer,
Don't give up the laughter or what you hold dear.

As another birthday passes from sight,
Remember the small things, which color your life.

© by Theresa Morehouse


Submitted by Sheri Awi Anida Waya Burnett

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