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Parents: How Do You Treat Your Children?

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By Susan Bates

News and Notes From Indian Country

Cherokees Re-elect Smith To Third Term

On June 23, Cherokee voters re-elected Principal Chief Chad Smith to his third consecutive term in office. Smith defeated challenger Stacy Leads, garnering 59% of the votes to Leads' 41%.

Voters included the Freedmen, descendants of Black slaves once owned by Cherokees who were voted out of the tribe in March. Because the Freedmen weren't allowed to vote during the March election that ousted them from the Nation, the BIA declined to validate the results of that election.

Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif., has introduced a bill in the House that would withdraw federal funding from the Cherokee, suspend the tribe's authority to operate a casino, and expose the tribe to freedmen lawsuits in nontribal court.

Tribal response was immediate and harsh.  According to Joe Garcia, President of the National Congress of American Indians, ''This is an uncalled for response to a question of treaty interpretation..... When Alabama or California takes an action inconsistent with Congressional views, there is no discussion of revoking their statehood. The attempt to revoke tribal nationhood is equally inappropriate. Not since the Termination Era of the 1950s, when the official policy of the federal government was complete destruction of indigenous peoples, have we seen such a piece of legislation. NCAI was founded to oppose termination of Indian tribes.''


Tohono O'odham Nation Say Border Patrol Desecrating Ancient Burial Sites

According to a news release from Reuters, Members of the Tohono O'odham Nation have accused the US Border Patrol of uncovering and illegally removing graves of their ancestors dating back to the 12th century. The Border Patrol is building a 75 mile long barrier fence to curtail the amount of drug and human traffic entering the US from Mexico.

"Human remains were discovered at 2 of the construction sites. Members of five traditional families who say they are directly descended from the dead, complained that their removal is a desecration of a site they hold sacred."

"It is a place where our ancestors have slept for many, many years, and someone just dug them out of their graves and put them in little bags in storage," said Ofelia Rivas, a traditionalist who lives in the tiny, cactus-ringed village of Ali Jegk, Arizona, a few feet from the Mexican border.


BIA Denies Abenaki Band Recognition

After 27 years of petitioning, the BIA has denied the St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Missisquoi Abenaki Nation federal acknowledgement saying the 1,171 member Band failed to meet 4 of the 7 requirements for federal status.

According to Chief April St. Francis Merrill,
''We may appeal. Recognition would be wonderful because we'd be eligible for so much more as a people and especially for our children. But you know what? I'm not going to disappear and our people are not going to disappear because the federal government says we don't exist. I'm still who I am and our people are still who they are,'' St. Francis Merrill said.


Three Arrested in South Dakota While Trying To Block Illegal Alcohol Sales

Oglala Tribal police in South Dakota have arrested three Native Americans who set up a roadblock to keep alcohol out of Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

The three warriors said they wanted to enforce a ban on alcohol on the reservation, where alcoholism is said to be rampant.

"I'm sick of my people dying," said Duane Martin, one of the arrested activists.

According to the AP, "four shops outside the reservation sell millions of cans of beer a year, mostly to American Indians."

Bolivia Seizes Land To Return To Tribe

The Bolivian government seized 64,250 acres from a prominent politician and said it would be returned to the Guarayo Tribe in Santa Cruz.

Vice Minister of Land Alejandro Almaraz said Branko Marinkovic, a soybean oil magnate and outspoken opponent of President Evo Morales, Bolivia's first Indian President, obtained the land illegally. Under a new land reform bill, that means it can be seized.

Morales hopes to return up to 77,000 square miles -- about the size of Nebraska -- to tribes over the next five years.

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." Thomas Jefferson


Susan Bates






Removal and Seminole War -

President Martin Van Buren's State of Union Message of 1838

see full speech at link:

Fellow-Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives:


I would again call to your notice the subjects connected with and essential to the military defenses of the country which were submitted to you at the last session, but which were not acted upon, as is supposed, for want of time. The most important of them is the organization of the militia on the maritime and inland frontiers. This measure is deemed important, as it is believed that it will furnish an effective volunteer force in aid of the Regular Army, and may form the basis of a general system of organization for the entire militia of the United States. The erection of a national foundry and gunpowder manufactory, and one for making small arms, the latter to be situated at some point west of the Allegany Mountains, all appear to be of sufficient importance to be again urged upon your attention.

The plan proposed by the Secretary of War for the distribution of the forces of the United States in time of peace is well calculated to promote regularity and economy in the fiscal administration of the
service, to preserve the discipline of the troops, and to render them available for the maintenance of the peace and tranquillity of the country. With this view, likewise, I recommend the adoption of the plan presented by that officer for the defense of the western frontier. The preservation of the lives and property of our fellow-citizens who are settled upon that border country, as well as the existence of the Indian population, which might be tempted by our want of preparation to rush on their own destruction and attack- the white settlements, all seem to require that this subject should be acted upon without delay, and the War Department authorized to place that country in a state of complete
defense against any assault from the numerous and warlike tribes which are congregated on that border.

It affords me sincere pleasure to be able to apprise you of the entire removal of the Cherokee Nation of Indians to their new homes west of the Mississippi. The measures authorized by Congress at its last session, with a view to the long-standing controversy with them, have had the happiest effects. By an agreement concluded with them by the commanding general in that country, who has performed the duties assigned to him on the occasion with commendable energy and humanity,
their removal has been principally under the conduct of their own chiefs, and they have emigrated without any apparent reluctance.

The successful accomplishment of this important object, the removal also of the entire Creek Nation with the exception of a small number of fugitives amongst the Seminoles in Florida, the progress already made toward a speedy completion of the removal of the Chickasaws, the Choctaws, the Pottawatamies, the Ottawas, and the Chippewas, with the extensive purchases of Indian lands during the present year, have rendered the speedy and successful result of the long-established policy of the Government upon the subject of Indian :affairs entirely certain.







Parents: How Do You Treat Your Children?

By and large, parents want only what is best for their children. In today's world, it is a challenge for parents to provide what is best. Many parents have gone through hard times, naturally it their heartfelt desire that their children not have to go through some of the things they have gone through.


I remember when I was a child of about 10 years of age, walking through up to six inches of snow during the winter months just to get to 'The Old Outhouse; There were cracks in the walls where the blowing snow would enter and cover the seats, the snow had to be brushed away prior to sitting. Our family did not have indoor plumbing or running water until I was about 17 years old.


I would hate for my children to have to go through some of the things I went through. My father was a coal miner and most of the winter months the mines were closed down and there was no income for a few months. If not for my brothers and myself having hunting skills our family would have suffered much more.


Yes, children are likened to 'Arrows in the quiver of a mighty hunter! For they are of great value. We as parents and grandparents and even great grandparents have a responsibility to our children to see to it that they grow up in a good way, loving their creator and their neighbors. Always give the children positive direction and proper discipline when needed and you will be able to see them grow into great persons. Some of your children will grow up to be, Teachers, Attorneys, Policemen and even Doctors, perhaps one of you parents will have a child who will become the President of The United States of America. How proud you will be if you just raise them in the proper way. Yes, our children are truly like, Arrows in the quiver of a mighty hunter.

Mitakuye,Oyasin,   ta-wa-do-gi




Bennie E. "Blue Thunder" LeBeau Sr., an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming is a MAIC Newsletter Correspondent.  His "Teton Rainbow" and Earth Wisdom columns are regular features on these pages.  Blue Thunder, Teacher from among the Eastern Shoshone people.



Message To The Elders To Be Shared

By White Thunder


Many cease to unfold the mysteries passed down through time.  Each footstep begins to unleash new beginnings for which time now releases many vibrations of ancient ones.  Keepers of all Nations begin to understand the Truth, honesty and above all the ways through the darkest shadows that form amongst many. 
Each heart that beats with the openness of all Creations bring together.  Peace begins to form through knowledge, wisdom and all understandings of many words spoken by those chosen by others to move forward. 
Teach with openness the Truth, for the Truth vibrates a high level of energy which transmits through Mother Earth’s energy lines, cracks beneath the Earth’s crust widen greatly through which open wounds form cavities beneath the surface of man’s lands. Within the sores left by man’s greed, anger grows strong.  Man’s ways move swift upon the plains of all Nations, this fails to be seen through openness of the heart.  Each footstep placed down by those who gather releases energies of Ancient Beings.  Within song words echo carried forward by the breath of Mother Earth, each word sung through song with the openness, honesty and Truth for all Creations seals from deep within the cracks, crevices and open wounds done by man. 
Teach words of understanding, each word spoken give from the heart.  Teach those who wish to listen, the understandings of each level of vibration held within each and every one of us.  Balance of the left side and right side is only complete when the carrier of pure vibrational energies understands that Mother Earth’s energies releases and touches those who walk in peace.  Balance own energies before and after song, prayer and teachings for this lays many foundation stones not visible to the naked eye.  Each walkway increases through the pureness of energies passed down through the ones who wish to listen.  Many ways can enhance the ways through the darkest of shadows that form.  Each cluster of rain clouds releases energies through which waters cascade upon Mother Earth’s carpets, she in turn vibrates with the energies, releases the waters taken deep within from the rains that fall upon her carpets, each vibration given back through the soils that lay all around gives life through energies to the smallest of seed that has been sown by many. 
Understandings of much can be given.  Each word spoken give time for those who listen to ask if not understood, for many words spoken by those chosen to walk the pathway of peace teaches nothing as much is not understood.  Many Nations upon Mother Earth bears the mark of resurrection, each mark given will never be shown. Each hand opened take hold, unite, merge together the vibrational aspect of the human body, release together through prayer, song, teachings, the collective energies brought together.
Message Given By
White Thunder
27th June 2007.



- The Ancestor Spirit People -





The Spirit on the Mountain the 2007 Summer Gathering


The Manataka Summer Gathering is always intensely personal for me, with new experiences and new milestones on my Journey.


This year, I arrived a day early and roamed around to the west side of Manataka Mountain.  Eight trips to Hot Springs and Id never been to the other side of the Mountain and I had never seen a hot spring!


I drove the winding road up to the lookout tower and took the elevator ride to the top.   I read the Myth and Reality display with amazement.  Does anyone actually believe that the vapor from 47 hot springs did not make rainbows over the valley?  And the Indians of course never suspected or used the healing power of the springs; it took the white man to discover them.  Truly amazing!

Then I parked at the bottom of the Mountain and walked through the park to see the single remaining hot spring.  The vapors from the pool at the bottom were soothing, even on this sultry evening.  I found myself breathing deeply to experience and feeling a gentle healing spirit and presence.  I walked up the iron-railed walkway, experiencing each level with greater intensity. 


Then I came to the mouth of the Spring.  Hot life-blood gushing forth out of the rock like a crystalline Moon-time from the Mothers Womb.  And I saw on the other side of the walkway where the water separated into three little streams before it reunited in a cascade down the Mountain.    


My first emotion was joy.  The sound, the sight, the salty woman-smell.  It exploded into my consciousness and I was overcome with a sense of communion and awe.  Here was the life-force of Rainbow Woman.  And then my focus shifted to the wrought iron railing.  The bars.  Here was Woman imprisoned.  On display.  A Life-force in a zoo.  And I cried.


~Linda Bear Heart VanBibber




No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.



The National Park Employee

A cocky National Park employee stopped at a farm and talked with an old Indian farmer.

He told the old Indian, "I need to inspect your farm for a new road." for logging and mining leases.

The Indian farmer said, "OK, but don't go in that field."

The NPS employee said, "I have the authority of the Federal Government to go where I want. See this card? I am allowed to go wherever I wish on farm land."

So the old Indian farmer went about his chores.

Later, he heard loud screams and saw the National Park Service employee running for the fence and close behind was the farmer's prize bull. The bull was madder than a nest full of hornets and the bull was gaining on the employee at every step!!

The old Indian called out, "Show him your card!!"





Mothers must protect the lives they have helped to bring into the world."

-Haida Gwaii Traditional Circle of Elders



Every child is subject to the seeds each adult plants in his/her mind. If we plant praise and "you can do it," the child will grow up with certain predictable behavior patterns. If we plant ideas that there's something wrong with you or you're good for nothing, the child will grow up with predictable behavior patterns. We need to honor and respect the mothers who protect the children and plant positive seeds for their growth.

Great Spirit,
bless each
mother and
give her
courage and

By Don Coyhis







The Manataka Women's Council 'Circle of Friends'; meets the first Saturday of each month in the home of Bear, Becky & Amanda Moore from 11:30 AM until 2:00 PM. Coffee is provided, food and other soft beverages are brought by individuals to share. Please remember to bring your drums or other musical instruments to meetings. (When meetings are held at Gulpha Gorge please bring a lawn chair, something to drink, and a snack to share.) 


Regular Membership Meeting - Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR
August 4 Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR
September 1 Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR
October 6 Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR

November 3

Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR
December 1 Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs, AR

Donations of nonperishable food items, toiletries, and bio-friendly cleaning supplies will be accepted and are greatly appreciated. Requests for assistance are year-round.  Please send or bring.


Please direct any questions our comments to Becky 'Flaming Owl Peacekeeper' Moore at


Join Us!





(As told by the Wintu Tribal Elders of California)

When it comes time for the female Eagle to choose her mate, she prepares herself for many suitors. And many come before her. She looks them over quite well and then picks one to fly with for awhile. If she likes the way he flies she finds a small stick, picks it up and flies high with it. At some point she will drop the stick to see if the male can catch it. If he does, then she finds a larger stick and flies with it much higher this time. Each time the male catches the sticks, she continues to pick up larger and larger sticks. When she finds the largest, heaviest stick that she herself can carry, the stick is at this point almost the size of a small log! But she can still fly very high with this large stick.

At any time in this process, if the male fails to catch the stick, she flies away from him as her signal that the test is now over. She begins her search all over again. And when she again finds a male she is interested in, she starts testing him in the exact same way. And she will continue this "testing" until she finds the male Eagle who can catch all the sticks. And when she does, she chooses him, and will mate with him for life.

One of the reasons for this test is that at some point they will build a nest together high up and will then have their Eaglettes. When the babies begin to learn to fly, they sometimes fall instead. It is then that the male must catch his young. And he does! The female Eagle and their Eaglettes have depended on him to be strong for them.

Just as we Native women and children need to depend upon our Native men. So what I would like to offer to you my friends is this. Sisters, how well do you "test" your suitors before you allow them into your life? And my Brothers, how well have you caught the "sticks" for your women and your children?

Whatever our past has been like, if we need to change, let's do so now together. Our children are counting on us to make these good choices for them and for their children.





Anti-Obesity Compound Found in Brown Seaweed

Reuters, Straight to the Source


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Studies in animals suggest that brown seaweed, also known as wakame -- commonly used to flavor Asian soups and salads, contains a compound that promotes weight loss. The compound, called fucoxanthin, also has anti-diabetes effects.


At the 232nd American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco today, Dr. Kazuo Miyashita from Hokkaido University reported seeing significant reductions in fat tissue in rats and obese mice fed the edible seaweed carotenoid fucoxanthin.


"The mechanism for this effect is a new one," Dr. Miyashita points out in a statement, explaining that fucoxanthin induces expression of the fat-burning protein UCP1 that accumulates in fat tissue around the internal organs. Mice fed fucoxanthin showed clear signs of UCP1 expression in fat tissue, whereas mice fed a control diet showed little expression of this protein.


The studies suggest that fucoxanthin-induced expression of UCP1 in fat tissue fuels the oxidation of fatty acids and production of heat energy in fat tissue mitochondria. Mitochondria, found in every cell, convert sugar and fatty acids into energy and play a key role in regulating metabolism.


Miyashita and colleagues also found that fucoxanthin has "strong" anti-diabetes effects by promoting the synthesis of DHA in the liver. DHA is an important fatty acid found in fish oil supplements. Animals fed fucoxanthin plus soybean oil showed an increase in DHA levels in the liver, comparable to that seen with fish oil supplementation, they note.


Prior studies by Miyashita's group have shown that fucoxanthin also helps promote the death of human prostate cancer cells in culture.


This finding, coupled with the team's current findings, suggest that this multi-tasking compound holds promise as a preventive agent for a variety of diseases.





Manataka Recommended Reading



Native America, Discovered and Conquered

Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and Manifest Destiny

By Robert J. Miller



Manifest Destiny, as a term for westward expansion, was not used until the 1840s. Its predecessor was the Doctrine of Discovery, a legal tradition by which Europeans and Americans laid legal claim to the land of the indigenous people that they "discovered."


Thus the competition among the United States and European nations to establish claims of who got there first became very important. In the United States, the British colonists who had recently become Americans were competing with the English, French, and Spanish for control of lands west of the Mississippi.


Who would be the "discoverers" of the Indians and their lands, the United States or the European countries? We know the answer, of course, but in this book, Miller for the first time explains exactly how the United States achieved victory, not only on the ground, but also in the developing legal thought of the day. The American effort began with Thomas Jefferson's authorization of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, which set out in 1803 to lay claim to the West. Lewis and Clark had several charges, among them the discovery of a Northwest Passage--a land route across the continent--in order to establish an American fur trade with China. In addition, the Corps of Northwestern Discovery, as the expedition was called, cataloged new plant and animal life, and performed detailed ethnographic research on the Indians they encountered. This fascinating book lays out how that ethnographic research became the legal basis for Indian removal practices implemented decades later, explaining how the Doctrine of Discovery became part of American law, as it still is today.


Miller analyzes the Doctrine of Discovery and shows how Thomas Jefferson and the Lewis & Clark expedition used that international legal doctrine to create Manifest Destiny the idea that the United States would sweep across the North American continent.  This book grew out of Millers three year involvement with the Lewis & Clark anniversary as the representative of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and an advisor to the National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial.



List Price: $49.95 (UK Sterling: 27.95)

Sale Price: $45.95








The Dance of Light and Shadow

By Ray Urbaniak  Abridged





80 Page Full Color Book

$14.95 + s/h


This book delves into recent discoveries of previously unrecorded Solstice, Equinox, and Cross Quarter Markers both petroglyph and horizon markers in Southwest Utah.  Also included are the first ever general guideline for identifying Solstice and Equinox markers.


How often do you look at a calendar or in other ways confirm the date?  Well, the Anasazi's preoccupation with the Sun should come as no surprise! Celestial event recording stone & horizon markers, including petroglyphs & pictographs, have been recognized around the world for a long time.  However, in 1977 when Anna Sofaer discovered an Anasazi "sun dagger" solstice marker at Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, interest in Native American Solstice markers in the United States skyrocketed!


When I moved to SW Utah in 2001 I discovered an exciting Summer Solstice Marker which involves 3 different shafts of light.  This could be the most thrilling Solstice Marker yet discovered in the United States.


The Anasazi of SW Utah (known as the Virgin River Anasazi, and more recently as Ancestral Puebloans) have left an exciting trail of bread crumbs which I have been following for the last 5 years.


This portion of my research delves into my discoveries of previously unrecorded Solstice, Equinox & Cross Quarter Markers both Petroglyph Markers and Horizon Markers in SW Utah Also included the first ever general guideline for identifying Solstice & Equinox Markers.  


Soft Cover, 80 pages, Full color photographs and illustrations. Published by Ray Urbaniak (2006) 0-9761737-1-9  $14.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.








Big Medicine from Six Nations

Hot Springs, NC / New York State / National News:  Celebrated Iroquois / Tuscarora author and elder Ted Williams' long anticipated second book is now published by Syracuse University Press.  Williams' book, Big Medicine from Six Nations, recounts his lifelong engagement with traditional wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and his search for higher consciousness among the Six Nations of Iroquois.

Big Medicine from Six Nations is a series of reminiscences and essays by the late Ted Williams on the themes of "medicine" and mysticism as it weaves into daily life and especially his daily life growing up on the Tuscarora Reservation.  Williams intertwines the lore and lifeways of his Tuscarora upbringing.   He writes with an irreverence, irony and good humor that is unmistakably his own.  Colored by his wry wit, Big Medicine amply fulfills the promise of its title.  It offers a fascinating view of traditional and non-traditional medicine, ceremony, vision quest, spirits and the sacred teachings of the Great Law of the Great Peace.

Williams, who lived outside Hot Springs, NC, was also a celebrated Disc Golf player and won the title of World Disc Golf Champion, Senior Division ("The Legends") for the last five years of his life.  He died in September 2005, having just handed the last chapter of this book to his editor.  His first book, The Reservation (also published by Syracuse University Press), is a modern classic of Iroquois literature.  Debra Roberts, who lives in Weaverville, NC, was a long time friend of Ted and his wife, Diana, and spent over five years working with Ted, editing the book with him and later, posthumously.

Here is what two other authors have to say about Big Medicine from Six Nations:

"Big Medicine has a big heart. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom and wit, a tribute to the living legacy of Native peoples. Mark Twain would be envious of this book. Read it, savor it, your life will be enriched." --Kenneth Cohen, author of Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing

"I've been waiting over twenty years for this book . The Reservation (Williams' first book) is a touchstone of American Indian Literature.  Big Medicine from Six Nations is its companion piece . " (Eric Gansworth, author of Breathing the Monster Alive.)

Big Medicine is available locally at Malaprops Bookstore (Asheville) and also directly from Syracuse University Press (800) 365.8929.  Royalties from the book's sales benefit his widow, Diana Osborne Williams, and one of Ted and Diana's grandchildren.







for Beulah
1990 to June 26, 2007
I've not been visited yet
by those angels of forgetfulness
who bring relief in tiny packages
of moments where memory rests.
I've yet to wake up in the darkness,
thinking I hear your gentle breathing,
or the soft clink of your collar
on the cool floor.
I've yet to get up in the darkness,
moving with slow, shuffling feet
so to step over your sleeping body
that is no longer there. 
In waking hours, I remember;
In sleep, I remember---
so that even the fleeting twilight of awakening
brings no solace of belief
you're not gone.
Nowadays, memory fails me sometimes,
but not in this.
Forgetfulness fails me now.
Your absence is wedded to my breathing,
so integral to my presence,
there can be no vestige
of blissful unknowing
to embrace.
Juli Maltagliati






Company creates Web site to find missing loved ones

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) A new Internet site seeks to reunite American Indians with missing and unidentified loved ones.


Called "Missing from the Circle," the site is offered as a public service by Lamar Associates, a national firm that specializes in consulting for law enforcement and security in Indian Country.

President Walter Lamar says the hope is that, through Missing from the Circle, people will be able to complete their spiritual journey by reconnecting families.

The site has information about the person and includes photos and drawings of missing and unidentified people. There are some unidentified post-mortem pictures, that the site warns are disturbing and should not be viewed by children.

The repository is broken down with folders of juveniles and adult, males and females who are missing or unidentified.






"When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home."  ~Chief Aupumut, Mohican. 1725




Prayer and ceremony work.  Creator heals and brings peace.






In Memory of

Granny Messenger


She had over 1,000 grandchildren but never a child. Her memory will live with us forever.  Anonymous Contributor  


In Memory of

Lance Selvidge


Websters definition of a Martyr:  1:  A person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a belief.  2: A person who sacrifices something of great value, especially life itself for the sake of principle.  Lance, we are all better because you walked this world, we will all become better because you look back with eyes from the angels world. Thank You.  The Selvidge Family. Little River Rock.


In Memory of

Ruby Gilliham

We will always remember this gracious and beautiful woman in our hearts.  She will remain a part of Manataka forever - Standing Bear.  Greg Gilliham, Little Rock


Crossing Over...


Corbin Harney (TurtleIsland). Corbin Harney Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation crossed over at 11:00 a.m. this morning in a house on a sacred mountain near Santa Rosa, CA (Turtle Island). He had dedicated his life to fighting the nuclear testing and dumping.

That battle claimed his life through cancer.
Corbin also authored two books: The Way It Is: One Water, One Air, One Earth (Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995) and a forthcoming book, The Nature Way. Numerous documentaries have been made about his work and message. July 10, 2007

Andrew Andy Moody, Johnson City, WV) 85, a Monacan Indian dropped his "robes" July 1, 2007. He was a lifelong resident of Johnson City and a veteran of the US Army serving in World War II in the 35th Combat Engineers Regiment and Battalion.  He received a Purple Heart. He was a faithful and longtime member of the Locust Street Church of Christ where he had served as a Deacon. Mr. Moody was in the construction business for many years. He was a well-known swimmer at the Legion Street pool for many years and had never met anyone who he was not friendly to. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.  ~Helen RedWing 07-04-07

Tom Smith (Georgia) my brother, and brother-in-law went to be with Creator on May 1st. He is dancing with two legs, and singing. He is now happy to be whole again. He fought a hard battle, was a warrior!  My dear sister, Vicki, is doing ok, I spent a week with her, and I am so grateful for all the prayers for her and Tom. Tom had no life insurance, or any monetary value. Vicki is having a hard time financially. If there is anyone who would or could help her, it would be such a blessing to her.

Vicki's address is:  Vicki Smith, 905 Nashville Rd., Lakeland, FL. 33815  1-863-683-8707.  Even just a call with words of encouragement would bless her. She took very good care of Tom, and was there for him through it all. She has such a caring spirit. Again, I want to thank you and everyone involved in any prayer and ceremony for her and Tom.  My many blessings to you all! Sheri Awi Anida Waya Burnett 05-12-07


Billy Bob Walkabout (Uncasville, CT) passed on March 7, 2007. Billy was born into the Cherokee Nation on 31 March 1949 in Cherokee County Oklahoma.  Billy was a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, Legion of Valor and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.  Walkabout received the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, five Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars. He was believed to be the most decorated Native American soldier of the Vietnam War, according to U.S. Department of Defense. ~Waynonaha


Harriet Nahanee (Canada) 72,  passed on February 24, 2007.  She was an aboriginal elder and Indian rights activist passed away shortly after being released from jail for protesting a court decision regarding Eagle Ridge Bluff.   ~Waynonaha


Clare Danielsson has been with us for so long and provided so much energy and possibilities for our minds to think on and our hands to work on that now, knowing she's not with us except in spirit is so hard to accept. Words can't say and hearts can't hold right now how much we're going to miss her. ~ Henrietta Wise  02-08-07


Esther Daniels (MO) funeral was February 8, 2007.  She is the loving mother of Manataka member Linda VanBibber.


Seth Big Crow (Rosebud, SD) 68, suffered heart failure. A Crazy Horse descendant, administrator of Lakota leader's estate, fought to protect ancestor's image.  "He took a very important stand for our people," said Ione Big Crow Miller, who lives in Sioux Falls. ~Elaine Nowell  01-19-07


Harry Fonseca (Santa Fe, NM) 59 year old artist Harry Fonseca, known for his colorful, contemporary interpretation of American Indian myths and images was of Maidu Indian, Hawaiian and Portuguese heritage.   Among Fonseca's best-known works is the Coyote series, started in 1979, which "resituates the culture hero (Coyote the Trickster) into contemporary settings.  01-04-07

Prayer Needed - Sickness, Injury, Troubles...


Mackenzie Shane (Emmaus, PA) Great granddaughter born premature has a tube to breathe and a feeding tube in her.  She still only weighs 11 lb. at 13 months-old. She is fighting for her life. She cannot eat or breath in her own.  Please pray for her.  Carol Spirit Dove Henderson 08-03-07


Catherine Halash (Battle Creek, MI) I've had 2 very near misses during the month of July and I ask for your thought, prayers, and smoke on the wind to help in this hour of need. I thank the Creator for the time he has given me and the joy of each day, especially those beyond 11/06, my expected expiration date.  A sore on my leg wouldn't heal and became septic, I became dehydrated, and the kidney stones became unbearable between.  I had an anaphylactic shock and near miss  08-03-07


Bernie Belvin (Conroe, TX) Monacan chief Bernard Belvin's son, 47, is in the hospital again and out of remission  keep him in your prayers.  Helen RedWing Vinson  07-30-07


Erwin Gordan - Grandfather Gordy (a.k.a. Sonny - (Seneca Nation) went in to have his other leg amputated late this afternoon. The root cause is diabetes; he's now lost  his eyesight and both legs to the disease. Keep him in your prayers. Henrietta Wise 07-24-07


Debi Redhawk Pulido - Many aches and pains from broken leg.  07-20-07


Betty (Will Blueotter's wife - Utah) She had a stroke in early July, and is recovering slowly. She had been ill since early 2005. Lost the sight in her right eye due to a stroke in her eye in early April, and started having blood pressure spikes and had a stroke while in hospital.  ~Will Blueotter 07-12-07


Dobby Sommer (CA) I am honored to be in the Healing Basket.  More and more pain reminds me of the next surgery coming up and gratitude reminds me of the gift of being on this earth. What a Blessing that we are here Under The One Sky.Thank you for thinking of me.  Wakantanka Niya Waste Pelo  May The Great Holy Mystery Spirit Bless You!. ~Bear 07-04-07


Michael (Gainesville, FL) All prayers needed at this time.  Michael is going to have open heart surgery.  We need prayer fires and ceremony that you are led to take this to Creator.  Veterans Side of Shands Teaching Hospital. Please keep him and his close. Cindy his grown daughter and his 80 + mom and dad along with a younger brother.  Gram Selma 06-21-07


Francisco Leonidas (Phoenix, AZ) Please pray for the complete healing of my unborn son Leonidas. I pray that his heart and brain are healthy and whole and function perfectly in every capacity. i also pray that the amneocentisis test we had on 6/18 will reflect his perfect health and normal chromosones. I was told  yesterday that the cyst /fluid is not growing, but he is which is good, and that his kicking is a great sign of increased energy. Meet with a pediatric heart surgeon, one of the best in the world - Nicole 06-20-07 


On Sunday June 24 @ 1:30 am, I went into pre-mature labor, We went to the hospital and tried unsuccessfully to stop my contractions. @ 10am Francisco "Leo" Leonidas Laborin was born 6 weeks early @ 16 inches and 4lbs 11 oz. This corageous little lion, with premature lungs, let  out a few roars for his mommy and daddy. This precious angel passed 2 hours later. We and Leo's family got to hold, kiss, and talk to him as much as we needed. He was so perfect.  Thank you all for your prayers, Nicole



Helen RedWing Vinson (Tennessee)  RedWing developed a serious problem with her eyesight. " I have floaters like an octopus in my left eye.  My right eye lost some of its sight already, but nothing like this.  Graybeard Vinson  05-23-07


About 3 weeks ago I lost 80% of my vision due to eye hemorrhage.  I went back to eye doctor this past Wednesday He was well pleased with the healing of my eye told me to come back in 3 months. I know they gave the test and the shot in my eye but it was God who did the healing and gave knowledge to someone to make the medication to clear this up.. So I thanked the doctor but most of all I thank God and the sisters for the prayers.  Love  and Prayers RW


Robby Stamps (Tallahassee, FL) Terribly ill and bedridden for about a year with Lyme Disease and cannot tolerate conventional treatment and needs round-the-clock care. Please help. Visit  ~ Julie Maltagliati  05-15-07 


Isabel Stands Different McLaughlin (New York) Recovering second operation because a titanium plate in her throat would not let her breathe. Now they removed it. Has serious back problems, and anxiety. Many, many thanks to Manataka for all the prayers. Standing Bear 05-06-07

Jay King (West Virginia) (UPDATE) We took Jay to ER with stomach pain and difficulty breathing. Jay has heart problems and needs your prayers.  Ruth King 05-01-07


Wazi Nagi - Peg Wene (Arizona - formerly New Jersey) This kind and beautiful lady has maintained a long prayer list for many years. Now she needs prayer. Major nerve entrapment injuries in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal regions affecting the right shoulder, arm, hand, and lower right rib cage area.  She is self-employed as an herbalist and Reiki Master. She is an earth spirit walker and does spirit dancing.  Helen RedWing  04-29-07


David King (Nashville, Tennessee) Suffering from a head shot wound and depression.  We sing him Rainbow heart songs everyday.  I see the hand of the Creator working in our lives, but I could use help. I believe that your circle is good and wise. I see it in your words. Shanon Heart 04-28-07


Shannon Crossbear (Ojibwa - Red Lake, Minnesota) sister.  Lost her son Brian.  Youngest son now needs help.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers her way.  Let the cedar smoke blow a little longer towards the North just for her.  Night Sky Watcher Leach 04-27-07 


Cathy Halash (Michigan) I ask for smoke and prayers.  I lost another tooth, not a good sign for me as last time I lost teeth, I had a brain abcess.  My numbers for my immunodeficiencies have dropped about 300 points since the 2 units of blood last 9/06.  On the positive side, I usually end up needing blood transfusions due to some serious life threatening illness at least every 3 months so this is better. 04-27-07 

Sarah Sorensen (Utah) (UPDATE) Diagnosed with cancer. Well....a wonderful thing has happened. Sarah just recently went back for more tests and the doctors say her cancer is gone...disappeared! Thank you so much for everyone's prayers. Dave Hagstrom 04-26-07





Birth Announcements


Benjamin Douglas Hill

May 20, 2007, 8 lb. 10 oz., 20.5" long  -- 18 hrs. labor 

Sarah, Benjamin, and Kevin are all doing well. Kevin didn't even faint!



Rene'e Marie Two Moon Walker Watts (Arkansas) Mother - Angel Watts, 21.  Rene'e was 8 lbs 12 oz , 19 1/2 inches long at birth on March 23, 2007 at 10:51 p.m..  She is 5th generation still standing of Walker Women . My grandmother, Mildred Dovie Marie Walker, is 84, my mother Kathrine Yvonne Walker, is 61 ,  I am Rhonda Marie Bear Arrow Woman Walker, 43.   The mother Angel Yvonne Walker Watts



Did you submit a prayer request above?  If so, please send us an update. 

We are reluctant to remove anyone without knowing if more prayers are needed. 





Manataka Seeks Grant Writer

A wonderful lady who has experience and good spirit has volunteered to be a grant writer for Manataka.  We still need at least one more. 


MAIC has several worthwhile projects that are severely under-funded.  Two of the projects are of unique design and proven effectiveness.  For the past 10 years, all programs and services were self-funded by members and supporters and we have not applied for financial assistance.  The worthiness of these programs requires more funds than can realistically be provided by individual contributions.  Experienced grant writers please contact:  


Manataka Seeks Advisory Board Members

Elders approved a motion to establish an Advisory Board who will research and develop recommendations to the Elder Council.  MAIC specifically seeks educators, attorneys, accountants, business leaders and other professionals to join the MAIC Advisory Board.  Please contact:





The July meeting was held on the 15th and started at 9:30 a.m.  A quorum was established with all members present.  After prayer ceremony led by David Quiet Wind Furr.       



  • Elder Council Appointments - Three individuals were discussed.  The chair approved the nomination of Robert King Gray Hawk Coke to the Council of Elders and was unanimously endorsed by the Elder Council.

  • Report on Summer Gathering - Aztec Dancers ceremonies. 

  • Event Ceremony Protocols - Ceremonies in the Sacred Circle to be led by Patty Blue Star.    

 Tabled Discussions and Motions:

  • Manataka invitation with US Congressional representatives.

  • Manataka trademark registration progress report.  

  • MASELA (Manataka Ambassador to Spiritual Elders of Latin America) Project.  

  • Asset Acquisition project - Manataka American Indian Cultural Center.

  • Elder Council Organization  

Approved Motions: 

  • Motion to change the format of the Fall Gathering unanimously approved.

  • The August Spirit Keeper Award will be given to Tammy Timberlake for exemplary service. 

Rejected Motions:







Next meeting to be held August 19, 2007 starting at 9 a.m. hosted by Robert Coke.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.


A detailed report was delivered during the regular membership meeting held on the same date. 




NOTICE 1:    ELDER COUNCIL POSITION FILLED:  A formal announcement of selection Robert King Gray Hawk King and induction ceremonies were held July 15.   


NOTICE 2:     ELDER COUNCIL ADVISORY BOARD:  We are excepting nominations for five (5) positions on the Elder Council Advisory Board.  We are specifically looking for candidates in these fields:  Accounting, Business, Education, Law and Social Services.  Positions are not limited only to these fields.  Members are expected to donate 5-10 hours per month. Members of the Advisory Board are paid a stipend and travel expense to annual meetings.  


NOTICE 3:    FOOD BASKETS NEEDED NOW!  people are hungry often throughout the year.  Please bring or send non-perishable food items. Gift cards for food from Walmart, Safeway and other stores are great. 


NOTICE 4:    REGULAR MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS - 1:00 p.m., 3rd Sunday each month at Gulpha Gorge.  In case of inclement weather (rain, sleet, snow, below 40 degrees) we meet Ryan's Restaurant located at 4538 Central Avenue across from Hot Springs Mall.


Gatherings are normally held on the 3rd weekend of June (closest to the Summer Solstice) and the 3rd weekend of October (closest to the Winter Solstice).  The date of the Spring Encampment varies from year to year.  The Spring Encampment will be held April 13 -15 in 2007.


NOTICE 5:    WOMENS COUNCIL MEETINGS - 11:30 a.m., 1st Saturday each month.  Contact: Becky Moore


Now is a good time to support the many programs, services and events of MAIC. We can always use a donation. Pay by check or credit card online. It's easy, secure and fast!   Click Here  Or send to: MAIC, PO Box 476, Hot Springs, AR 71902


1.  15 - 30 gallon plastic storage boxes with lids.


2.  LAND -  Donate land to be used as financing leverage for to build a cultural center. Any size/location is acceptable. Tax benefits may apply.


3.  MEMORIAL GIFTS - When a friend or relative passes, honor their memory and send a tax deductible  contribution to MAIC and we will send the family a beautiful letter and memorial certificate in your name.




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Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman, Illinois

Grandmother Selma, Florida

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Julie Maltagliati, Florida

Magdala, Arkansas

Bobby Joe Runninbear, Tennessee 

Helen Red Wing Vinson, Tennessee

Liora Leah Zack, California

Paula Unega Ulogidv Phillips, Arkansas

Waynonaha Two Worlds


Susan Bates, Missouri

David Cornsilk, Oklahoma

Don Coyhis

Andrea Crambit, California

Bonnie Two Owl Feathers Delcourt, New Hampshire 

Valerie Eagle Heart

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