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Manataka - Preserving The Past Today For Tomorrow 





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Chief Roderick Robinson, Nisga'a


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Manataka Gathering Changes !
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Manataka - Place of Peace or Persecution

The Eagles Came


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Common chemicals linked to breast cancer

Grandmothers Speak




Grandmother Waynonaha:    EAST

Grandmother Selma: SOUTH

Grandmother Carol:   WEST

Grandmother Magdala:: NORTH


Spider Woman

Tlamco: mystical solar temple of ancient time

A World of Deep Changes

Tribal News: Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)
1 Inspirational Thoughts:: A Creed To Live By

2 Legends of Old: Coyote And Turtle Run A Race - Caddo
2 Feature Story: Cultural Preservation – Why It Matters
In The News: World Drum coming to Manataka


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Black Mesa, Indian Probate Reform and more
2 Politics: Stop giving Indian money to anti-Indians
2 Organic Consumer Watch: Tips, Warnings and Studies
2 Elder's Meditations: Pontiac, Odawa Nation
Member Recognition: Bobby Joe Runninbear - A Great Man!
2 Health:  Pesticide - Autism Link
2 Herbs: Nine Great Herbs of Healing
2 Fluoride: End Fluoridation, say 600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists, and Environmentalists
2 Animal Rights and Wrongs: A Urban Wildlife—Our Wild Neighbors
2 Sacred Sites: Clarksville Burial Mound


Hill & Holler: Searching For Truth


History: Canassatego - Father of Democratic Ideas



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Grandfather Bennie Lebeau:

Road Home

How Spiritual Awakening Works

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Manataka, Place of Peace – Myth or Reality?


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Women's Circle: Grandmothers' Environment Movement


Women's Council: Circle of Friends


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1491: New Revelations... Before Columbus

Encylopedia of Native American Healing 


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Inspirational Thought:: The Final Analysis


Healing Prayer Basket: Crossing, Sickness, Troubles Need Prayers


Manataka  Business: Ho Hum.  Business always is...






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September 27-30, 2007

Elders and Youth Gathering

“Mentoring and Leadership amongst our Youth”
Bishop, California

Four day event with local and special guests from Canada, Arkansas, Navajo Nation, New Mexico; Tachi and Miwok, California, and more.


Elders working and sharing with the youth about traditional values, cultural knowledge, mentoring, leadership, motivating youth.  Evening events include War Dancer and Basket Dancers, Storytelling, Music and Bear Dancers.


If you are interested in participating as a speaker, workshop, booths or for more information please contact Qwina West at (760) 937-1643 or Yoti at (760) 873-9855      


American Indian Heritage Weekend Held annually in September!


Frontier Days: Native American Culture 'A weekend of programs about Native American culture, children's activities and a Saturday evening campfire program.' "This popular event will feature a camp comprised of lodges and tepees with hobbyists and historians interpreting the Plains Indian's way of life including trade with Indian traders. Fort Scott National Historic Site hosts this annual American Indian Heritage Weekend event."


Treaty 7 Commemoration (1877- 2003) Held in September.  "What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset." --Chief Crowfoot, Blackfoot Nation PO Box 1100 Siksika, AB, Canada T0J 3W0 ~ 403-258-1775


Annual Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride®  Held in September. "This web site is about the Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride® that begins in Chattanooga, TN and ends in Waterloo, AL."  "No Registration & No Fees To Ride" 


Naavaasya at Bear Creek Gallery Check events for September Contact Bear Creek Gallery, 8659 River Crossing Blvd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46240  317-580-0882, Fax 317-580-0307


A Prayer Vigil for the Earth "An Invitation to All" Held in September.  Creating a Culture of Peace A Prayer Vigil for the Earth. Starts at Sunrise., Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. Sunrise, Sept. 15-16-17, 2006.


Spirits Of The Elk Historical Festival Held in September. The "Spirits of the Elk Historical Festival" held the fourth weekend of each September beginning on Thursday  involves three activities into one weekend. The purpose of the festival is to honor those who walked the Trail of Tears in Giles County, Tennessee. Held in the Elkton  City Park, Elkton Tennessee. ~ Contact Giles County Tourism Giles County Chamber of Commerce


Okanagan Annual Salmon Feast & Celebration Held in September.  The Okanagan Nation Alliance and Okanagan Nation Fisheries Commission  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Okanagan Falls Provincial Park  Contact Vanessa Mitchell, Events Co-ordinator. 3255C Shannon Lake Road, Westbank, British Columbia Canada V4T 1V4  Phone: 250-707-0095 ~ FAX: 250-707-0166


California Indian Storytelling Symposium & Festivals  Ohlone Community College, Fremont, CA  Northern, Fall



October 1, 2007  Monday

Indian Taco feed

Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho, 315 Stampede Drive, Nampa, Idaho

Proceeds support the Winter Social Powwow at Northwest Nazarene University.


October  08, 2007  

Union of Polarities -- St. Croix Valley Area


November 05, 2007  

Live and Learn Seminars - Maya Journey


December 7 - 9, 2007

Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference   Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

See More Non-Powwow Events Here lists hundreds of Native American events including concerts, seminars, conferences, sporting events, and more.   






Our Spiritual belief is that we were created as part of the land - so our identity, our names, and our songs are all tied to the land."  -Chief Roderick Robinson, Nisga'a


In the traditional way, the names of native people had great meaning. We even had naming ceremonies. The naming of someone was very important and had great significance because it was tied to the Earth. The identity of each member and the teachings of the songs were all tied to Mother Earth. We need to

know these teachings from our culture. This knowledge will help us heal the people.


My Maker,

today help me

find my


By Don Coyhis












(Manataka, AR)  The Council of Elders unanimously decided during their July meeting to restrict attendance to 'members only' for the upcoming Fall Gathering.   The by-invitation-only gathering will not be advertised or otherwise announced to the public. 


David Quiet Wind Furr, MAIC Chairman said, "This move will help us return to our original purpose and traditions.  Our time together will be dedicated to spiritual, family and cultural pursuits.  Some say the gathering has become an entertainment event with too many tourists and otherwise negative influences while away from our traditional sacred grounds."


Written requests for an invitation will be accepted until October 10.  The number of participants will be limited.  Once capacity is reached no further invitations will be issued.  Invited guests will receive a packet of information to prepare for the gathering.


Special accommodation will be made for the elderly and physically challenged.  Grandfather Robert Gray Hawk Coke and Lee Standing Bear Moore both said, "Our backs will be turned against gate crashers."









(Little Rock, AR) --  Arkansas Governor Mike Beebee created some history recently when he formally proclaimed September 1 as  "American Indian Day" in Arkansas. 


According to Judy Filmore, a Manataka member from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, the proclamation is only the first step of a larger campaign to have September 1 declared as American Indian Day in all fifty states. 


Filmore was instrumental in requests to President George Bush to proclaim November American Indian Month.  Judy Filmore began distributing petitions in 2002 calling for a national holiday in honor of American Indians.  Bush honored Filmore this year by personally signing her copy of the formal proclamation.  Presidents Clinton, Bush and Carter all proclaimed November as American Indian Month.


In part, the proclamation says American Indians have enhanced the history and culture of the United States as the original residents of Arkansas and American Indians continue to honor their ancestral culture and heritage through traditional, spiritual dances, tribal songs, and art. 


The Governor's proclamation says there are approximately 18,000 American Indians residing in Arkansas and honors all American Indians, from all tribes, who have served voluntarily to defend this country and who have worked to make the United States one great Nation with justice and freedom for all.


Thank you Governor Beebee.  Thank you Judy Filmore! 





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Health Chemicals are linked to breast cancer
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History Coyote And Turtle Run A Race - Caddo
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Politics American Indian Probate Reform Act
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Spiritual The Navajo Enemy Way Ceremony
  Transformation of the Spirit
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Keep the Internet TAX FREE

Dear Manataka Subscriber:


In 1998 congress passed the Internet Tax Freedom Act to promote commercial, educational and informational potential of the Internet. The Act stopped Federal, state and local governments from taxing Internet access, bit taxes, bandwidth taxes and email taxes. You can read and sign the petition at


The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2007 will stop the necessity of having to continue to extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act which has gone on now

since 1998. The Act is due to expire this November. Several Senators have proposed to extend the Tax Freedom Act permanently. Let them know you agree and Sign the Petition.


Thank you in advance for taking action now!





Manataka - Place of Peace or Persecution

By Nancy Rector

Sociology Dissertation, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 12-05-05



Hot Springs National Park in the state of Arkansas is a special place for many reasons. It is the smallest and oldest national park in the United States and the only one to boast a resort town right in its middle by the same name.   It is the very first federal reservation ever created (Williams). Its claim to fame are 47 therapeutic hot springs which are unique in and of themselves in that scientists and geologist are unsure what makes these particular spring waters hot (National Park Service). The “Valley of the Vapors” is also steeped in Native American history and was considered a sacred gathering place to them for thousands of years. There are those, Native Americans and white man alike, who still honor the area for its spiritual and sacred nature. However, there is currently a small thread of controversy running through the valley concerning those who are trying to keep alive the Native American history of the area and several others, including the National Park Service, who have begun a campaign to erase its sacred nature and past. This issue has many facets and it is necessary to have a background of some of the political and natural history of hot springs in order to understand what might possibly be the cause of this dispute.

White Man’s Secular History of Hot Springs National Park


            There is little doubt of the Native American aspect concerning the history of Hot Springs. In the current relocation guide for Hot Springs put out by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism it says “The springs were known as a place of peace to the Caddo Indian inhabitants of the area long before white men set foot in the valley” (Ark. Dept. of Parks 1).








Common chemicals are linked to breast cancer

Of the 216 compounds, many in the air, food or everyday items.

By Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer


More than 200 chemicals — many found in urban air and everyday consumer products — cause breast cancer in animal tests, according to a compilation of scientific reports published today.

Writing in a publication of the American Cancer Society, researchers concluded that reducing exposure to the compounds could prevent many women from developing the disease.

The research team from five institutions analyzed a growing body of evidence linking environmental contaminants to breast cancer, the leading killer of U.S. women in their late 30s to early 50s.

Experts say that family history and genes are responsible for a small percentage of breast cancer cases but that environmental or lifestyle factors such as diet are probably involved in the vast majority.

"Overall, exposure to mammary gland carcinogens is widespread," the researchers wrote in a special supplement to the journal Cancer. "These compounds are widely detected in human tissues and in environments, such as homes, where women spend time."

The scientists said data were too incomplete to estimate how many breast cancer cases might be linked to chemical exposures.









When I look at the word destiny, I understand better the rest of time that surrounds us in this vast sea of dreams. For we are but a dream happening each day as we live. There are no maps,  no predestined plan, one can never be lost but only detained for a while. I call these little traveled roads of life, my adventures, or the side trips of life.


The larger road or path is always there  and we can return to it when and if we wish. There are no time factors in life,  unless we place them there. Most wise ones accept life as just that;  a journey of the heart and soul that we are taking.  


Each day I make a plan and by the end of each day I find that my plans are really not that important.


My father would plan his work day but never planned his spiritual day. He said one time to me, “We are not really here but only a vision of someone who once was present”.  “Just as those who follow, will only be some vision we created or a dream we had while sleeping”. Perhaps he was right, it all made perfect sense back then in the simpler days of my life.  


When looking out on the open range smelling of the sweet sage brush in the early morning hours, I realized that there is really nothing but this moment in time.  An open clear picture appears in this space where you can paint any color or create what ever you wish.


With a cup of strong coffee in hand and all of your dreams, stored in your mind you can imagine most anything you want or need.


For me the time between dawn and night are the most magical moments of the day. Perhaps a close second is the time between the ending of the day and the beginning of night. At the end of the day you are so full that it colors your thoughts and chatters in your mind too loud to really find that same peace as the morning brings.

This morning I see the sun shining off the crystal that hangs in my bed room window, casting rainbows of color across the room.


My mind follows the rays of light back to the first time a human saw the sun reflected on a crystal and wondered at magic and the beauty it created.  


In all things every day, every minute of our lives, there exists such creation and beauty if we only stop to see.

Today the sun touches the crystal and the colors burst forth and paint the walls and curtains.  This morning the rainbows dancing across the room are new and fresh, never being seen before in this life time. My heart listens to the colors and my soul feels the beauty in all things.   


In the sea of creation I see an island, an oasis, where we can rest each day and find that place of peace.  The joy and happiness of our life is celebrated in the beauty and color that we cast across the universe for the future.


Love and Blessings Waynonaha


Copyright © 2006 by Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved.



No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.



Indian Wisdom
Two Eagles, an old Indian chief, sat in his hut on the reservation smoking a ceremonial pipe and eyeing two US government officials sent to interview  him.

One US official said to Chief Two Eagles, "You have observed the white man for 90 years. You've seen his wars and his technological advances.


You've seen his progress, and the damage he has done."  The Chief nodded in agreement.

The official continued, "Considering all these events, in your opinion, where did the white man go wrong?"
The Chief stared at the two government officials for over a minute, and then he calmly replied:

"When white man found the land, Indians were running it.  No taxes, No debt, Plenty buffalo, Plenty beaver, Women did all the work, Medicine man free, Indian man spent all day hunting and fishing, All night having sex."

Then the chief leaned back and smiled before he added,
"Only white man dumb enough to think he could improve system like that."


Fighting Terrorism Since 1492






From Grandmother Selma

Spider Woman

By Gram Selma Palmer


Spider Woman in the teachings, is symbolic of " she who creates from a central source and core ".


Think about how the spider weaves her web........


She pulls each strand back to ......and then again from the same source.

The web is symbolic of the matrix, the universal grid and our DNA of our reality.


Every fragment is interconnected to form the whole.............and the whole is every fragment.


All strands (all things) are created from the central core source, each fragment or realm........  Spiral outward following the same geometric form.


This forms the grid and yet are still connected to the core source and to each other.  If something touches, enters or in any way affects any minute partial of that web or grid it affects the entirety.  These concepts and teachings . if fully understood, lead us into areas such as " bio-fusion ", where you are able to convert thoughts or mental images into things such as computer  commands. as the computer could thus decipher the brains electrical activity.


Following that precept, electromagnetic pulses could trigger the brain and neurotransmitters to combat disease or alter individual visual images.  If one of us can affect all of us in the web then through that connection to the masses would create synthetic reality.


Perhaps in light and understanding of the above depth of some of the basic traditional teachings, it is time to acknowledge psychological evidence that past memories of our ancestors ( genetic DNA ) still create an impact in our collective here and now.


Un till later I leave you with hugs and peace


Gram Selma

Grandmother of the South


Credit:  Graphic, Susan Seddon Boulet, 1986, Shaman Spider Woman








Carol Perez Petersen

Tlamco: mystical solar temple of ancient time


When I was a child what my mother didn’t tell me became a hollow place inside.  That hollow place yearned, longed, pleaded and prayed for answers.  I was forbidden to cry at home so I muffled stifling cries under my pillow in secret.  There were no wails, no heaving sobs to shake my arms free so I could fly away.  I learned how to make a very tiny piercing sound until it carried me into the dream.  I would sit in the closet for years for the safety of formlessness.  Pitch darkness was a sanctuary.  I had no desire for pretty dresses or new bed linens.  I just wanted to sit in the darkness and lean into emptiness.  My father finally took the closet doors off a severe form of punishment. I guess you could say I came out of the closet like an alien hatchling disinterested in all pubescent body changes, disinterested in joining school activities. 


While riding my bike I felt an energy drop down and cascade through the top of my head.  My parents were embroiled in life, catching up with those in the neighborhood and successfully acquiring property while I was taken by the likely spirits that I longed for.


When I was a child I loved to listen to the Spanish songs my mother sang.  It was a relief to know the answerers were in the songs.  Her voice was pure and bird-like.  She often sang about them:   Pio pio pio cuando es poitos cuando tiene hambre cuando tiene frio“Oh tiny little birds when you are cold and hungry.”


She taught me about the kinds of flowers she planted in the garden.  I was very proud to know snapdragons, ranauculas, dahlias and rhododendrons big words for a 5th grader. I completely knew with my body, heart and soul that I came from a garden.  I was shocked to have her tell me I was born from her womb.  Oh no, I shook my head with confidence and stated, “A very large bird brought me and laid me in a garden.” I came from the land of the birds. 










Maya Priestess

Beautiful Sisters and Brothers All Over the World:


We are in a world of deep changes, The new world is about relationships, the way the true human relate to each other,  the environment, and to the self, it is time to heal every relationship in our lives, for all relationships are sacred. The web, the connection is sacred.


Healing must come from the heart first, through the images that we have about those relationships,  images that has been blinding the eyes of the heart, people must uncover the eyes of the spirit.  Yes, in this time is about changes, all the changes must come in the inner way, by moving the images and fantasies that human being are being slave for many years,  unravel the true self..., human being cannot make a bonding with mama unless humans being are able to see themselves as nature,


The emerging of the feminine , the sacred woman, have brought back not only the Goddess, but also the knowledge of the union of polarities, the end of the dualistic world to uncover the world of oneness, she brought it through the understanding of the virtual reality, the feminine, the reality that resides in the heart of the human being, the energy that is able to create and recreate, yes, people have been creating the reality, but yet,  does human being truly posses a brain? or there are only images, implanted by a society, painful experiences, a group of pertinence, ...mediocrity ...then is the same creations will be for everyone, over and over again because mediocrity mind is afraid of changes. Unless the true human awakes and use the power of both brains together, that they do have the capacity, the authentic human being is able to create and authentic creation...


The fear that human have about changes, you will face that fear when you know that you are being observed, sensed, feel it, and face the fear by just keep on observing that you are being observe, by what? this is where the trick is, you are being observe by God, goddess, mother, matrix (womb) , or whatever you want to call it-her-him, is a grid, a grid that it was built by communications, by connection, and you are part of it, means, that if you can see the flowers, the flowers can see you, if you can see the creation as you call it, then the creation can see you, this will awake you to a world of the feminine, through that observation and recognition of being observe, you will begin to use the part of the brain that contains the connection and a new way of perceiving reality, and then creation of a better place has been made, your behavior, thoughts, way of perceiving yourself will change, for you will be in alienation of that one that is observing you. Then human being will realize where are you and be comfortable with the self, meaning, pain is gone, separation is gone, all that doesn't belong in the world of oneness is gone. Changes come from the inside to the outside...


As human being moves closer to the center, through that observation back and forth, the connection intensify, through that connection authenticity comes into being, the authentic human being, embrace peace, for human being knows, that nothing can harm you.... and then responsibility will come, the responsibility to establish that connection with the spirit from the heart, the true religion, for all connection is sacred and every single life form is connected in some way or another, in conscious or subconscious way, as much responsibility human being have, more understanding that connection, freedom will come into being for freedom is a right that we all human have, freedom comes through a recognition within, not from the outside.   


Everything is movement, all the beliefs in the inside, guarded by the feminine in the hidden, as well as the manifestation in the outside,  the male energy, all is an incredible dance that it is taking place with the mother, the matrix. But the place where the silence resides, the essence of all vibration, is the place of recognition.


This Knowledge that have been guarded for so long, in our people, that now belongs to all humans,  now human is ready to listen, now human is longing for this knowledge, and again they want to look in the outside, when all the time has been in the inside, as we hided long time ago, we were in silence for very long time, we never loose track of it, for the women carry that knowledge in the womb and carefully guarded. we women (virtual reality) are now we are giving birth, "estamos dando aluz" we are giving light, to the new world.


I am you




Upcoming Events

September Cahokia, IL Solstice Ceremony
September Europe Tour
September 28 Fayetteville, AR Seminar
September 7 McAllen, Texas Seminar
October 8 - 9 Wisconsin - Minnesota Tour - Mario Conroy
November 5 Yucatan, Mexico Tour - 800-622 5041




Paiute TEK program preserves the past for the future

Elders & Youth Gathering
Bishop, California

Thursday, September 27th – Sunday, September 30th, 2007



The Paiute Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) program of the The Eastern Sierra Institute for Collaborative Education (ESICE) will host a four-day "Leadership and Mentorship" September 27 to September 30 at Bishop, California.  


Paiute and elders from other tribes will share their experiences with Paiute youth to stress the importance of revitalizing traditional cultural knowledge.  Youth will be taught plant medicine and traditional foods, storytelling, family and traditional values by the elders.  Youth leaders from different nations will also share information on their own tribal youth activities and ways they are helping to revitalize their cultures.   The workshops will teach how to reach out to youth through dances, stories, sweat ceremonies and traditional knowledge. 


"Traditional knowledge is what makes us who we are, and it is important that we continue to pass it on from one generation to the next so that our youth know who they are and are proud of their identity.  By being secured in their identity, young people learn positive self-esteem, self-discipline, and the skills to lead a positive life," said Qwina West, TEK Project Director.


The TEK program offers a variety of approaches that emphasizes the importance of our Traditional Culture.


 *  The Paiute Mountain School/Camp

 *  Sacred Geographical Knowledge.

 *  Annual Elder’s and Youth Gathering

 *  Stewardship Program

 *  The Paiute Language Skills

 *  Traditional Skills

 *  Traditional Plants and Medicine

 *  Traditional Dance and Songs.


The workshops will provide the youth with an opportunity to experience these traditional activities and learn how

they were carried out.


Qwina West, is an Owens Valley Paiute who has worked with the Elders of the Eastern Sierra in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) for the last 23 years. As cultural consultant with Owens Valley Career Development Center since 1996, he has worked with the youth in the area in Traditional knowledge and cultural activities (12 years) and in development and teaching the Paiute language (9 years). He also leads the Paiute Mountain School for tribal youth ages 10-18 and the annual Elders Gathering here in the Owens Valley bringing Elders from Canada, USA, Mexico, South American and local communities to teach and share with the youth and Elders. Qwina is also a 6th degree Black Belt in Alo Kenpo Karate, 5th degree with the United States Karate Alliance, 2nd degree Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo, 1st degree in Anis, and has taught for the last 16 years. Qwina is a 3rd generation Carpenter with 16 years of experience working with projects within the Owens Valley, many within the tribal community. Qwina is currently the Chairman of the Bishop Paiute Gaming Commission for the Bishop Paiute Tribe and a Tribal Gaming Commissioner for the last 8 years. Qwina has worked as the ESICE TEK Program Coordinator for the last 5 years and has led a number of collaborative projects with the Bishop Paiute-Shoshone Career Development Center, the Bishop Indian Education Center, the Big Pine Education Program, the Inyo County Office of Education, and University of California White Mountain Research Station.


Qwina West, Project Director

Irma Nieves, Coordinator

P.O. Box 454, Bishop, CA  93514
(760) 873-9855




A Creed To Live By

Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.

It is because we are different that each of us are special. Don't set your goals by what other people deem important. Only do what is best for you.

Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless.


Don't let life slip through your fingers by living in the past or in the future. By living one day at a time you live all days of your life.

Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.


Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is the fragile thread that binds us to each other.

Don't be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.


Don't shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible. The fastest way to lose love is to hold to it tightly, and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

Don't dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope, to be without hope is to be without purpose.


Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been, but also where you are going. Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.




By Carol Spirit Dove Henderson



He was an old elder of the Onion Lake Reservation, of the Plains Cree First Nation.  He was known as Antoine Littlewolf.  As a young warrior he endured many things at the hands of others.  He learned to be patient.  He taught he’s sons hard lessons.  He was known to have a sharp tongue in his younger years. He loved to dance the dances of the Fathers.  Antoine Littlewolf learned the way of the spirits and had many visions.   He was an Elder always giving counsel to who ever wanted it (and sometimes to those who did not want it).


The story of his retuning to the Fathers will be remembered by all who came to his burial.  It starts many months before.  Littlewolf felt it was time, to share that which he saw with his adopted son and dear friend.  For several years, before his old body could no longer do for itself, he sat with his adopted son, talking about many things; told him of sacred places; taught him the ways of the peace pipe; told him of his visions.  Mother Earth whispered many things to Littlewolf.  Littlewolf wanted to make sure he had done his restitution, wanted to leave behind the old ways which he only knew too well.  He wanted to make sure that these things could be taught to his sons, when his sons were ready to receive them.  For his sons walked other roads at this time looking at other Gods and not to the Creator. Many nights now Littlewolf talked to the ancestors that came to give him direction and to the Fathers that told him it was soon time for him to come home.  Then came Brother Bear.


Brother Bear came in the brightness of the afternoon sun and peered into the small kitchen window looking to talk to his brother.  Littlewolf could not see him for his aging eyes were not able to see much of this physical earth any more, but his beloved wife did.  Littlewolf could hear his wife shooing away something at the window.  He inquired to his beloved wife what was going on and was told about Brother Bear at the window.  He asked her if Brother Bear had brought a message from the Fathers for him.  She did not know for she had forgotten to ask.  It was then that Littlewolf knew it was time. 


Littlewolf, because he knew time was of the essence now, started his sacred chants and prayers.  It was time to get ready for the ancestor that was going to come and take his spirit home.  He talked increasingly more with the Fathers.  He talked increasingly more with the ancestors.  He saw many visions night and day.  His heart was softened, he could no longer see much and his physical body was failing him.  But his spirit, oh the spirit of one who does the will of the Fathers, becomes stronger and mightier as they strive to do the will of the Creator.  He continued his prayers.  His adopted son and friend continued to visit and learn and they talked much, Littlewolf doing most of the talking.  They would fall asleep as they sat together and talked of sacred things.


Then at last Antoine Littlewolf was taken to the white man’s hospital.  His friend now became the white boy that fed him, for he no longer could make out who was there, for now also his hearing was gone.  He continued his prayers.  His prayers now changed and now the prayers were only to the Creator to send the mighty eagle for his spirit when it was time.   He no longer could hear, and maybe wished not to hear, that which was said around him.  His concentration was on his spirit and the Creator.  For 3 weeks he prayed and chanted and concentrated on what would happen to his spirit.  Many things he said to his sons for he wanted to leave this earth knowing he said all and sorted out all that he could for the past mistakes he had made in his life.


He finally let this life come to an end.  We all mourned for our elder, our friend, father and grandfather.  He taught us much.  Helping us grow with much understanding.  As we had our wake for him, he was seen many times dancing to the beat of the drummers.  He was heard to say ….”Pick up the pace boys, pick up the pace.”  The grave was dug, the casket placed inside.  The family in front ready to pick their footsteps around the grave, it was then when it happened.  “Look! Look up there!” was the cry with someone pointing to the sky. 


All came to an immediate stopped in their tracks, how someone dare disturb the solitude, the mourning.  But all who heard looked up.  From the east they came.  A sight that none in these parts had ever seen before.  They were only about 100 feet up in the sky.  You could almost reach up and touch the two of them.  They were magnificent and grand beyond description.  The eagles had come for Littlewolf.  Just as he knew they would.   There were two of them and they came from the east.  They were so close you could hear the swoosh of their wings, so close you could see their piercing eyes,  so close you could feel of their spirit.  As they came closer circling on the air currents they came to the gravesite and circled around it three times.  In awe we all watched as we sensed that they picked up Antoine Littlewolf’s spirit and took it with them to the west.  It left us awestruck and a feeling of total rejoicing came over everyone.


As the people were in the spirit and about to leave and tell all this wondrous story, as if to say …”Yes I am with them”, a solitary eagle came again from the east five minutes later and crossed over the cemetery and dipped his wing to one side. What joy and healing this provided to his people and what a new legend they have for their young ones.  A new legend that will tell the story that all the old ways are not to be forgotten, they are the true ways.   Our children must know that these things we speak about are real and not just stories.   


This story, amazing as it sounds, is true for I was there in 2004. 



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