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MARCH 2015


Manataka receives hundreds of letters each month. Space and time does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.  The opinions expressed below and all information provided is for informational purposes only. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the opinions express below and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. Manataka does not necessarily endorse or support the opinions expressed below. 


Honoring the Wisdom from Australia

Dear Manataka,

My name is Jarulah which means " the one who sees", I am from the Goodjinburra clan of the Bunjalung tribe which a small fraction of the first nations people of Australia, also the first to see the sunlight every morning. I just wanted to say thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and I would just like to honour you and what you've shared. I was actually sitting in church on my phone (not good I know hahah) when I read the "rainbow warriors prophesy article" and it was inspiring to me and it reminded me of my calling. In my culture we, like yours are taught to love the creator, love the land and the love the people with out ego and judgment, all fully unconditional love and then we will have peace. I have heard of these prophesies from my people from a small boy a time when warriors are coming to bring unity and peace and unconditional love again on earth and it was also taught the way we did this was by cultural principles, and all these cultural principles point to three things, love the creator, the people and the land, wholly and unconditionally. So i just again like to say thank you for you and being you, keep spreading love and joy.   Thank you.  ~Jarulah


People that were here long before us

Hello Manataka,

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters of Manataka, and all things you do daily for us all! I wanted to be sure and tell you how very thankful I, and my family are for each person that has made this website available. Please know everyday, that because of all the work you do, I am ABLE to walk my own journey. I continue to walk by the guidance of the one who gives breath to all life, I am learning many sacred lessons that have changed me forever. I no longer wonder why I'm here, or what all this is about. This website connected all the things, some I already knew deep inside, and confirmed many sacred truths that I've learned along my journey. Truths deep in my heart taught to me by no man, but by lessons from our beautiful Mother Earth, and the voice of The Great Grandfather Spirit. Thank you and I ask The Great Spirit to bless you in all areas of your life for your service!

Also, I would like to get in contact again with Grandfather Lee Standing Bear. I'm happy to email or call if he has any time available. I've recently been asked to speak to a class at the community college in our area by the professor of Early American History. I have known for awhile that an opportunity like this would come. I am both honored, and excited but, desperately want to only speak the words the Great Spirit puts in my heart. I was asked to bring some of the rocks, tools, and artifacts I've found along many walks along creeks and fields from this area. I was asked by the professor, because his curriculum on Native American History is less than half of ONE PAGE! Imagine that haha! I will be speaking purely from my own experiences and understandings of the abundance of life of the people who once lived here...People that were here long before us, for much longer than us. A forgotten people of this area. A people just like us, a people that loved, and lived, and died...just like us, but a people that should never be forgotten, and ways that should always be learned and remembered.

As I understand many of the students, are young adults from our local area, and just like myself, our schools never had anything in their (government issued curriculums in our public schools) that taught us anything at all about this area in Southern Illinois. Even though, as I've found myself, our area was rich with many different tribes, for thousands of years. Yet, in public schools we were barley told a watered down version of the truth about the sacred Trail of Tears, and only because it is a historical park in our area. I'm simply hoping to inspire others to seek and find the truth of both Native American History, and truth about the lives they lived right here! Our town has a large university and community college. One of our most beautiful places is Giant City State Park. It is also a very sacred place, but no one seems aware of that fact. The area students gather there and it's a great attraction for them.

So many young people today have no idea at all about who they are, and what their reason is. They are searching... I want to talk to Lee Standing Bear because I'd like his direction and approval. I know in my spirit that I am called to do this. I pray that a new hunger to learn the truth for their own life begin to burn inside of them as it has me. I believe this generation has chocked on religion and are in danger of believing in nothing more than living in this minute, not concerned about yesterday, or tomorrow. Yet, this also allows them to seek and find the true I have, and only just begun. I'm doing this, and believing for a day soon when many of the college youth will gather at Giant City Park and I hope Grandfather Lee Standing Bear can come and tell them a story... Please help me do this... Again, thank you. Your sister, Laurie Rhoads


Visions and Dreams


Dear Manataka,

Since I started correspondence with Manataka I have not only the felt the presence of as well as spiritually communicating with Native Americans of different nationalities even Canadian Natives all of this started happening AFTER I sent my photo with a few visions asking if they meant anything. Have had more recently that I don't understand at all I'm hoping someone there could interpret them for me. I'm able to interpret other light workers dreams and visions but have difficulty with mine.

1. January 13: A large red eye with native symbols on it from appearance nationalities world wide not just USA. Also I felt it physically dull yet extremely painful to my R foot, my R hand, and to my right eye. The pains were synchronous with vision and it happened fast and hard (all I did was close my eyes the pain lasted about 5 min before it was gone)

Yesterday 1/15 during meditation:  1. vision of a white buffalo calf I felt so much love coming from the calf.  It cleared  2. Vision of a males crotch wearing an apron (over crotch). I felt extremely strong sexual desire coming off of vision...the vision it ended abruptly (baby cried and snapped me out of meditation) however physical sensations continued even after I picked him up out of bed.

I've never had visions like these before I've had visions of the white buffalo at different times. I've never had masonic visions before and NEVER combined and definitely no physical sensations either  I told a friend about crotch vision it was she who told me the Masonic connection.   I hope I haven't bothered anyone in regards to these visions  Thank you Sarah Peck


We do not attempt to interpret the dreams and visions of others – especially those unknown to us.  Why? Dreams and visions are sacred. They are often holy expressions of the ancients, vibrations of your inner-soul, your Spirit. If there were even the slightest chance that we would knowingly or unknowingly interject our own personal experiences, attitudes and bias into your dream through our interpretation, it could have devastating affects. That interpretation may have a profound yet unwanted influence on the outcome of your dream or the dream of others. There is no way that we will trifle with the sacred in such a cheap way over the Internet. We cannot hurt another person in this way.  We must always maintain a high degree of respect for others. Those who do without concern risk serious outcomes. ~Editor


Crazy Horse Memorial

Dear Editor,


A friend of mine visited the site a couple of months ago. Friday he was showing me pictures he took on site, while on vacation. I got online today to read about the memorial and Crazy Horse. I have always been interested in American Indians and have tried to read about them. I live in Ohio, which was once considered the western frontier. Years later, I found out that my great-great-great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. That would have been in the mid 1800's. I definitely want to see the correction of the hand, after reading what I could find on Indian culture. If corrected, Id like to donate to the memorial. I don't have much, but the way I look at it, it's a good cause. I would like to honor my heritage. ~Jennifer Humphries


Hernando De Soto - Manataka Commemorative Plaques Desecrated


Dear Editor,


Good day.  The removal of the plaques by Josie Fernandez suggests that a government employee took action that was in variance with a US government historic document.  


The most widely used version of "De Soto's Trail" comes from a study commissioned by the Congress of the United States. A committee chaired by the anthropologist John R. Swanton published The Final Report of the United States De Soto Expedition Commission in 1939.


This is a copy of a statement from this "Final Report" on page 76:

“From that point they went up along the Ouachita to Tanico not far from Hot Springs and from there up the valley of the Big Mazaran to Caddo Gap, then occupied by a powerful Caddo tribe called Tula.”

 Having worked for the US government, USDA and at VA Hospital, I know the "paper work" required to make basically any changes to just about anything.   Thus, it seems unusual that a park manager could take  the actions that Josie Fernandez took.   It would, also, seem that this action that the community did not approve of could be brought as a complaint to the officials of the National Park Service.   Is it  not the purpose of the "government" to serve the people?  


Lincoln in his Gettysburg address said it this way:…..  that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. 

If this statement is true; of the people, by the people, for the people -- then what right does Fernandez have to take this action  WITHOUT  the community (The People) determining what should or should not be done???

Thank you for the opportunity to read the Smoke Signal.   My wife liked the conversation of Eve with the Creator.   Could be true…….  However, in this case my opinion may  best stay in the "middle of the Red Road" as discussed buy Lee Standing Bear Moore and Dr. A.C. Ross.
Best wishes to all, Matthew Maley


Deer Hide Tanning

Dear Manataka American Indian Council,

Thanks for posting information on "gifting way' of animal hunting. I totally agree on your culture of respecting Mother Nature.

Last Friday, I picked up a young deer killed by car in Metro Seattle area. I witnessed how native Mongolian butchered their sheep once last year. That is why I am confident that I know how not to waste the mother nature's gift. I have frozen the meat and eat the internal parts. However, I don't know how to tan the deer skin with hair on. I found your website, but not confident that I could successfully tan it. I wonder

1) Do you know anyone in metro Seattle area who can tan for me. I don't have any tools and am mother of 4 young kids ( my time is tight).   2) after soaking skin in brain solution and stretching it, what I should do to preserve it? Some website suggest smoking, but your article by Kelly Meyers did not say anything after stretching. Thanks! Jinhui Zhong 


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