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Birth - Quick and Relaxed Labor

Encourage relaxation and stimulate contractions during

the first stage of labor with an aromatherapuetic bath

 Tranquil Aromatic Birth Bath

Use Tranquil Aromatic Birth Bath  to:

  • To encourage relaxation during childbirth
  • To stimulate regular and effective contractions and speed up labor
  • To reduce fear and anxiety, bringing clarity to the mind.
  • To relieve pain naturally during labor
  • To promote breast-milk production
  • For a pampering and uplifting aromatic experience

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Pamper yourself with this natural aromatherapy bath oil for easy childbirth!

What is Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath and how can it help you?

Spending time in the bath during early labor is very relaxing and helps to soothe the mother and promote contractions. When aromatherapy oils are added to the bath water they create an additional benefit and can further help promote relaxation as well as stimulate contractions and speed up the process naturally.

Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath is formulated according to the therapeutic principles of aromatherapy and contains natural essential oils of Clary Sage, Clove, Neroli and Jasmine for relaxation, pain relief and promotion of efficient labor.

How do I use Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath?

Pour half to one capful under hot running water and relax in the bath during the first stage of labor for as long as is desired.

What are the ingredients in Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath?

This therapeutic bath oil contains the following pure essential aromatherapy oils of Clary Sage, Clove, Jasmine and Neroli in a natural vegetable carrier oil.

Clary Sage oil strengthens the respiratory and muscular systems during labor while facilitating regular, effective contractions to speed up the process. This essential oil also relieves pain and tension.

Neroli oil brightens the spirit and brings clarity to the mind. This essential oil improves circulation throughout the body and reduces fear and anxiety.

Jasmine Oil dulls uterine pain, strengthens contractions during labor and promotes healthy production of breast-milk.

Clove essential oil stimulates contractions, facilitating the birth process. This oil is useful for its antiseptic properties and will also prevent nausea and vomiting sometimes experienced during labor.


'I used your Tranquil BirthBath product when I was in labor with my son 2 months ago. I have been using it for my bath whenever I get a chance now and the fragrance brings back the most vivid and precious memories of that challenging yet very special night that Julian was born. Thank you for your lovely products- I am a BIG fan!' Tori, AL

'Tranquil Birth Bath and Heavenly Labor Massage Oil made my childbirth experience a lot more manageable than what I could have imagined and compared to the stories I have heard from friends. I took a long, relaxing bath during the first stage of my labor with Tranquil BirthBath which was just divine and I felt very relaxed and positive. Would you believe that I even fell asleep in the bath during labor! The Massage oil was lovely too- you can't imagine how much having my husband massage my lower back relieved the labor pains. Thank you for helping me to have a beautiful, natural childbirth experience!' Sherrie, SD

What else is important?

Prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the birth by reading books on childbirth, joining a support group for pregnant women, speaking to mothers of children or your own mother or mother-in-law.

Taking good care of yourself in the form of a balanced diet, getting enough rest, relieving stress, meditating and talking with your partner about the future will be invaluable in preparing yourself for labor, birth and parenthood.

Organize a birth plan including the place you would like to deliver, who should be present and your preferences of medical interventions in different circumstances.

A supportive environment at the birth has been shown to be one of the most important factors in the speed of delivery and how much pain the mother feels. Think carefully about who you would like to have present at the birth for support and consider a trained doula or birthing assistant.


Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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